“WOW. I am gonna think on this and journal… you definitely hit it right on the head. I have chills!!!!!

J. A.

I’m going to print off the picture of the spread you did for me and put it on my wall. I keep thinking about it…


Your reading was very interesting and I loved it! You were precise and answered all questions specifically (not a lot of tarot readers do that). You gave me good advice on defining “prince charming”…I never thought about it like that, so thank you. 🙂  I also loved how you gave a time frame (hardly any tarot readers do that). I thought it to be accurate because I plan to start my career in 6 months, which is what you said…[This] seems both accurate and like a dream come true because I always imagined meeting him on my career path. I liked how you gave a detailed picture as well, because I am a visual person. Thank you for the reading, it was wonderful, accurate, and advising.

Annie K.

…I have always been very hard on myself and am learning to be kinder which is helpful.Your reading has given me another boost of courage to continue on so many thanks. I enjoyed your reading – you have a very easy voice to listen to which is very real so I know the reading is from the heart. You have given me points to work from and lots of insights to work with. Deep deep gratitude for your generosity of spirit and time Siobhan and thank you for the disclosure of a similarity in our paths – it also adds to the healing power of your words.


Cindy B.

Thank you, Siobhan. I love this. I was having a hard time piecing together the meaning and relationship of the cards yesterday..so many thoughts flowing.  I just read your summary today, and it makes it so clear! I feel very positive and hopeful. Also, wow. I’m amazed by the accuracy of the messages. I love the deck that you started with. It was perfect for me for many reasons, one because the artistry allowed for so much interpretation. That was so much fun and so meaningful. I will definitely be recommending your services.

Rachel R.

Thank you so much for your advice, you give me hope for my future!!! You’re a very good tarot reader, you see things clear! Thanks and god bless you!!!!

F. G.

Thank you so much for your detailed reading, all the energy you put in, and the amazing ambiance!

S. F.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this reading. I found it very accurate, to the point and I found it gave me some insight to the situation which is helpful. Thanks again.

J. N.

Thank you so much for taking the extra effort and time on this reading. I found myself thinking as I read, “Oh! yeah… didn’t think of that…” how you pointed out [different perspectives] was helpful. My tarot group will hear about you! Thanks again!

K. S.