Taurus 2015 Tarotscope

Like lots of other folks this spring I cleaned my house. I wrapped up all creative experiments with the new moon. In just over a day will be on a plane headed toward The Reader’s Studio in NYC. *Does the con dance* Once I get back from the tarot conference, I’ll be pretty excited, perhaps a bit tarot-obsessed. I might even post a few things that have been floating around my vernal cerebrum. But for now I’m ready to be a sponge and soak up my first tarot con. I’m headed for bliss.

From the looks of this month’s tarotscope, the same might be true for Tauruses. (What is the correct plural of Taurus anyway?) The picture features kyanite so raw that I had to be careful not to get flecks of it in my tea while I did the reading and a  kyanite/pyrite orgonite piece that for some reason gives me headaches if I use it too long. Tarotscopes are dangerous business indeed.

The Lovers and The Queen of Cups

The Lovers are often a little more spread out than Palladini’s version above. By that I mean one figure will stand on one side of the card, the second figure will stand opposite and in the middle there will be space and maybe even a third figure. Sorta like this:


In the Rider-Waite version of the Lovers the two figures have some distance between them and it allows us to clearly see where they direct their attention: male-bodied figure looks toward female-bodied figure looks toward not-bodied figure. Attention may well be one of the more important things to notice in a tarot card (and in life!) because it shows where energy is flowing. In this case from the conscious, represented by masculine figure, to the subconscious feminine figure and then to the higher consciousness which is without a body. The physical separation of these forms of consciousness shows the clear differences in these three things and how they relate to one another.

IMG_20150422_164549In Palladini’s version the figures are smushed together, no longer distinct, and blending into one. The third figure, higher consciousness is missing entirely! Instead of two separate, equally-sized, beings reaching toward higher consciousness there is an amorphous blob where consciousness towers over the subconscious. And isn’t that what love (and life) is like in the movies and songs?

Most folks prize what can be seen on the surface and hold it above what lies beneath. Most associate intimate relationship with the sacrifice of independence and individuality. Sharing physical spaces (two figures in a blob shape) becomes sharing thoughts, feelings, interests. We forget the things about us that make us distinct from our lovers and in some cases the parts of our inner worlds that connect us to higher consciousness.

We do this for the emotional pay off. When we look at Palladini’s Lovers we see an invitation to remember the swept away love feeling. Some of us, based on our upbringing and life experience will accept the invitation and feel the warm fuzzies: “You are embarking on a new level of intimate relationship…” The Queen of Cups can facilitate this interpretation: “with a deeply creative and emotional being, someone in touch with divine feminine energy.”

When I see the masculine figure in Palladini’s Lovers towering over the feminine figure I feel myself searching in the card for the third figure, the connection to spirit. I notice the peacock colors of the outfit of the masculine and it draws my attention to the nature details that border the edges of the card. Is that the tiniest mountain range I see in the bottom right hand corner of the card? (You’ll never see it in my amateur picture! Check it out here if you are curious.) Mountains are often thought of as the home of deities and the way, well, UP. How can these Lovers ascend?

The answer comes in the Queen of Cups. Feminine energy takes center stage in this card and the chalice is the gateway into the fullness of the subconscious. This card is the way toward higher levels (“as above, so below”). From blaming folks to “I see what I did there,” from victimhood to “I did the best I could.” These two cards are an invitation into the depths of emotion in all it’s softness, ragefest, giddiness, mystery, resentment, and joy. Taureans, this month as you wander into occasions to feel-all-the-things remember that you are continually at choice to look beneath the surface, under the hood, and see what really drives your love, your conflicts, your love conflicts, and everything in between.




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