Now Accepting Tarotscope Submissions

Maybe you’ve seen the ‘Scopes before. If not here’s all you need to know about the project. Each ‘Scope has a well-lit photo with credit to deck creators, 300 words, one tweetable sentence, and a short bio with links. Would you like to contribute?

Now accepting tarotscope submissions


I’m looking for two kinds of contributors. Whether submitting one time or regularly, I look for people that already have a website and have already been promoting their services. Inclusive writing is preferred. I prioritize tarotscopes that are compatible with my followers. I look for the kind of tarotscope that I’d like to read.

Guest Contributors

Guest contributors drop in for a visit and write a single ‘Scope.

Regular Contributors

Regular contributors write 4 – 6 tarotscopes a year. These contributors must have submitted at least twice in a six-month period within the deadline and without a hitch.  I have a  private Facebook group for regular contributors. This group is by invitation only and is limited to 36 people.

Click the button below to tell me a bit about you and submit a tarotscope.

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