‘Scope: July 23rd – August 21 2015


A Tarotscope, T-Scope* or ‘Scope* is a community tarot reading, usually done for all 12 signs of the zodiac. (*I made up the other names. No one else will refer to them this way.) Previously on this blog I wrote one ‘scope per sign as a birthday offering. Happy Birthday Leo! This edition is special because it will include a FULL ForecastALL 12 SIGNS.


This month’s ‘scope includes SEVEN forecasts from SEVEN fabulous tarot readers, each with their own style! Check out the starred links below for contributed guest post goodies. I’ll also include links at the end for some of my favorite tarotscopes and horoscopes. I’m excited about collaboration because it draws on the awesomeness and genius of the collective. The more collaboration, the faster the collective growth. Can you tell I’m an Aquarius? Variety is the SPICE!



*GEMINI – MAY 22 – JUNE 21


Aquarian Tarot by Paladini Copyright US Games 1970

 The high priestess & six of Cups

The upcoming month has my fellow Aquarians slipping into a rhythm of languid recollection. Whatever madness your summer may have entailed get ready for space, a slower pace, and little nudges from the gut reminding you of the whys behind your actions. If your summer was anything like mine, you’re probably ready for the vacation from your vacation. And you will get it. Think reunions with family and friends and old feelings. The High Priestess heralds an opportunity to connect with a large reservoir of emotions this month. You will go deep, dreaming people from the past and accessing ancient feelings. You will have time and space to nurture yourself and listen to your own inner wisdom. You may finally have the closure that you need to let go. Even as you reminisce, remember to be the gateway between your past heart’s desire and your heart’s desire right now.


– BIO –

Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, intuitive, and professional tarot reader living in central Texas. She moonlights as an aerialist,  poet, sex educator and alternative relationship coach. She loves non violent communication, ritual, personal inquiry, sacred sexuality, and yogic practice. When she’s not geeking communication styles, sexuality, or energywork, she loves dancing, whole food, acroyoga, and facilitating aha moments. She uses tarot to amplify her intuitive gifts and offers sentences and support toward a self-created future.

Read more about her, sign up for her newsletter, or keep in touch via social networks using the links at top right.



Le Veritable Tarot de Marseille by Hadar copyright Mortagne 1996

The cards drawn for sun sign Pisces for the month of July 23 to Aug 22 are almost comically polarized – as might be expected for the fish. Pisces is no stranger to dualities, opposites and shadow sides. With La Force in the dominant position, Pisces may be feeling the need to push forward and advance goals. On the flipside, Le Chariot reversed suggests that despite willpower, the expected advancements may be thwarted. Pisces would do well to consider that they are now approaching the midway point of their yearly cycle – the time when personal power and vitality is most depleted. (Conversely, in the deep midwinter while others are hibernating, Pisces will be raring to go.) For now, get ready to rest and recharge. Gather your resources and build up your strength in preparation for when the wheels of the chariot are ready to turn again. Being Pisces, conflict and indecision are par for the course – so expect some spinning of wheels in the mud. For the anxious Pisces though, do not fear how others may perceive you: your elegance will impress and keep meddlers at bay, while you keep your neuroses to yourself. This month, you’ll have all the time you need to ask those deep life questions you’re so fond of, and even indulge in your customary existential self-analysis – just remember not to take yourself too seriously … Mantra: We’re all players in the circus of life.

Phoebe Tarot June2015brounded

photo credit: Kurt A. Zubatiuk

– Bio –

Phoebe Tsang is a British-Canadian poet, short story writer and experimental violinist. She is the author of a poetry collection Contents of a Mermaid’s Purse (Tightrope Books), and her writing has appeared in journals such as Asia Literary Review and the Literary Review of Canada. She’s currently at work on a collection of short fiction with assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts. Phoebe is the founder of Savaka Yoga – a holistic practice combining Yoga, Meditation, Tarot and the Arts. Contact her for a Tarot reading at www.TarotbyPhoebe.com. Twitter: @SavakaYoga


Tarot Nova by Julie Paschkis copyright Running Press 1999

Tarot Nova by Julie Paschkis copyright Running Press 1999

ARIES – Associated Tarot Card: THE EMPEROR

3 of Swords + Ace of Pentacles

Aries, when you set your mind to something, you do it with your whole heart, kid! … until you get bored and move onto the next pretty shiny. This “ooh shiny” that leads to hurt feelings is the yo-yo effect you’ve got going on in the next month. You cannot jump into something and then flake out on people. Be aware that not everyone has as thick a skin as you do, and your tactic of burning bridges whenever someone disagrees with you isn’t so easily forgotten when your anger flare dies down.

There is potential for a money-making venture in the upcoming weeks, but it comes at the cost of friendship and love. Be aware that if you go for it you may end up breaking someone’s heart in the process (possibly your own). Never forget, Aries, that your Sun Sign is linked up to the Emperor card, and that’s no accident: you’re a natural leader, but you have to keep in mind that though you are bold enough to go where you mean to, not everyone will follow.

headshot 2rounded

– Bio –

Hilary Parry has been reading tarot since 16 years old, ever since she bought a tarot deck for her mother that was not so well received. That little deck started a career in tarot that has spanned 15 years, culminating in the launch of her website, www.tarotbyhilary.com, in 2011. Hilary continues to be the girl next door to her clients, reading tarot with tough love and common sense. She also is a writer and an editor, and teacher of the popular class “Using Tarot for Spell-Work”, taught at both Readers Studio and the Brid’s Closet Beltane Festival.



The Housewife Tarot by Keffle and Baffum copyright Headcase Design 2004

Wheel of Fortune/King of Swords

Hold on to your britches, Taurus!  This month will be full of everything that causes us to huff, snort, blow steam, and start pawing the ground with our hooves.  That’s right folks, the big “C” word – CHANGE.  The Wheel of Fortune is one of cycles, movement, growth, and expansion.  Ruled by Jupiter, it has the saving grace element of bringing us good luck, but the hoops we have to go through and the changes we must endure to get it could either send us into a tailspin or reaching out to grab onto our nearest insecurity and hold on for dear life.  Some of the very solid things in our lives could start to shift and move, but remembering that all happens in Divine Order will help to calm our fears and loosen our grip, to allow for greater abundance to happen.
The upside of these changes is the attitude we will possess during this time.  The King of Swords is a mastermind with solid communication skills and the power of detachment; using his energy, we will be able to unstick our heavy, grounded energy, think more logically, analyze our situation, and release what is no longer serving us.  The changes that will happen within us will show up as being more decisive, quick to respond to issues that don’t sit right with us (as opposed to being patient and waiting things out), and quite possibly a large helping of “smartassery”, with snark and sass dripping from our every word.  While that is not our usual way of conducting business, it will be necessary to deal with all the action happening around us that we have no control over.  Rest assured, Taurus, by the time we hit month’s end, you will have learned valuable lessons about surrender, acceptance, and truth as it relates to everything in your world, but reward is waiting just on the other side.  Be brave and allow the current to take you to uncharted territory; with your double-edged sword of truth and protection, winning is the only outcome.


– Bio –

V. is a candle burning, hoopdancing, manifesting, novel reading, word-loving, magic making Mistress of Cartomancy.  Forever a student and life-long learner of astrology, numerology, chakra healing, and all forms of psychic awarness, V. has been reading cards for 16 years and doling out nuggets of down-to-earth, “BFF”-inspired wisdom to anyone that crosses her path.  She can be found at: website: www.redlightreadings.com; Twitter/Periscope: @redlightreading; IG: @redlightreadings


The Fountain Tarot copyright 2014 http://www.fountaintarot.com/home.html

The Fountain Tarot copyright 2014 http://www.fountaintarot.com/home.html

So, here’s the thing, Gemini…

We’ve all got shit that we started and somehow didn’t manage to finish.
We’ve all made wrong turns.
We’ve all gotten stuck in a rut from time to time.
We’ve all had friends drift away.
We’ve all had relationships fail.
We all have had people we love die.
We’ve all had things we should have kept our trap shut on.
We’ve all got things we should have said while we had the time.
We’ve all got regrets, babe.
We’ve all got regrets.

What do you do with all those regrets?

Are you playing them over in your head a song on loop to the point they’ve become scars on your psyche? Have you poured wine all over them as to mask their pain? Are you attempting to ignore their very existence?

It’s time to come clean with yourself, Gemini. It’s time to be brutally honest. You’ve got to stop avoiding feeling your feelings, so you can shift your focus, conscious and subconscious, off of the past.

But don’t despair, Gemini… While you are in the midst of a Dark Night of the Soul right now, this will not last forever and you are not alone.

Once you allow the storm of your emotions to pass, the sky will clear as the dawn breaks. You’ll awaken with clarity and be joyfully met by the people who love you and really understand what you’re all about. They’ll be the ones that will be your loyal co-conspirators on the next leg of your journey.

Oh… and before I go, you might want to spend some time around a body of water. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a river, pond, lake or the ocean… but being near the shore will help clear your head.


Nikkiana reads Tarot, dances burlesque, and lives with her two cats in New York City.  You can find her writing about her adventures at http://nikkiana.com/.



Aquarian Tarot by Paladini Copyright US Games 1970

The hierophant & two of rods

One way or another Cancers seem to be leveling up this month. Harnessing the solar power of the sun in Leo, Cancers are finding themselves able to make connections to concepts, people, and circumstances that empower. Those active in community or on a spiritual path will feel the resources or following around them swell to support them in stepping toward a new opportunity. Those without these connections will find new resources to ground into and explore. Keep your eyes peeled. Both of these cards show a figure with one hand somewhat raised and a staff in the other. Divine light finds its way down to your upward raised hand.

Have you reached out for the wisdom you need? What will you do with this extra fuel?


Aquarian Tarot by Paladini Copyright US Games 1970

the moon & seven of pentacles

Ah Leo. Moon after moon you have hollered at the sky, crept through shadows and explored, wondering what awaits around life’s next bend. The wait will continue. The Moon card seems to contain three moons, the crescent, a crater-filled moon in the background, and a small half moon in the front. Just which one is the real one? Just which path is the right one to walk? The septupled pentacles seem to say “walk all three and four more.” These two cards recommend two things:

  • Water all the seeds. You’ve taken slow steps in multiple directions, leaving little untended seeds in your wake. If you’ve got the time and energy, go back and water all the seeds. You don’t need to pick a favorite for them to start growing. You don’t need to understand to get moving. What have you got to lose?
  • Grow slow. Life follows it’s own sticky chaotic rules. When you’re a seed, things are just as murky as they feel. Give yourself some time to see clearly and take root. 



Aquarian Tarot by Paladini Copyright US Games 1970

Justice & four of pentacles

In a way, Virgos will be in their element as the upcoming month will require balance, careful analysis, and efficiency. In addition, the month ahead will ask you to take a thorough second look at the material ducks you’ve so carefully lined up. Was that investment for the best? Are your fitness habits geared toward your overall well-being? Don’t let the stoic and still facade of Justice fool you. She represents the culmination of a million microscopic motions. She is the embodiment of right action even as she appears to be still. Her assessment of you will depend on the motivations of the work you’ve done up until now. Have your skill and dedication been devoted to the highest good or have you worked out of fear of losing something?

Don’t let your self assessment depend on the outcome of an agreement or exchange.


Aquarian Tarot by Paladini Copyright US Games 1970

the lovers & five of swords

Hold onto your hat Libra. You will be a busy bee indeed this month. There’s a whirlwind of forward motion and a clear message of mental carnage. You may feel like you lost some and you lost some more. The drain seems to come from the excessive amounts of focus required of you. You will have so much on your plate that you might lose touch with the bigger picture, instead floating on the top layer of a sea of things to do and think about. The thing you love startin’ to feel like a chore? Don’t let the monkey mind music overwhelm you. One measure of distraction and despair doesn’t make the song. Use that relentless intellect of yours to lay this dis-ease to rest. Ask yourself some questions. How about one for each sword.

  1. How would this project go if its first priority was to connect me to my highest good?
  2. What resources can I use to transition gracefully even in the face of drawbacks and disappointment?
  3. How can I embrace the unknown?
  4. How can I put my monkey mind in the trunk?
  5. What am I backing away from that I need to face once and for all?

Sometimes there is no “right” way.


The Original Vertigo Tarot © DC Comics; Limited edition (1995)

The Original Vertigo Tarot © DC Comics; Limited edition (1995)

Hello there fellow Scorps! Glad you are jumping in to read, really, the only sign that matters. Sure, we may be entertained by the other 11, but only because they taste good, right? For this month I thought I’ll be using a new technique that’s been working out really well: tossing cards and tokens into the air!

I dropped three doohickies from the Magpie Oracle – Tarot Talismans on the table to set the field. We’ll use the Feng Shui Ba-gua to divide the table into sectors (described as needed). The Hierophant lands face down in the middle of the table. So, we’re gonna focus on not paying much attention to the “right way” to do things. Our representative of traditional values seems to be asleep. On the right, in the sector of Creativity (Lake), we find the Chariot – get ready for a crazy, creative ride. Unleash your inner child and speed into the world, run around, play! How great is THAT for a saucy, summer month! Finally, straddling four sectors: Lake, Balance (the center), Human Connection (Heaven) and Personal Path (Water), we have the upside down Diamond: the suit of Disks being put to sleep – don’t concern yourself too much with financial woes and worries. If you’ve got ’em (and don’t we all?) this is not the month they will be settled. Don’t press too hard against them. Keep breathing and have some fun.

Now, three cards from the original Vertigo Tarot. It’s dark, mysterious, sensuous themes read well for the Scorpion. All three landed face down, one of them is quite close to us, the other two overlap within the triangle of tokens descried above. Face down cards often feel like they are hiding a little bit; as if they are waiting for the right moment to show. The last card I threw seems to want to be the first to turn over – the Tower sits in the sector of our personal path. Get ready for a shake up this month in terms of how we move ourselves in to the world. I, myself, just learned that I’ve been hired for three new positions – nice extra income, but my fall schedule is going to be a BEAST. It’s going to be a challenge to create new ways to stay on track.

Nestled amongst those tokens, the Empress (another Major – big month, comin’) overlaps the Cups King. Two powerful, nurturing figures. Mother Gardener leans into the center and seems to temper the rebellion against this sleeping Hierophant doodad. She says, “Don’t let that pesky Tower freak you out too much. Stay soft and kind; no explosions; rather protect, observe, and trust that all will be okay.” She’s holding hands with Heart’s King, who angles towards that crazy Creativity Chariot. His message? “Lead yourself through this passage with confidence in the notion that loving yourself, the world at large, and the creatures in it you can help to manifest the proper, creative outcome for each of the beings your choices affect.”


– BIO –

Kevin Quigley has been reading and teaching Tarot since the mid-nineties. He enjoys playing with the discrepancies between form and freedom, established traditions and creative new thinking – for it is in these spaces where we really overlap with each other and spring into brighter consciousness. Contact him through his website: theoceanfrog.com or his facebook page: facebook.com/theoceanfrog.



Fantastic Menagerie by Grandville copyright The Magic Realist Press 2006

Howdy there fellow Saggo,

Soooo…you know how sometimes we can be a bit blunt? Like mega-trouble foot-in-mouth syndrome? And you also know how we totally shoot ALL the arrows….and then try to chase them all down?

Well, right now is the perfect opportunity to curb and work with that bizznass…..emphasis on the bizz. This month has ample career focus and will be asking you to come face to face with that, in a serious way. What do you think about your job and the ideas around your self-worth? It had all better serve your higher self….or find a way to make it so.

The usual lusty yummy feeling for adventure will be as tempting as ever. No need to fight it! See if there’s a way to learn how to ride that into some kind of beneficial learning situation…especially if it can be transformed into something you can share and/or get paid for – YES! Get it, get it!

Working with groups at the moment can be tricky, but NOT to be avoided. There’s soooo much going on right now, which can lead to some hot heads…..and that calls for delicate diplomacy. Pace yourself. Know what you are getting into. Aim carefully and shoot only when you feel it in your bones (ONE arrow at a time….okay, maybe two….). The pay off should be worth it.

This won’t be the time for wild, willy nilly nonsense that will surely get you into what sounds like the most fuuuun kind of trouble (bummer, I knooow, but in this 1st card, be careful which critter you end up being….and what that means to YOU).

Don’t forget that you are hella smart. Use that sexy brain like the boss you are and start something even MORE exciting than the things that are tempting you now. I dare you. It’s going to be SO funky fresh and like nothing you could even imagine!

meraltshotrounded -BIO-

Mika is an actual mermaid, teacher, artist, and tarot reader with a penchant for the absurd, macabre, and everything in-between. She will share kitten cupcakes with you and not even try to drown you. Find her on Facebook and check out her monthly Morecasts at http://maybemermaidmika.tumblr.com/.


Cap 4 Siobhan

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot by Poshkus copyright US Games 2003

My Fellow Capricorn, the “hills are alive with the sound of music,” and they’re calling on you to dial back that social calendar of yours. Ok, I know you may not consider yourself a true-blue social butterfly, but you are always ready to organize the next barbecue or bachelorette party, aren’t you? Well, the message for this month is to think twice before committing yourself. You’re finally taking charge of your life, doing the things you always knew you should, and this will require much of your time.

Not convinced? Well, don’t be surprised if your plans get tossed to the wind. The Heavens are serious when they say they want you to slow it down. Instead of getting frustrated, see these disruptions as Divine Help, because that is precisely what they are.

Also, discretion will be key this month. Try to resist revealing any big changes in your life until they’ve developed some. That’s right—no blabbing! A lot may be happening, but for now, it’s only for you to enjoy.

Amanda Cause roundedphoto – BIO –

Amanda Cause is a Tarot reader and owner of Hidden Moon Tarot. She currently lives in Athens, Greece with her husband and two Siberian cats. You can find her at www.hiddenmoontarot.com.


LInks to good things

  • TAROTSCOPES by Arwen, I love these. to the point, & down to earth. This is the last tarotscope available publicly. soon she will only offer them via newsletter. Worth the sign up.

  • JULY TAROTSCOPES by Sheilaa hite, a sensory rich tarotscope by an amazing person. A fav of mine.

  • JULY POETRY HOROSCOPES (I know right!?!) BY Fox Frazier-Foley AT LUNA LUNA MAG. There are poems. There are poems!!

  • HOROSCOPES by Chani Nicholas, practical & powerful. I also like & respect a lot of the social justice commentary on her networks.




I get something from each one of the tarotscopes I write. Somehow each month I experience my own version of what’s in store for other signs. They aren’t intended to apply to everyone and yet there is always a useful takeaway no matter which of the zodiac the forecast addresses. An astrological chart is highly subjective, dependent on planets, angles, and times; but the tarot are like the alphabet with which everyone speaks.

Forecasts prompt us to say “yes that’s me!” or “no, that’s not my truth…” or “I better pay attention to this part of myself.” They show us where we buy into our personal stories and the stories of the collective. They offer an opportunity for awareness.





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