‘Scope: August 23rd – September 24th


A Tarotscope or ‘Scope* is a community tarot reading for each sign of the zodiac. (*I made up the other name.) Previously I wrote one ‘Scope per sign per month as a birthday offering. Happy Birthday Virgo! Last month was special because it was the first FULL Forecast with ALL 12 SIGNS. Remember do-overs? Last month’s ‘Scope was such a hit I’m doing it over. People said they were freakishly accurate, as if they were written just for them. This month is even bigger with contributions from NINE fabulous tarot readers!

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– V. –

The Fey Tarot – Lo Scarabeo, Torino – 2002

10 Chalices | 8 Swords

Advice: Queen of Chalices

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGO!!!!  I know you’re all excited, but no, you CANNOT plan your own surprise party!  It’s all in the details for you and THAT is no surprise, but this month is going to be about moving out of your comfort zone and unsticking yourself to allow for greater movement and growth.

With the 10 of Chalices (Cups), it seems that you have indeed hit a “sweet spot” in life, but especially in relationships.  A certain level of comfort has been created and you are currently basking in the glow of it all.  It feels as if emotionally, you have leveled off and allowed for the Universe to bring you exactly what you asked for.  There is reciprocity, happiness, and a feeling of positive abundance that is under your belt, but with this being the 10 in the suit, we also know that it indicates some level of ending to make way for a new beginning.  This is where the 8 of Swords comes in (insert HARD eye roll here).  With the 8 of Swords tagging on the end of the fulfillment of the 10 of Chalices, it seems that you may be feeling a bit confined in the “comfort”, and there is a need to break free and challenge some aspects of the relationship, because WORK is Virgo’s middle name.  If there isn’t some sort of struggle, or push/pull, you feel as if you are being lazy, and resting on your laurels yields no progress.  Stagnation is Virgo’s kryptonite; you ward it off like the plague.

While things have seemingly been “happy” and undisturbed, that didn’t mean that small issues weren’t squirming under your skin.  You just felt that NOT rocking the boat was the best thing to do at the time, but now, you are trying to put that thing on FULL TILT.  Some issue needs to be talked about and now is the time to do it.  With the Queen of Chalices as the advice, she comes in full counselor/therapist mode to help you talk through the emotional woes that are nagging you.  Use her energy to come from a place of love, understanding, and peace to express your concerns, and allow her nurturing demeanor to create a safe space of trust and comfort so that all parties are more or less at ease with discussing whatever is on the mind and heart.  Growth will come from these conversations in the form of conscious effort and work that is worth the time and dedication…


– BIO –

V. is a candle burning, hoopdancing, manifesting, novel reading, word-loving, magic making Mistress of Cartomancy.  Forever a student and life-long learner of astrology, numerology, chakra healing, and all forms of psychic awarness, V. has been reading cards for 16 years and doling out nuggets of down-to-earth, “BFF”-inspired wisdom to anyone that crosses her path.  She can be found at: website: www.redlightreadings.com; Twitter/Periscope: @redlightreading; IG: @redlightreadings

– Siobhan –

Aquarian Tarot - Paladini - 1970 - US Games

Aquarian Tarot – Paladini – 1970 – US Games

The fool & Knight of cups

hanged man | strength | page cups | Ace rods

We meet again Libra. The past month has been a time of reckoning for lots of folks, definitely for you if last month’s ‘Scope is any indication. I made hyper vigilant choices about where to put my time and efforts and while we may only be but distant Air-signed cousins with my fixed Aquarius self, I’d hazard that you experienced the call to put your creative/energetic/productive affairs in order as well. All signs were met with occasions to reappraise their intimate connections and double check the details in the practical sides of life. All signs were invited to shine wildy and you, Libra, were no exception.

It looks as though reality has conspired to blow you a kiss whereas last month, not so much. This Quarter moon finds two sides of you back to back: the side that interprets a challenge as an occasion to leap forward and lose yourself  in divine play, and the part  that hangs back, perhaps out of compassion for an old dream of yours. The situation is reminiscent of the scene in a zombie story where the survivors are all loaded up in a rickety vehicle, ready to plow forward but they don’t. Instead they leave the door wide open and wait for the lone straggler to dash through hoards of the undead in order to escape.  Or maybe it’s not quite THAT bad.

The delay is about staying true to yourself and honoring your ideals. A worthy cause and who better to tread the border between action and stillness than the deft tightrope dancers of the zodiac, Libra. And what’s more, it seems harmless. You will receive a sign that it was right to follow your heart and you will also set fire to the creative kindling that waits for you, even if the start is slow.

The straggler will make it in time! The ramshackle vehicle will mow through the hoards and deftly navigate the bus-load of flaming zombies that always make their way into stories like these! (I’ll stop watching before writing these ‘Scopes!)

Leap forward on your own terms.


– BIO –

Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, intuitive, and professional tarot reader living in central Texas. She moonlights as an aerialist,  poet, educator and alternative relationship coach. Her facilitative reading style blends non violent communication, ritual, personal inquiry, sacred sexuality, and yogic practice. When she’s not geeking communication styles, sexuality, or energywork, she loves dancing, whole food, acroyoga, and facilitating aha moments. She uses tarot to amplify her intuitive gifts and uses symbols to support those ready to create their futures.

Read more about her, or sign up to receive Tools, Ritual, and Geekery via her Radical Tarot newsletter.

– Kevin Quigley –

Osho-Zen Tarot - Padma - St Martin's Press 1995, Magpie Oracle Tarot Edition - Paris -2014

Osho-Zen Tarot – Padma – St Martin’s Press – 1995, Magpie Oracle – Paris – 2014

Hello fellow Scorp!

Here’s your September TarotScope. Three randomly-grabbed tokens from Carrie Paris’ Magpie Oracle: Tarot Edition and three cards from the Osho Zen Tarot. Landing in the position of Water (I refer to the Feng Shui Ba-gua), we have the token for the Star face-down. Expect some struggle with your life path. The Star speaks of upward motion; but be patient this month, as your expectations will not likely be met as readily as you’d hoped. In Wind, the upper-left corner, is the King – our sense of mastery and control – which may be why we are hoping the career/life path stuff would move so much faster. Don’t get too frustrated, there isn’t anything you could be doing better, it’s just that conditions aren’t yet right for the manifestation of your goals – other people and elements need to step into alignment; they will do so in their own time. Lastly, face down middle-right, in Lake, is the token for the Moon. Lake corresponds with the creative impulse, but the face-down Moon might have us feeling unable to reach into the truer, stranger depths of our creativity. So, as far as tokens go, lots of stymiedness (Is that a word? It is so frustrating to feel like I have to create a word! heheh…)

The cards at play within this tableaux all hang out the two face-down tokens. With the King in Wind is the Seven of Water (Cups) – face-up. It’s a call for us to be sure we’re not spending too much time living in the world as we would like it to be – especially in terms of the things that come to us. Keep checking in to ask yourself, “Am I operating on unrealistic hopes or desires?” If so, discard them for what is really being offered.

With the face-down Moon are two cards. Face-up is the Six of Rainbows (Pentacles). In the Osho, this is all about making concessions so as to get yourself closer to what it is you really seek. If you find yourself collaborating with others this month, do your best to sit back and let them take the creative lead for a while. Be a team-player, not a soloist. You’ll get your chops back soon enough. The face-down card reveals itself to be the Ten of Water – Harmony. It feels like this face-down-i-ness is really all about, what you are striving for – peace within yourself and with others. Give some ground to others’ ideas, and you will learn some pretty big lessons yourself. It is important to discover that others need to learn how to take the reins and lead, and they can’t do that with you solving all the problems before they even realize that these things ARE problems. Take a chill pill (do we still say that?) and relax. Let it be a low stakes month, breathe through the frustrating moments, and know that you’ll be back in your comfort zone soon enough, Star’s promise.


– BIO –

Kevin Quigley has been reading and teaching Tarot since the mid-nineties. He enjoys playing with the discrepancies between form and freedom, established traditions and creative new thinking – for it is in these spaces where we really overlap with each other and spring into brighter consciousness. Contact him through his website: theoceanfrog.com or his facebook page: facebook.com/theoceanfrog.

– mermaid Mika –

Fantastic Menagerie - Grandville - The Magic Realist Press - 2006

Fantastic Menagerie – Grandville – The Magic Realist Press – 2006

Check out all dem cups!!! Abundant, overflowing big times a’hoy, matey!

BUT in order to maximize on all this ripe, yummy potential we best be inline with our true-selves. I’m talkin’ bout not doing shit just cause it makes you look good – but doing it cause it feels good…..and not even just stopping there. This means that not only does it feeeeel SO good, but it better also be feeding and nourishing you on a deeper level as well. We can’t help nobody if we ain’t taking care of ourselves.  This is a truism for a reason!

I know how tempting it is to say yes to helping out everybody and sharing your lunch with all the cute kittens and squirrels and birds and baby bees and….oh wait…..did you forget to feed yourself again? Lets use this month to be mindful of that and get the first slice of bread and then tip the cup towards ourselves first, eh? THEN we can get back to tackling the rest of the world.

Of course all this advice can be applied to any aspect of a person’s life, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this month doubled on that in all areas. But special care should still be taken in areas of profession and cash monies during this September in particular. There are two eclipses this month that are bound to shake things up, and it’ll be good to be prepared (for more reasons than just weirdo moon thangs).

It’s mostly going to be a yummy time for us Saggos, but it better be backed with a good amount of self-care and diligence if you want to feel the benefits. Not even tremendous will power will do it for you alone. You gotta love it – or leave it. Now’s the time, so get ready to drink it up, babies. It’s gunna be a full one.

meraltshotrounded -BIO-

Mika is an actual mermaid, teacher, artist, and tarot reader with a penchant for the absurd, macabre, and everything in-between. She will share kitten cupcakes with you and not even try to drown you. Find her on Facebook and check out her monthly Morecasts at http://maybemermaidmika.tumblr.com/.

– olivia destrades –

Prisma Visions Tarot - Eads - 2015 - http://prismavisionstarot.com

Prisma Visions Tarot – Eads- 2015 – http://prismavisionstarot.com

Dear Capricorn, you have been putting in a lot of effort recently, and there are few people as tenacious as you are when it comes to getting a job done, and done well. In fact, you make hard work look nearly effortless, though truth be told you do at times call on all of your faculties to make things happen smoothly. In other words, the goat isn’t immune from feeling the weight of life’s responsibilities! But you also have great skill, drive, and determination which helps see you through even the most complicated of juggling acts. You want to always be and do better, and you hope (and at times perhaps expect) to be recognized for all that you do. The good news for the month ahead is that all of your hard work is indeed on an important someone’s radar. Your ability to rise to challenges and to create order from chaos is invaluable, and you’ve been proving your mettle of late. The World, almost like a hurricane, is a cosmic dance of ideas, expectations, needs, and Wills, all swirling and rotating around the clear and focused center eye – your bright, Capricorn eye. You gracefully balance the multitude of demands, weaving disparate elements together into a whole. And the 6 of Wands is the sun rising into the sky, shining its luminous rays down upon you, assuring you that in some way, large or small, you will receive that “pat on the back” that you deserve.


– BIO –

Olivia Destrades is a mother, college English teacher, writer, and card reader at First Earth Tarot, in Florida, USA. She enjoys reading, studying, and drinking copious amounts of tea. Find her at: http://www.firstearthtarotandroot.com. Twitter: @FirstEarthTarot


– nikkiana –

The Fountain Tarot - 2014 -http://www.fountaintarot.com/home.html

The Fountain Tarot – 2014 -http://www.fountaintarot.com/home.html

10 of swords | Strength

I don’t know of a good way to say this, but things are coming to a close, Aquarius.  I know you’re not exactly a fan of this whole change thing, but it’s best to just surrender to the fact that it’s time to move on, so you can get to the business of healing and growing.  It’s a manifester’s cliche, but letting go and making space is exactly what you need to do to invite the things that are lovely and juicy into your life. Have faith, my friend. Good things are on the way, you just need to sit tight with your grief and really feel it out.  Don’t resist it or avoid it. Face it head on and feel all the feels.

This letting go has been a long time coming, and there has been so much back and forth waffling about what the right thing to do is that you may be feeling some anxiety around whether or not this is really actually the end this time, or in a moment of weakness you’re going to cave in for another go around. Be reassured. You have the strength to change the pattern that you’ve been stuck in, and with such grace that bridges will not be burned. Assess what your needs are, find your boundaries, and hold firm in them. You can do this.


Nikkiana reads Tarot, dances burlesque, and lives with her two cats in New York City.  You can find her writing about her adventures at http://nikkiana.com/.


– phoebe –

The Tarot of Marseille – Noblet – restored by Flornoy – Editions “letarot.com” – 1650

As we enter the sign of Virgo, we see Leo, Virgo and Pisces caught in a standoff:

La Force: I am Leo, hear me roar!
High Priestess: Is that Virgo I see, with her hands around your jaw?
La Force: Virgo’s on my side, it’s all in good fun.
High Priestess: I can see that you’re conflicted.
La Force: Stop projecting already! That’s not conflict, but power and restraint.

It’s not that Pisces doesn’t know how to have a good time – we’re just subtle about it. Quiet evenings on the patio with close friends, a day at the spa, or a meditation retreat. Taking to the streets at carnival time just isn’t our style – we’d rather watch from the comfort of a conveniently situated balcony. This month however, the boisterous reign of Leo is toned down and refined by orderly Virgo. Even spiritual Pisces won’t be able to resist taking time off from the pursuit of enlightenment to rest and recharge, and just let loose a bit.

If you’re a Pisces who has a hard time letting go, be warned that you’ll risk running into the following situation, as illustrated by the suit of Cups. You may start projects and pursue new partnerships only to find your drive, faith and inspiration depleted by some sort of emotional leakage. The Page and Knight of Cups come rushing in to patch things up, but no matter how much you pour in, you can’t fix the root of the problem. At best you’ll reach a tentative equilibrium, but look on the bright side: balance and poise is one of Pisces’ best traits when she attains it, though at times it seems that life is an endless struggle in pursuit of this very state. This month, grace happens in plain sight, all by itself. Why not simply sit back and enjoy it?

Photo credit: Mike Deal

Photo credit: Mike Deal

– Bio –

Phoebe Tsang is a violinist, poet, yogi and cartomancer in love with the Tarot de Marseille. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada, where she manifests improvised music and multidisciplinary performance. The author of a poetry collection Contents of a Mermaid’s Purse (Tightrope Books), she’s currently at work on a book of short fiction with assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts. Phoebe is the founder of Savaka Yoga – a holistic practice combining Yoga, Meditation, Tarot and the Arts.

Contact her for a Tarot reading at www.TarotbyPhoebe.com. Twitter: @SavakaYoga


– Siobhan –

Sun & Moon Tarot - Decort - US Games - 2010

Sun & Moon Tarot – Decort – US Games – 2010

Nine of Swords

Queen of Pentacles | King of Cups

Arians, this month brings you a mixed bag and the contents will depend on your personality and circumstances. On its own, the 9 of swords tells a familiar tale: anxiety, restlessness, insomnia. These are the symptoms associated with thoughts running right off the sane and settled track of life, into the wild unknown or worse yet: the known and negative. The 9 of swords flanked by the lackadaisical King of cups and Queen of pentacles, feels frustrated. Like an Aries, it wants to move on and up, hence the resistance to rest. It is a picture of a mind ready to solve all-the-things, even well after it’s time to go to sleep.

This month you may find yourself in a situation where you need to work or meet with many people and hear their stories or move at their pace. Are you a social ram? Do you like the thrill of spearheading a solution among more reluctant people? If so, this may be the month for you. Remember, though you may have answers, people won’t listen until they trust you are a part of the team. For every instance where you KNOW just the thing thing to do remember to spare the time to listen to the input of the people around you.

The lamb-like Arians might want to retreat from the team debacle. Just like the bolder Arians, you want things done right, even if you don’t feel like being the one to do it yourself. Retreat if you must, but make sure to let go fully: body, mind, spirit. Do not bring the stress home to bed with you when what you need is time to recover from social drain.

This month Arians, temper the urge to get-it-done with the practicality of the Queen of pentacles and the patience of the King of cups, to reach the resolution that you need.

– BIO –

Want a reading like this? Order your reading.

– psychic sarah –

Dark Goddess Tarot - © 2013 - Lorenzi-Prince www.darkgoddesstarot.com

Dark Goddess Tarot – © 2013 – Lorenzi-Prince

My dear Taureans, interesting times lie ahead. Interesting in the most peculiarly powerful of ways. With us we have Six of Air (Swords) and Four of Earth (Pentacles), to tell us where to stand and how to be this month so that we can gain maximum benefit from our actions. So first up, let us welcome Six of Air to our reading.


What, Six of Air?

Shhh. I am listening. I am listening more carefully than usual, for there are things to hear that people aren’t talking about, and there are things to feel that others are trying to ignore.

Stand poised, dear Taureans, in your efforts to understand the mysteriousness of life. There is change coming, yet it is change you are igniting through your own desire to grow. Do not let fear stop you from exploring new possibilities, and do not let the old roots of conditionings get in the way. Get beyond all that. Confidently walk forward a few steps and see what happens. Then meet with the Four of Earth, to integrate the shift that we can create together.

Four of Earth?

Present. Very present in fact. You’ll be needing me to keep you grounded this month. I will keep you balanced and clear and aware of where to be and when. You have your own beat to march to right now, and it is important that you stick to it, and avoid getting caught up in the illusions of others (no matter how tantalizing they may be!).

See your path, know your purpose, and if you start to falter on the way, just breathe back into the moment. Be as present as you can, and speak from that space alone. Others will be more likely to listen to you this month, so take advantage of those moments and speak the personal wisdoms that need to fall out of you. Crack open the awkward moments with your words and spin what you find there into beautiful expressions of connection and gratitude. Maintain your space and clear out the trash!

Psychic Sarah Barry IIrounded

– BIO –

Sarah Barry (“Psychic Sarah”) is a full-time professional tarot reader who does face-to-face, Skype and email readings from her private tarot office in Newtown, Sydney, Australia. When not reading tarot, she can be found making chai, writing, meditating, riding her flowery-tarot-art-bicycle or getting another tarot-themed tattoo (often doing all these things whilst wearing a tutu).

You can find out more about her work at sarahthepsychic.com, Instagram: @sarahthepsychic & Facebook: facebook.com/sarahthepsychic

– vix –

Cosmic Tarot – Norbert Losche – 1988 – US Games

Cosmic Tarot – Norbert Losche – 1988 – US Games

Hey there fellow Gemini!

So it looks like with the Queen of Swords (that’s us!) and the King of Cups (a dude who’s not like us, but checking us out anyway!) we’ve got a chance here for some serious learning about how to accept and love others. Yay! Sounds awesome yes?!

It’s not always about our journey. We’ve spent a lot of time recently finding our tribe, finding ourselves and actively connecting with the peeps who totally “get us”. Now it’s time to hang out with the people who don’t totally get us. Yes, that may seem like a strange suggestion, but seriously, you didn’t come here just to find your tribe and ignore everyone else.

Be open to other people’s ideas, even if it’s challenging… especially if it’s challenging!

There are so many amazing people here on this planet right now, and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss them!

Don’t diss and miss an awesome relationship with that super cute guy just because you’re a hipster and he’s a surfer. Don’t ignore that cool girl with the rockabilly vibe who could just be your new BFF just because you’re more into One Direction than some cool rockabilly band you’ve never heard of. There is so much more to folks than what they wear, and what element their star sign is.

Hang out with peeps who compliment you, but aren’t your clones.

Totally stay strong and secure in who you are, but remember everyone has different opinions and ideas about stuff. Your journey is right for you, for sure, but not everyone has to be on the same page, in fact, a lot of peeps out there are reading a totally different book.

But how boring would the world be if there was only one book?

It might be time to head to the library and see what others are reading.

Love, light and page turning gusts of wind!


– BIO –

Vix calls herself the New Age Hipster, but actually probably isn’t really cool enough to be a hipster and often wonders if she should have called her blog New Age Dork. But even dorks have spiritual connections and Vix is using hers to kick open the musty spiritual wardrobe and bring the new age into the now. Vix is an intuitive tarot and angel card reader with a chilled-out vibe and is fairly likely to quote Taylor Swift lyrics during your session. She is a certified Angel Card and Realm reader through Doreen Virtue and lives in Yorkshire with a grumpy old rescue cat called Zorro.

– CLARISSA dolphin –

Aquarian Tarot - Paladini - 1970 - US Games

Aquarian Tarot – Paladini – 1970 – US Games

Cancerian, the Virgo season’s main focus for Crab-kin is value proclamation; a recognition of eminence in perfect presence. Harvest is happening now. Inadequacy is illusory. The Empress tarot card corresponds with the Milky Way’s planet Venus, the heavenly body associated with luxuriant fecundity. Our Venusian Empress signifies beauty in its highest harmonic; there is no disharmony in the realm of resources. Crustaceans are invited to valuate worth with unbiased analysis and expand upon inestimable individual gifts.

On the zodiac wheel, Venus is the ruler of Taurus (Cancer’s friendships and group associations) and Libra (Cancer’s nest egg). Billionaire ball hard, yes, you can play that game and yes, it’s time to roll out like that. Venus retrograde in Leo trines Uranus in Aries on August 19 just before Sun goes into Virgo on the 23rd. The exact same aspect occurs again the DAY Sun goes into Libra only this time Venus is in direct motion.

Since Uranus is involved, nothing can prepare for what transpires. Uranus brings about anything from a lottery win, fraudulent credit activity, robbery, windfall, downfall; no way to predict. But the Venus trine promises the occurrence is for the best in the long-run. Here’s the thing: the universe is acknowledging Crab for having ALREADY amassed and developed the ingenuity necessary to deal with Uranian surprise on a masterful level. Empress requests a sensual fusion with real world existence of prosperity. Reap the rewards now, don’t prepare anymore. Initiate, claim and celebrate when Venus conjuncts Mars in Leo August 31.

Actions to take: purchase beautiful items (jewelry, clothes, plants, linens), pay off debt or ask for an extended line of credit, check credit score, make business deals, line coffers/put money into savings, announce intentions with direct clarity. Glow, get out and about, be busy. Attract, announce and exude Fem-Chief Energy. Get it. Right quick, because the Solar Eclipse in Virgo brings the New Boss Era, replete with hot ticket schedule bookings, quick trips, grand communication responsibilities and all.


– BIO –

Clarissa Dolphin is a writer, shaman, certified Reiki healer and vibrational astrologer based in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in Dirty Laundry, White Hot, Broccoli City, Notion and award-winning Australian art publication FAINT. In addition to being an aesthetic dynamo rapt in the awesome goings-on of the international fashion, art and music scenes, she provides interdimensional readings with an emphasis on leaving seekers present to the Rock Star within. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2006 with B.A.s in English Literature and English Writing and walked away with a Masters in Publishing from the University of the Arts London in 2008. In her spiritual sessions Clarissa utilizes extrasensory perception, tarot, numerology, elemental dignities and over 20 years of astrology study to discover the ethereal energy at play in any inquiry. You can check out more of her work at www.siriuslysidereal.com and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @clarissadolphin

– siobhan –

Aquarian Tarot - Paladini - 1970 - US Games

Aquarian Tarot – Paladini – 1970 – US Games

the Fool & 6 of rods

empress | temperance | 2 rods | 10 cups

When I saw what was in store for us, Leo, I grinned and rubbed my hands together like the next in line for the hottest ride at the amusement park. It’s exciting isn’t it? When you’re so close to the adventure you can smell the metal of the machine that will propel you forward. Maybe you’re already seated in the first car, on your way up. Most people have second thoughts at this height, “why did I get on this ride?” “just how far will we fall?” But not you, Leo. You want to be right in front, so that you can be the first to drop, hands in the air, smile on your face, or maybe screaming at the top of your lungs like the rest of us.

While you can’t deny the electric charge of the upcoming month, still you may be thinking “this isn’t the ride I was hoping for…” The expansive energy up ahead may not care about your preferences, hopes, and worries. It just expands, bringing with it spiritual seeds for even more expansion and an opportunity to welcome more love in your den, possibly via family connections.

Is someone expecting? Will you have young visitors soon? Expect the opportunity to share that generous Leo glow of yours with people that are dear to you. Expect this energy exchange to benefit you and family/chosen family in the long run.

The natural leader always has work to do. This month Leo, enjoy the ride.

– BIO –

LInks to good things

  • TAROTSCOPES by Arwen, I love these. to the point & down to earth. Worth the sign up.

  • TAROTSCOPES by Sheilaa hite, a sensory rich tarotscope by an amazing person.

  • HOROSCOPES By Robert Brezsny,  sometimes obscure, Often hilarious, and/or inspiring.

  • HOROSCOPES by Chani Nicholas, practical & powerful. I also like & respect a lot of the social justice commentary on her networks.





The ‘Scopes aren’t intended to apply to everyone and yet there are useful takeaways in all of the forecasts. An astrological forecast is subjective and depends on planets, elements, location and time. The tarot are the divinatory alphabet with which astrology speaks.

Forecasts prompt us to say “yes that’s me!” or “no, that’s not my truth…” or “I better pay attention to this part of myself.” They show us where we buy into our personal stories and the stories of the collective. They offer an opportunity for awareness.

Looking for the latest ‘Scope?
HERE you go.




High School of The Dead is a Japanese manga series written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō. The story follows a group of high school students caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse – wiki

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  1. Moonstone says:

    I adore the heads up to the currents of energy ebbing or flowing. I read my sun, moon and rising signs and it gives a great overview. I like how each one is flavoured by a different author so they don’t blend into one homogenous lump. I still struggle sometimes as I am all water, air and fire but that is life.
    Thank you for these

  2. Siobhan says:

    You are welcome BB, I have a blend of elements in my chart as well and I love the mix of voices. My hope is to include even more readers in the upcoming tarotscopes and to shuffle readers for even more variety.

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