7 Wands – The Fire Oath Spread

I feel like I’m always talking about organs online. Will. Guts. It’s not hard to see why. I’m pretty concerned with both of those things. My formerly weak will. My currently weak digestive system. The more I learn about the body, the more it seems the gut is important for everyone. Some believe we get our motivation from the will chakra, the energy center associated with our digestion. Not only that, the gut is like the body’s second brain.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse – The Flight Spread


There’s a lot going on right now. The eclipse season in March is the parenthesis around so many shifts it seems unlikely anyone would keep up with them all. This blog will attempt to track the inspirational convergence of many of my loves this lunar cycle. Poetry. Face Up Tarot. Ritual. Because when I thought about what the New moon heralds – beginnings and endings, and how eclipses amplify this energy, and thWhat is arising for you this eclipse season? #faceuptarot #difficultcards “e fluidity of Pisces, the ruthless curiosity of the rogue planet – retrograde Mercury; when I thought about how to honor this energy in my life,  all the starts, the seedlings, it seemed senseless to try to keep it tidy and separate.  Instead I’ll let my thoughts do what the planets suggest and blend it all, like so many vegetables.

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Birth Cards

Why Use Year & Birth Cards? 2016 -Hermit Year

Year and birth cards bring a relevance and depth to sessions that I love. This post will talk about how I came to include these cards in my sessions and includes access to a reference list to help you master Year and Brith cards.

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A while ago I got into the habit of pulling a card before a session to see what might serve. I was just curious. I didn’t think the habit would stick. The first thing I noticed was that the card would repeat, usually as the final card in the session. No matter how short the spread was, even though I always used two different decks,  and no matter how unlikely it was. If you’ve had a session with me in the last year, you’ve probably seen me freak out about this. I’m shocked every time and it never gets old! These surprises gave more relevance and context to sessions. Continue reading

My “Thing” About Card of the Day Draws

I have a thing about “Card of the Day” draws. And by thing I mean a block. I don’t do them. Well that’s not technically true. I used to do them ALL the time as a beginner, before I had a firm grasp of the card meanings. At the time, I didn’t have a “thing” about it at all. Now If I do them, it’s usually random and even when it IS consistent, I don’t post them publicly. I had planned to write about this by now, since I’ve not heard any other tarot blogger mention a “thing” with COTD (card of the day) draws, but I totally forgot about it until last week.

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Face Up Journey – A Narrative Spread

A few weeks ago I was staring at my computer screen with lump in my throat and a feeling of impending doom. I was finishing a piece, intended for Beth Maiden of littleredtarot.com, that I had started a few weeks ago about mental illness and entrepreneurship. I couldn’t bring myself to finish it the first go around. So there I was, with a lump, the doom feeling, and the big question: just what was I trying to say when I started? I did what any self respecting tarot blogger might do. I got out my cards. Continue reading

how-to: tarotscope

How-To: Write a Tarotscope

I’ve been writing a monthly tarotscope for almost a year now. At first, I posted a monthly tarotscope for a single sign.  I liked doing those single-sign forecasts because it seemed each zodiac sign had a flavor, and it touched the experiences of all the signs, of the collective.

I had a basic understanding of astrology, but this had nothing to do with my perception of this “flavor.” For more information about my monthly tarotscopes, check out my ‘Scopes info page. Read on for how to write a tarotscope, a step by step guide to one of the ways that I’ve done tarotscopes in my monthly ‘Scopes. Continue reading