7 Powerful Questions to Ask for Your Birthday Every Year

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A bit ago, I sat with my love talking about the state of our weeks. It was a warm day, bright and soft, and in spite of the strife and chaos in the world, we were both feeling like our lives were thawing into their spring. Then we talked about the state of our country. I told her what I’d heard in the newsfeed of my friends.

“We have to stay enraged.”

I asked her if it’s true that this is the only way to effect change as an activist. She would know, with her decades of experience as a lobbyist, lawyer, and social justice activist. The more popular resistance becomes, the more I hear about the need, no the responsibility of good citizens to be enraged. So I asked her, “do you believe the way to move forward is with, and through, rage?” Continue reading

I Went to a Tantra Workshop


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I Went to a Tantra Workshop

And of course my mind found a way to compare, a way to judge. I compared eastern Tantra to western, modern to traditional. I compared what I had read in books to what we were doing. I compared my past teachers with the current teacher. Regardless of all that comparison, nothing can change the reaction that I have to deep conscious breaths. My body knows the cue Continue reading

Readers Studio 2015 Part II – How-To: Survive Cons

Self Care for Sensitive Types

When it comes to self care, I wear a lot of hats. There are many reasons I pay a lot of attention to my own care. I’m Hypersensitive. Introverted. Anxious. Empathic. I’m a bit of a delicate flower. It’s not like I’m broken. It’s just that in the quest for discovering what works, I’ve come across many different angles, diagnosis, and names for my life experiences. Most of em’ I don’t even identify with, but I use  whatever works to find solutions, communicate with others, and feel good. Somehow I end up traveling and socializing in spite of myself. A LOT. Here are some of the habits that I’ve cultivated to make smooth transitions on the go.

Continue reading