7 Wands – The Fire Oath Spread

I feel like I’m always talking about organs online. Will. Guts. It’s not hard to see why. I’m pretty concerned with both of those things. My formerly weak will. My currently weak digestive system. The more I learn about the body, the more it seems the gut is important for everyone. Some believe we get our motivation from the will chakra, the energy center associated with our digestion. Not only that, the gut is like the body’s second brain.

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How-To: Do An Auditory Card Pull

So I pulled a card from the Margarete Petersen Tarot [published 2004 by AGM-URANIA] during my vacation last month. I was ready to read in auto pilot, squatting somewhat uncomfortably in a moist and unfamiliar place. Luckily, I was interrupted by short, light, rain. What is this stuff? We don’t have this in Austin! I took my card to a comfortable bench near shelter, in case of heavy rain. I relaxed. I looked at the card. Continue reading