How To Get Woke With The Judgement Card

The Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck, US Games Systems, 2009

The Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot – US Games – 2009


A couple of weeks ago I saw a hilarious but cringe-worthy exchange on Twitter between filmmaker Michael Moore and writer Jessica Hellis. Funny because Moore suggested, in the tweet, that women don’t do heinous things. Cringe-worthy because of the irony. The pedestal on which Moore places women is a feature of patriarchy, the very thing he is against. No one wants to be called out or corrected as he was on Twitter that day. And yet that’s just what happens when we pull the Judgment card. The universe calls us out, checks our assumptions,  and puts our flawed thinking on the spot.

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Trial – The Hanged One *New Post at Little Red Tarot*



Some moments close in on you
inch by inch like some kind of trap sprung in an ancient temple.
Some spaces want you out.
They say, pull the eject lever
or risk peril
– the sweat-soaked moist and warm crevices of the unknown
despair stuffed in a throat and choked on,
risk finding out what happens
when you endure.

Last year I took a trip to the Reader’s Studio in NYC and came back super-charged and inspired. Afterwards I steeped myself in tarot and ritual. I explored. During a Beltaine ritual, and one of the first spreads after the trip, I pulled the Hanged One in response to the question – how can I accept imperfection? Continue reading

Birth Cards

Why Use Year & Birth Cards? 2016 -Hermit Year

Year and birth cards bring a relevance and depth to sessions that I love. This post will talk about how I came to include these cards in my sessions and includes access to a reference list to help you master Year and Brith cards.

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A while ago I got into the habit of pulling a card before a session to see what might serve. I was just curious. I didn’t think the habit would stick. The first thing I noticed was that the card would repeat, usually as the final card in the session. No matter how short the spread was, even though I always used two different decks,  and no matter how unlikely it was. If you’ve had a session with me in the last year, you’ve probably seen me freak out about this. I’m shocked every time and it never gets old! These surprises gave more relevance and context to sessions. Continue reading

September Tarotscope

Fast & Feast: When You Dance With The Devil

It might be during an otherwise perfectly safe reading. The cards show that you do your best. They tell a story with options and hint at future possibilities, but at a pivotal point in the reading, you (or your tarot reader) pulls The Devil. And it’s in a really suggestive position too, like: “your greatest current struggle.” In the best case, you haven’t seen this card before, and you get to learn a little something new.

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Taurus 2015 Tarotscope

Like lots of other folks this spring I cleaned my house. I wrapped up all creative experiments with the new moon. In just over a day will be on a plane headed toward The Reader’s Studio in NYC. *Does the con dance* Once I get back from the tarot conference, I’ll be pretty excited, perhaps a bit tarot-obsessed. I might even post a few things that have been floating around my vernal cerebrum. But for now I’m ready to be a sponge and soak up my first tarot con. I’m headed for bliss.

From the looks of this month’s tarotscope, the same might be true for Tauruses. (What is the correct plural of Taurus anyway?) The picture features kyanite so raw that I had to be careful not to get flecks of it in my tea while I did the reading and a  kyanite/pyrite orgonite piece that for some reason gives me headaches if I use it too long. Tarotscopes are dangerous business indeed.

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