7 Wands – The Fire Oath Spread

I feel like I’m always talking about organs online. Will. Guts. It’s not hard to see why. I’m pretty concerned with both of those things. My formerly weak will. My currently weak digestive system. The more I learn about the body, the more it seems the gut is important for everyone. Some believe we get our motivation from the will chakra, the energy center associated with our digestion. Not only that, the gut is like the body’s second brain.

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how-to: tarotscope

How-To: Write a Tarotscope

I’ve been writing a monthly tarotscope for almost a year now. At first, I posted a monthly tarotscope for a single sign.  I liked doing those single-sign forecasts because it seemed each zodiac sign had a flavor, and it touched the experiences of all the signs, of the collective.

I had a basic understanding of astrology, but this had nothing to do with my perception of this “flavor.” For more information about my monthly tarotscopes, check out my ‘Scopes info page. Read on for how to write a tarotscope, a step by step guide to one of the ways that I’ve done tarotscopes in my monthly ‘Scopes. Continue reading

How-To: Do An Auditory Card Pull

So I pulled a card from the Margarete Petersen Tarot [published 2004 by AGM-URANIA] during my vacation last month. I was ready to read in auto pilot, squatting somewhat uncomfortably in a moist and unfamiliar place. Luckily, I was interrupted by short, light, rain. What is this stuff? We don’t have this in Austin! I took my card to a comfortable bench near shelter, in case of heavy rain. I relaxed. I looked at the card. Continue reading

How-To: Choose a Tarot Deck

Last week, one of my subscribers asked “How do you choose a new tarot deck?” I was reminded of my struggle when my decks stopped talking to me and I needed to buy a new one. (Ethony talks here about what to do when your deck breaks up with you.) Since then my collection has duodecupled and like with anything else, the practice has afforded me some insight. In this post I’ll talk about why/how I chose one of the decks I own, what questions to consider as you decide, and tarot deck resources. Continue reading

Readers Studio 2015 Part II – How-To: Survive Cons

Self Care for Sensitive Types

When it comes to self care, I wear a lot of hats. There are many reasons I pay a lot of attention to my own care. I’m Hypersensitive. Introverted. Anxious. Empathic. I’m a bit of a delicate flower. It’s not like I’m broken. It’s just that in the quest for discovering what works, I’ve come across many different angles, diagnosis, and names for my life experiences. Most of em’ I don’t even identify with, but I use  whatever works to find solutions, communicate with others, and feel good. Somehow I end up traveling and socializing in spite of myself. A LOT. Here are some of the habits that I’ve cultivated to make smooth transitions on the go.

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Solstice Ritual in 4 Steps- The About Face Spread

1.Create Space

There were several reasons I needed to do a Summer Solstice ritual this year. I had to close out a month-long reading that was still on my altar. That reading revealed healing I needed related to productivity and self-care. I’d also broken up with one of my loves and was feeling some kinda way about that. With these reasons I knew that I might do a Solstice ritual even though I hadn’t consistently done ritual in years and it would be “a thing.”

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