‘Scope: August 23rd – September 24th


A Tarotscope or ‘Scope* is a community tarot reading for each sign of the zodiac. (*I made up the other name.) Previously I wrote one ‘Scope per sign per month as a birthday offering. Happy Birthday Virgo! Last month was special because it was the first FULL Forecast with ALL 12 SIGNS. Remember do-overs? Last month’s ‘Scope was such a hit I’m doing it over. People said they were freakishly accurate, as if they were written just for them. This month is even bigger with contributions from NINE fabulous tarot readers! Continue reading

Solstice Ritual in 4 Steps- The About Face Spread

1.Create Space

There were several reasons I needed to do a Summer Solstice ritual this year. I had to close out a month-long reading that was still on my altar. That reading revealed healing I needed related to productivity and self-care. I’d also broken up with one of my loves and was feeling some kinda way about that. With these reasons I knew that I might do a Solstice ritual even though I hadn’t consistently done ritual in years and it would be “a thing.”

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Cancer 2015 Tarotscope

Last month was a social/spiritual smorgasbord. I danced, I cried, I breathed, and brushed shoulders with healers and seekers alike. I had my first encounter with moving meditation and learned that there is just as much information about energy and experience in movements and body parts as any divinatory tool. The line between body and energy was so blurred that at points I didn’t know whether to systematically strengthen the muscles around my scapula or design a ritual to love on my energetic arms. Or both!

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Gemini 2015 Tarotscope

The themes as I Spring toward the Summer months are synthesis and self care. In April I headed to NYC for the 2015 Readers Studio (a conference where Tarot enthusiasts gather from all over the world to celebrate all things Tarot) and it was A-MAZ-ING. I’m still only part way through writing a beast of a blog about it.

One of the beautiful take-aways I had from that experience was the power and precision of Tarot reversals. I picked up Mary Greer’s Complete book of Tarot Reversals to cement what I’d learned at the conference. It’s not that I’ve never used reversals. They have been a staple in my Tarot practice since the beginning, when I was still clutching those little white books that came with my decks. But for the last 3 years I took a break from using them. I wanted time to figure out how they fit into my new world view. When I saw and read reversed tarot cards at the conference, they came as a bit of a shock. I had forgotten the specificity and strength that can come from reading reversed cards. Reversed cards ask you to face your shadow head on.

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Taurus 2015 Tarotscope

Like lots of other folks this spring I cleaned my house. I wrapped up all creative experiments with the new moon. In just over a day will be on a plane headed toward The Reader’s Studio in NYC. *Does the con dance* Once I get back from the tarot conference, I’ll be pretty excited, perhaps a bit tarot-obsessed. I might even post a few things that have been floating around my vernal cerebrum. But for now I’m ready to be a sponge and soak up my first tarot con. I’m headed for bliss.

From the looks of this month’s tarotscope, the same might be true for Tauruses. (What is the correct plural of Taurus anyway?) The picture features kyanite so raw that I had to be careful not to get flecks of it in my tea while I did the reading and a  kyanite/pyrite orgonite piece that for some reason gives me headaches if I use it too long. Tarotscopes are dangerous business indeed.

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Aries 2015 Tarotscope

Right now in my living room there are two sets of couches, the remnants of a class I’m putting together, tubs of kitchenware to be donated, and hair product left over from a hair experiment that’s been raging for the last few days (It’s still in progress). It’s a creative hurricane here. Lately transmutation has been on my mind, especially with the astrological hullabaloo surrounding the change of the seasons. (If you missed it there was a super-moon in Pisces, a solar eclipse, and spring equinox yesterday.)


It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that other people are experiencing a pull to re-evaluate, re-organize, and re-create. There are a plethora of tarot cards that represent balance, harmony between opposites, transition and transformation. One of them makes their appearance in Aries’ tarotscope. This month’s picture features amethyst druzy and pyrite (a detail that would come to haunt me during the reading). I’m using Pallidini’s Aquarian tarot.

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