7 Wands – The Fire Oath Spread

I feel like I’m always talking about organs online. Will. Guts. It’s not hard to see why. I’m pretty concerned with both of those things. My formerly weak will. My currently weak digestive system. The more I learn about the body, the more it seems the gut is important for everyone. Some believe we get our motivation from the will chakra, the energy center associated with our digestion. Not only that, the gut is like the body’s second brain.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse – The Flight Spread


There’s a lot going on right now. The eclipse season in March is the parenthesis around so many shifts it seems unlikely anyone would keep up with them all. This blog will attempt to track the inspirational convergence of many of my loves this lunar cycle. Poetry. Face Up Tarot. Ritual. Because when I thought about what the New moon heralds – beginnings and endings, and how eclipses amplify this energy, and thWhat is arising for you this eclipse season? #faceuptarot #difficultcards “e fluidity of Pisces, the ruthless curiosity of the rogue planet – retrograde Mercury; when I thought about how to honor this energy in my life,  all the starts, the seedlings, it seemed senseless to try to keep it tidy and separate.  Instead I’ll let my thoughts do what the planets suggest and blend it all, like so many vegetables.

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**New Column Over at Little Red Tarot!!**


I’ll be writing a new column that features two different “series” over at littleredtarot.com!!

I’m kinda excited. ← This is an understatement. I’m more than kinda excited.

::celebratory dancing::

The series part is in quotes in case the topics change or otherwise morph into something I didn’t see coming. Such is the nature of creativity and chaos y’all. Even if that happens, I’ll STILL write the column and [said in the hypnotist/Jedi voice] I trust you’ll forgive me and keep reading it.

What are these series & why read them?

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Face Up Journey – A Narrative Spread

A few weeks ago I was staring at my computer screen with lump in my throat and a feeling of impending doom. I was finishing a piece, intended for Beth Maiden of littleredtarot.com, that I had started a few weeks ago about mental illness and entrepreneurship. I couldn’t bring myself to finish it the first go around. So there I was, with a lump, the doom feeling, and the big question: just what was I trying to say when I started? I did what any self respecting tarot blogger might do. I got out my cards. Continue reading

Lammas Blog Hop: Wheat Fever & the Trickster



A Tarot Round Robin that happens eight times a year.
AKA blog collaboration. AKA Variety ftw!!

WHAT IS A Tarot Round Robin???
A  group of bloggers
+ one question or topic
+ links* to the blog before, master list, & the blog after
= Tarot Train


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Solstice Ritual in 4 Steps- The About Face Spread

1.Create Space

There were several reasons I needed to do a Summer Solstice ritual this year. I had to close out a month-long reading that was still on my altar. That reading revealed healing I needed related to productivity and self-care. I’d also broken up with one of my loves and was feeling some kinda way about that. With these reasons I knew that I might do a Solstice ritual even though I hadn’t consistently done ritual in years and it would be “a thing.”

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