Firework & Prediction

As I’m wont to do, I took my tarot on a bike ride. I like to pull cards under tree shade with the wind on my skin and sun in my face. I pulled four cards for an elemental spread, one for each element. I used Carding’s Transparent Tarot and I stacked them on top of each other (that deck is so cool!). I use elemental dignities. That means I may not use formal spread positions and depending on the cards I may not read all that I pull. This time I read them all because according to elemental dignities they exploded each other. Sorta like Fireworks.

Tarot Geekery


Carding’s Transparent Tarot by Schiffer 2008

The elemental Breakdown:
Lovers – Air ignited in Fire Energy
Page of Wands – Fire extinguished in Water Emotion
8 of Wands RX – Fire ignited in Air Thought
Queen of Wands – Fire comfortable in Earth

Physical Reality

Here is another picture with notes added to illustrate what I saw when I looked at these cards.

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