Trial – The Hanged One *New Post at Little Red Tarot*



Some moments close in on you
inch by inch like some kind of trap sprung in an ancient temple.
Some spaces want you out.
They say, pull the eject lever
or risk peril
– the sweat-soaked moist and warm crevices of the unknown
despair stuffed in a throat and choked on,
risk finding out what happens
when you endure.

Last year I took a trip to the Reader’s Studio in NYC and came back super-charged and inspired. Afterwards I steeped myself in tarot and ritual. I explored. During a Beltaine ritual, and one of the first spreads after the trip, I pulled the Hanged One in response to the question – how can I accept imperfection? Continue reading

Why Mostly I Don’t Claim the Green

I’ve since learned to respect broth in the workspace…

Happy Spring time!

The sky outside my window looks more like fall: formless gray and monochrome. None of the bright blue and distinct Austin, TX clouds. It looks like a day from my past.

A decade ago on a day like this, I’d be heading to the local Irish pub to begrudgingly drink the Murphy’s (they wouldn’t carry Guinness) and sing along goofily with The Irish Descendants (who are probably less Irish than me!).

This year St. Patrick’s day is awkward

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**New Column Over at Little Red Tarot!!**


I’ll be writing a new column that features two different “series” over at!!

I’m kinda excited. ← This is an understatement. I’m more than kinda excited.

::celebratory dancing::

The series part is in quotes in case the topics change or otherwise morph into something I didn’t see coming. Such is the nature of creativity and chaos y’all. Even if that happens, I’ll STILL write the column and [said in the hypnotist/Jedi voice] I trust you’ll forgive me and keep reading it.

What are these series & why read them?

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