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– Phoebe –

Le Véritable Tarot de Marseille restauré par Kris Hadar. 1995, Éditions de Mortagne.


Aries loves to go, go, go, but what to do when your tank’s running low and there’s no gas station in sight? Whether you’ve been working too hard or having too much fun, we’ve reached that mid-way point of your year – six months after your birthday – when the universe, and likely your body, starts giving you signals that it’s time to slow down.

Not being able to fire on all cylinders all the time may not feel normal, but it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. Even superheroes need to recharge sometimes. Think of it as an invitation to go undercover for a change. Hang up your cape and gloves, and get a taste of laid-back living. How might it feel to be the rescued instead of the rescuer?

You’re not one to back down when the going gets tough, but disengaging from conflict isn’t necessarily a sign of weakness. Sometimes, patience is the best strategy. Take a time out and give change a chance to find you. Even if you think you won’t enjoy it, give it a try. You just might find that letting go feels good. And if it doesn’t, at least your body will thank you for the break.

If it’s people’s minds that you’re trying to change, sometimes it’s what you don’t say that finally gets the message across. Give your opponents a chance to come round to your point of view. While you’re waiting, you might find your own perspectives beginning to shift in ways that surprise and enlighten. 


– BIO –

Phoebe Tsang is a Toronto-based violinist, poet, and author. Her tarot-reading style incorporates Buddhist philosophy and Chinese Five Elements theory. A qualified yoga teacher, Phoebe’s tarot readings focus on emotional healing as part of the holistic continuum of heart, mind, and body.



– Diana –

Sacred India Tarot – Rohit Arya – Yogi Impressions


Beloved Taurus – Hold fast and remain steady. There’s plenty of room for growth and stability, even in the midst of uncertainty.

The physical aspect (represented by Four of Arrows) can be an indication that all of the adrenaline you consumed from the previous season may force you to hold still. This is a good time to allow your body to rest. Be mindful of any illnesses or sluggish behavior that may offset your balance. Additionally, you may find yourself at odds wanting to change bad habits in order to promote health and wellness.

The mental aspect (represented by Nine of Arrows) is something you should be paying attention. Despite your best efforts to rest, you may be feeling succumbed to pressures (whether beyond your control or not). Moreover, experiencing mental anxieties on certain sensitive issues may brim to the surface. This card can serve as a lesson in overcoming sorrow and mental pain, so long as you acknowledge that not everything you see is a real nightmare. Sometimes, it can be a figment of our imagination that ended up manifesting due to our fears.

The spiritual aspect (represented by Five of Discs) is a reminder that while you may be conscious of a state of poverty, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are deprived. There may be some injustices surrounding you. You may feel that you’re helpless. But you’re not. A second wind will be approached to your favor. The resources that you may not have received will come forth in a bigger package.

– BIO –

Diana R. Chin is a visual artist, writer, and co-founder of
She often blogs about beauty, fashion, design, technology, books, and spirituality.

Twitter & Instagram: @dianarchin


– Gina –

The Circo Tarot, self-published, 2016.


How much power does your vision have? How far will you take things in your quest to make it a reality? Libra season has you all jazzed up and ready to go. The Ace of Knives shows you wielding a new idea with passion and conviction. It’s heady and engrossing and irresistibly clear. You’re ready to go and not wasting any time.

This passion and decisiveness is wonderfully engrossing. The flip side? The vision you have in your mind is gleaming and perfect… because it’s in your mind. As you start to bring it into being you’ll find yourself quickly mired in the imperfections and difficulties of the real world. This can be frustrating, and your perfectionist streak will be all riled up – what do you do when the rosy vision in your mind doesn’t match up with reality?

Fortunately, you’re ready for a challenge. And this one will be difficult and valuable – just the thing to sharpen that Ace of Knives into something capable and battle-tested.

First you’ll have to navigate the root of your perfectionism. The Five of Knives shows us how your dedication to your vision can have unintended casualties. Sure, you’re passionate and uncompromising, but at what cost? There’s a reason why we were told not to run with scissors and the same goes for sharp ideas. That’s the danger in being dogmatic – you run the risk of silencing and isolating others with your absolutism and desire to rush forward without looking to see who’s in your path.

Fighting to preserve the splendor of your vision will only invite conflict and loss, the kind that leaves you feeling deflated. And yet there’s another option. The Seven of Wands shows another way of engaging with your vision: flexible and dynamic action. Remove yourself from the analytical and abstract realm of the knives and engage with the world through your deeds. Creating, experimenting, and even playing will further your vision more than you can imagine. It will also invite collaborators instead of driving away others simply because they don’t see it exactly the way you do.

Staying on your toes and sharpening your knife with actions (and not on people) will allow your original vision to flourish and evolve in exciting ways you couldn’t have predicted. The perfection of the Ace of Knives can only exist in your mind. Only you can unleash its full potential by letting it grow naturally in the wild and messy world.


tarotscopes bio

– BIO –

Gina Wisotzky is a tarot reader and natural perfumer based in Durham, North Carolina. She offers warm and insightful readings at With fourteen years’ experience reading cards, her goal and passion are connecting others to their inner wisdom through tarot. You connect with her via Twitter @inctarot and Instagram @incandescenttarot.



– Miriam –

The Druid Plant Oracle. Carr-Gomm. Worthington. Connections Book Publishing, 2007.
Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Virtue. Hay House, Inc., 2004.
The New Mythic Tarot. Sharman-Burke and Greene. Caselli. St. Martin’s Press, 2008.


Oracle cards: The Guardians + Artemis | Guardian
Focus: XVIII – The Moon
Release: XXI – The World
Increase: Page of Cups
Advice: IX – The Hermit


Oh, Cancer!! Are you going through a big transition or what?! How exciting for you, once you allow yourself to get past the scariness of leaving your comfort zone, your “old shell,” behind. That’s exactly what you’re preparing to do, because the “inner pull” towards what you know you’re meant to be doing with your life has become too loud, too strong to ignore, and you’ve finally decided to pack it in and start moving up, at least where it comes to what you want for yourself alone!

Have no fear: this is a journey that your soul has been nudging you towards for a long, long time, and as such you can absolutely know that your path is protected, from above, below, and even by the people who love you on this earthly plane.

Yes, allow yourself to be immersed in every aspect of this new experience, exploring like a child, and letting every part of it wash over you. You will be discovering new loyalties, new ways of thinking, abilities you figured you had but weren’t sure: the journey you’re starting is ultimately one of self-discovery, of discovering new facets and sparkles in the gleaming emerald that is You.

Cancer, all of this is so huge that you must resist the urge to “trip,” to succumb to the sensory overwhelm to come as your life is inundated with colour, light, and crashing waves of inspiration! Thankfully you are a Crab, so you can tuck in and roll with the big waves, trusting yourself to be carried in the right direction if need be.

Little Crab, you’ve grown, and now it’s time for a bigger and better “home” for yourself! You’re out to restore the feeling you get from your place in the world, seeking the one that you know will provide you with spiritual armour rather than walls-against-the-world. You’re acting on your tender heart’s dreams, finally stabbing out to achieve them, and everyone is cheering you on!

You may have been afraid to share your idea thus far, but once you do, you’ll find choruses of support everywhere you go. You have made this journey so selflessly, always working towards what you hoped would help others feel secure, and now it’s your turn to find your own new comfort zone, the one that truly fits your quirky personal rhythms.

It’s time to let one of your main structures “fall” – Cancer, you are re-writing your life! Spoiler alert: it’s going to be awesome!

– BIO –

Miriam is a Pisces/Scorpio Rising, a Tarot Reader and an Astrologer from Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a spunky Scorpio/Aries Rising toddler and three big yellow cats, she merrily casts Tarotscopes on the banks of the Tantramar Marsh. Miriam saw her calling in the 8 of Cups, started a blog, and hasn’t looked back! Check out Tantramar Tarotscopes, the Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram @tarotscopemim


– Siobhan –

The CBD Tarot de Marseille 2010


Only a few act – the rest of us reap the benefits of their risk.
― Wynton Marsalis


Fall is coming for you, Leo, and you are ready.

Like a leaf about to give up its summer moisture and let go.

You know about the fall, the implied descent. You eye the gilded golden path ahead like the figure in the Death card. They look to the top left of the Eight Coins. To a future, that is not yet known and a shift you know full well is coming. It started with a step you’ve already taken. You know plenty about the shift. Indeed, there may not be much left in the way of surprises for you.

But even if there were, you welcome the unknown. Darkness. Newness. The coming winter. Good thing too, winter welcomes you. Like springtime. Like blossoming – a force of nature. With the gentle forward momentum of the inevitable. It asks only in return that you continue to step forward, as you are more than happy to do.

It’s already too late to tell you that change is coming. You already know. It’s made its way into the bones of your every movement, like the blackness in these coins. It’s the backdrop, it’s the vehicle that moves you.

Your hands are itching to grasp new tools. Your feet beg to tread the soft ground of the future. But you are patient too, aren’t you? The inevitability of change is giving you solace, the likes of which you’ve been craving for months. Maybe longer…

New as it all might be, it looks as if you see clearly all the change that is coming. Go with it. Step with ease over the former versions of yourself, the ones that desperately waited for something new.

Soon your focus will be required. All the steps you have taken and will take, lead to a final adaptation. New tools. New hands. New machines. New physical systems. New communities.

In your excitement don’t forget that it’s human to feel challenged sometimes with change. It will pass. Go ahead and burst into the fire of autumn. Stay focused as you gleefully ride the wave of this fall season. Your time has come.




– BIO –

Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and #RadicalTarot reader living in central Texas. Her facilitative Tarot reading style is the blended result of over a decade of study of tarot as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships. She writes a column at and is the creator of these monthly ‘Scopes – the first ever collaborative tarotscopes.


– Genaviv –

Spirit Speak Tarot created and published Mary Elizabeth Evans, © 2014.


 Six of Pentacles + King of Wands + Ace of Cups

Virgo, I know that you are no stranger to giving and being charitable. But when is the last time that you genuinely accepted kindness or help from someone else? Receiving isn’t as easy for you as giving is, this is true. But this month, you are being called to work on that aspect of yourself. This will be particularly true for you in the realm of relationships and friendships.

Is there someone in your life who you’ve been trying to connect to, but who you haven’t been able to dazzle with your giving nature? The problem is not that you aren’t giving enough; the problem is that you haven’t been accepting what this person has to offer you in return. Whether gifts, time, emotional support, or attention—this person has been trying to give you love in one form or another. Have you been receptive to these offerings, or have you been distancing yourself from them?

If your answer is that you’ve been declining (or running from) their offerings, then I invite you to reflect for a moment on what it is you are truly rejecting: their love. Just as you want to support others to show your love, they want to do the same for you. Virgo, yours is not the only cup that overflows with compassion.

Prepare yourself to drink from the bounty of another cup to show that you accept the love that someone else has to share with you! This will be a necessary step for you to take before you can develop the genuine relationships that you’re seeking. Deep, strong, and meaningful relationships are built on a healthy give and take of love and support.

Once you open yourself to receive, you will start to see your relationships get stronger and healthier than you may have ever thought they could be.


– BIO –

Moondust Darling is run by Genaviv Rose. Genaviv is devoted to healing and guidance that comes from a place of compassion and genuine connection. You can find out more about the tarot readings and other resources offered at Moondust Darling by visiting or @moondustdarling on Instagram!


– Asali –

Mary-El Tarot by Marie White – ©Schiffer Publishing 2012


This is your season, Libras. Recognize that it’s time to harness your personal power and make those big dreams happen. Be intentional about reaching for what you want and also learn to focus that magical energy. Pick a path, and prepare it for your success.

THE EMPEROR calls us home, asks us to dig deep into what notions of stability, security, and peace of mind mean to us. Working diligently through these ideas and putting tangible and replicable ritual into place- something you can return to again and again when you need to reset- will be crucial for our next year. This can be difficult for us to do, but it’s time to come down from our airborne perches and dig deep into the earth and ground. We’ll need it, and rather urgently.

The SEVEN OF WANDS and TWO OF WANDS make it clear that we are approaching (if not already caught up in) a vortex- one that will leave us on the other side with a deeper inner knowledge and wisdom but one that will also pull and twist at us to test our capacity for growth. Without firm foundations and nourishing boundaries around the space our spirit calls home, we will be tetherless left to flap about aimlessly and for far longer than we’d have had to.

Call in The Emperor’s clarifying energy and use their sword to cut through the distractions that lead you away from your purpose. Do not turn away from the discipline that is being called for here; if need be, name it devotion instead and dedicate its practice to the vision you are bringing out of the ether and into your reality.

scopes interview

– BIO –

Asali is a black queer femme healer. She uses tarot for the everyday and the unusual, seeking the cards for herself and her querents to clarify practical paths to what is sought. She is Reiki certified and an avid student and practitioner of the Ifa tradition. A spiritually called Earthworker, all her healing creations, and tools are born of the earth and the divine, created with the vision of radical self-care as community healing work.

Request a tarot reading and check out her healing earthwork on Etsy & Big Cartel!
Follow along with her journey in healing, tarot, and lots of tea on her blog at Asali Earthwork.
Also, check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


– Ariel –

Zombie Tarot (Quirk Books, 2012) & The Halloween Oracle (Blue Angel, 2014)


Ace of Cups | The Devil | King of Cups

Skull of Flowers

My intensely emotional & intuitive Scorpio,

Your brain is on overload! There are so many emotions flowing through you at the moment, you aren’t sure what is yours and what isn’t. What is an intuitive hit or just an emotional response. They are floating around seemingly without rhyme or reason and you feel it’s making a mess of things – none of them tangible. All of these emotions bubbling underneath the surface and yet your face remains calm and unblemished. Let go of the need to be a face of perfection – you know there is so much value in the perfectly imperfect.

What you resist, persists. What are you running away from? This need to suppress these ungrounded feelings may be manifesting itself in other ways for you. Your vices may get the highlight in your awareness this month. Try not to fall into old habits or attempt calm these emotions with unhealthy coping mechanisms like smoking, drinking, hyper-sexuality, overeating, overspending, or just plain overindulging. You cannot fill an empty void with material things. It may provide temporary relief – but not the peace you are seeking in your spirit. What old feelings of guilt, shame, anguish, disappointment, love, anger, and sadness are plaguing you? What has triggered their re-awakening? What does your spirit truly hunger for? 

You may be feeling up to your eyes in this sea of emotions, but know that watery emotions are your forte’ Scorpio! That’s where you live and breathe – dive deep! Become one with your environment. Let it work for you, don’t work for it. Take back control with calm and smooth evaluation that combines foresight and compassion for self as well as others. You are the alchemist, the magician, the witch. Transform the dead things. Rise and create beauty from the darkness within. For you see the beauty in death like no other. No one can do a rebirth, a reawakening, a re-emergence like you. So what are you waiting for?

From my soul to yours,

xo Ariel



– BIO –

Ariel is a Lightworker, Certified Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, and the creator of Maven Unmasked, who offers high vibe guidance, readings, & blogging with a focus on authentic expression, healing, spiritual growth + development, creativity, and empowerment – all from her soul to yours. She is a mystical woman, a seeker, a reveler of thought, who encourages others to take off their mask and allow their innermost wisdom to shine through in a true, authentic expression of themselves. As a lover of crystals, tarot, mediumship, connecting with her guides & Spirit, and all things of a metaphysical and spiritual nature, Ariel is always, always learning something new!

Experience a Reading with me at my Etsy Shop


– Colin –

Rider Waite, first published 1911


There is something to be said about Libra and the balance, about Sagittarius and the dual nature. In Libra it speaks of the lesser and the higher path. In Sag the question gets more confronting, do you go for the party monster or do you live by the seeker archetype that lives in your soul?

But the real question; the challenge; the value… the great prize

Is integration.

Carl Jung, the psychologist, called it individuation. In his mind, it was the promise the potential of being incarnate at all.

Three decans, three cards. The Page of Cups and the quest. It’s a search for Spirit, and the High Priestess is there to guide, to preside, and to channel higher wisdom. Receive it and undertake the detailed work of which the three of Pentacles speaks.

On the other side…

And bear in mind that each of us must live with the tension of conflicting forces in the psyche.

It looks like Venus in Aries, the planet of the harmonious takes the initiative in the four of wands, and blends it with the relaxed energy of Jupiter in Libra (four of swords) and the celebration of Jupiter (again) in Pisces (nine of cups), a sign which it co-rules. Does that add up to an intuitive, feisty yet relaxed, expansive, optimistic, and generous party energy?

I said it was contradictory.

But what if there’s a way to be both ends of the spectrum?

What kind of earth, air, fire and water, and in what alchemical process, would that take? And what would it look like when it was done?

And how would you go about it?


– BIO –

Colin McPhillamy is an actor and blogs about it at, and an astrologer also blogging at mcphillamytarot.comAnd for Astro-tarot check out episode one of his new TV show ‘Alternatives’ where he interviews Sasha Graham, the Tarot Diva.



– Arwen –

The Borderless Smith-Waite Tarot US Games 2017


Using the Borderless Smith-Waite Tarot, I asked, “What does Capricorn need to know most

about this upcoming cycle?”

The first card is the Nine of Cups. I call this the “Make a wish” card. But of course, be careful what you wish for. And, as an aside, “may you live in interesting times” is not an ancient Chinese curse (I know how you Capricorns like to be accurate.) Back to the card! When you are given the nine cups, your job is to drink deeply of the hope that they contain. As you let yourself be immersed in the gifts offered, write down your heart’s desire. Don’t edit yourself, darlings. Just put that huge wish down on paper. Then write three things you can do right now to move towards that dream. Example: Buy an island. Step 1. Save $5 a week. Step 2. Research the best place to buy an island. 3. Create a daily prayer/spell to call that island to me.

As you let yourself be immersed in the gifts offered, write down your heart’s desire. Don’t edit yourself, darlings. Just put that huge wish down on paper. Then write three things you can do right now to move towards that dream. Example: Buy an island. Step 1. Save $5 a week. Step 2. Research the best place to buy an island. 3. Create a daily prayer/spell to call that island to me.

Next is the Six of Wands. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Nice 1-2 combination for your goats. This is the card of the marathon runner who never quit. Your task for this cycle is to stay on track. Keep your eye on the prize as Dr. King reminded us. This ties directly into the Nine of Cups which is where you decide what your prize will be. Then this is the action card with the fire energy of Wands. You have momentum. You must keep moving towards that finish line whether you can see it or not.

Last card just emphasizes the first two. The Page of Pentacles establishes that all of this wishing and forward momentum is wealth-oriented. Remember that wealth isn’t just money in the bank. Its friends, home, physical things including your health. You’ve got a really good cycle ahead of you, Capricorn.

Look for opportunities to learn more about a business opportunity. If you are hunting for a new money-making opportunity, this page will show you the way. It’s a good time to ask for that promotion or put your resume out there for a new job too. Have a stupendously joy-filled cycle!

All in all, once you set your mind to what you really want this cycle, the cards are in favor of your getting it. So get to working on that. This goes beyond manifestation. This is more like someone is waiting in the wings for you to call them on stage. That call you put out will be your reward for all that forward momentum you keep up this cycle. Just. Don’t. Stop.

– BIO –

Arwen Lynch-Poe has been playing with the Tarot for over 30 years. Her approach is whimsical and fierce. She believes that Tarot is best used as an introspective tool. Clients say she is spooky-accurate. Using an equal dose of compassion and boot-to-the-rump, she shows you how to “seek joy, Y’all” while helping you decide the best path for yourself. Find her on YouTube at As the new editor/publisher of The Cartomancer, Arwen is looking for writers, reviewers, and artists. Please contact her at



– HiC –

Samurai Tarot



Ponder this …

• What’s preventing me from saying yes?
• Am I holding on to or holding out for an old flame, an outdated desire, an ego-satisfying goal that isn’t progressing?
• What do I need to kickstart back into high gear?
• What/Who is holding me back that I need to cut myself free from?

« Before pride waves a white flag, it waves all other colors. » ~ Akiane Kramarik

Mars has moved into Virgo (through 22 October), and the pace is quickening and our feet are tapping with restless energy to get things moving, to pick back up where delays had occurred, and to get things handled quickly and efficiently. A reminder that right now is much more about what was stalled, put on hold or waiting in the wings over the past few months, not so much about the big, new, shiny ideas and projects. Emphasis on those will come (and be much more successful) just after the beginning of the new calendar year. But getting other things moving, dealt with, completed, will be key to setting the stage for those to thrive.

There’s no wasting time now.

We just want to make sure that we don’t get so ahead of ourselves that we are overlooking important details or losing our sense of compassion in a scorch the earth, it’s all about results attack.

Assisting us during this season of Libra is the 5 of CLOUDS Reversed. A fog is lifting, and we are more clear and focused on what needs to be done, how things can be done more efficiently, and recognise the need for trimming the fat and jettisoning the excess in order to create a more lean, efficient, focused system and structure. Things can, actually, be easier and go more smoothly now if we have the right mechanisms in place and keep things lubed up and well maintained.

Get rid of the middle(wo)men. Too many processes and steps are bogging down the flow.

Don’t miss out on amazing opportunities because we keep saying yes to things we should be saying goodbye to, and saying no to things that we want to say yes to but think we can’t.

Giving in to the temptation isn’t worth the price the consequences will exact as payment.

If it wasn’t working then, and it still can’t seem to get moving or work now, then it’s time to cut and run in order to clear the way for other things and free up resources for better use.

And this may be the most compassionate thing we can do … cutting the cord, not holding others back, not getting ourselves entangled in desires and projects that have nowhere good to go … but we don’t want to let them go because it’s what we wanted. The past tense is important here … just because it’s what was wanted or desired doesn’t mean it’s what is best for us at this time. Or perhaps we need to re-examine the motivations behind the desire, and honestly assess if we wanted it or hold onto it for ego reasons.

It’s okay to walk away … even if the other side gets to feel like they « won ».

it’s not worth it anymore.

– BIO –

Offering Information • Insight • Empowerment • Enlightenment, HiC is a Tarot Conversationalist, Coach, and Ritual & Magic Consultant who has been working with the Tarot for over 16 years. His readings have been described as “a tarot reading, therapy session and life coaching session all in one.” He offers his services using the Tarot combined with healthy doses of numerology and astrology, a splash of i-Ching, a taste of Feng Shui, and practical application. Along with a heaping spoonful of magic and ritual, HiC assists you in crafting what can enhance and manifest your life in the fullest, most beneficial and blessed way possible by discovering practical, useful information that can be used to change your life for the better. HiC’s approach to readings is creating a space that honours the person and allows them to open the door to, ultimately, have a conversation with him- or herself. Find out more about HiC’s offerings and how to contact him for a private session at


– Jennifer –

Mermaid Tarot Deck by Dame Darcy
See more at:

“My persuasion can build a nation
Endless power, with our love we can devour
You’ll do anything for me

Who run the world? Girls!”

– Lyrics from Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé 


Mermaid Tarot Deck by Dame Darcy
See more at:

Pisces, your affirmation for this month is “I decide how and when to use my power to run my world.”

Things are moving fast for you, dear Pisces. Opportunities for alignment are coming your way. Somehow the word got out that you are capable of handling anything thrown your way. You don’t need to say yes to them all. In fact, it’s your job this month to keep both perspective and balance. All the responsibilities you’ve been presented with may be cramping your capacity for fun.

Pisces, you want joy. Big Joy. You want fun and celebration, with your tribe. The past few months have required that you be more than your natural watery self. You’ve had to experience the overwhelming heat of fire – the kind that leads to burnout and exhaustion. With it, may have come some igniting of inner fire. But it’s not just passion that’s been ignited, but anger, impatience, the push and pull of power dynamics, and the impulse to rebel.  You have had enough with competing demands. You are ready to grab your oar and paddle to your canoe your way and to your own destination.

This month, during Libra season, you take back your power and balance your own energy. Decide who and what you want to give your precious passionate energy to. Decide which activities and relationships bring balance to your life. What is demanding that you move have faster than you want to go? Choose to slow it down.  Or maybe even speed it up.

Remember that you sit at the throne of decision-making in your life. When you hear commands coming from the outside world, pull back from reflexively responding. Sink your tailbone into your regal chair, pause and declare your decision when you are ready.

Your tarot allies during Libra season are the Eight of Wands, Justice and Three of Cups.

The Eight of Wands is an invitation to choose the speed that works for you. Things are happening fast or will be coming at you like a meteor shower. They are asking you to respond fast before the short window of opportunity passes. Don’t be swayed by this false sense of urgency. Choose what feels right for you.

Justice is the catalyst to claim your boundaries and choose the path that brings you the greatest balance. Who, what, where and how are you called to serve in your life? Where are you ready to right size when it comes to relationships and how you use your mind and energy?

The Three of Cups is the call to lighten up, celebrate life and remember your joy. After a time of serious responsibility, let your hair down, gather your tribe, laugh, dance, and have fun! Fun and celebration are powerful energizers and catalysts for transforming life from heavy to light, use them to run your world. 


Photo credit: Zorn Taylor 

– BIO –

Jennifer has 30 years of mastery working with the tarot and nearly two decades of experience facilitating somatic movement and body wisdom with people of all ages and abilities. She is the creatrix of ArcanaDance, a transformative somatic divination practice that awakens and attunes the oracle of the body with the archetypal wisdom of the tarot. Jennifer lovingly teaches people to bring the tarot from their thinking mind to a more dynamic expression through their bodies. While she hails from the boogie down Bronx, she calls Seattle home, for now. Jennifer reads for clients and facilitates ArcanaDance experiences all over the country and soon, guided by her birth card, the world!

Twitter: @EmbodiedTarot
Instagram: @tarotandmovewithjennifer



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