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Mythical Goddess Tarot – Holloway & Skaggs – 2008

We made it! And the cards and the universe affirm it is so for us. I couldn’t have come up with better cards if I’d picked out cards to cast a Tarot spell for our futures. It feels good to know that this spell of the universe’s making aligns with the magic we seek to spin.

The planet Jupiter moved into Libra and is here to sit with us for our solar return. Jupiter is about the big deals, but it requires us to manage the little things that make the grand possible.

The Wheel of Fortune is Jupiter’s tarot card moving us toward growth and expansion. However, the Wheel’s position on the left in this reading feels like a warning as much as it is a representation of the grand luck we’ve fallen to. The Wheel asks us to do more than rely on chance. There might be a temptation to fall back onto Jupiter’s reputation and just expect a favorable response. Resist it.

8 of Fire reminds you that your magic is yours to work- to work. Ace of Earth says you gotta take care of the little things so Jupiter can spark the big deals. You have to start somewhere to go forward, the key word there being: start. It’s not about having a ten-point plan, but do you have a Step 1?

5 of Cups honors the releasing work you began last season in Virgo. Jupiter will expand your already full Venus-led heart, Libra. Be sure what takes up the space is nourishing. Work on accepting the good, and also release what has been identified as no longer worth your time, tears, and attention. 2 of Swords with its Moon in Libra knows that it’s not about running from darkness, or ignoring your shadow but knowing it too as a reflection of who you are. You are (trans)formed at the union of your light and shadow; to get to know both well and to keep both clear is the key to finding the balance that will free you to revel in your promised expansion.

Happy Birthday, divine Libra!


– BIO –

Asali is a black queer femme healer. She uses tarot for the everyday and the unusual, seeking the cards for herself and her querents to clarify practical paths to what is sought. She is Reiki certified and an avid student and practitioner of the Ifa tradition. A spiritually called Earthworker, all her healing creations and tools are born of the earth and the divine, created with the vision of radical self-care as community healing work.

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– Carrie –

My Scorpio Friends,

You, great Scorpio, are dramatically influenced this month by your unconscious rhythms – the ebbs and flows that pulse in your psyche, the fluid sensations that ask you to follow their flow. There is much talk in this world of trusting intuition – but you are acutely aware that intuition should be handled gracefully, not just blindly obeyed. Still, it’s crucial to remind yourself that once intuition HAS passed successfully through your internal filter, it should be applied, not denied.

Your challenge now comes in allowing yourself to validate those deeply held intuitive impulses that DO align with your holistic wisdom. This is not an easy process – for some time your inner guidance has seemed to move at a glacial pace, and part of you may have the urge to resist its current upsurging. But denying this guidance now would only lead to pain. It is time to tune into the part of you that knows you are READY to let this truth be fully uncorked.

The key for you, Scorpio, is in accepting that once you know…you know. It is a process to arrive at this place of peace, this place of knowing that your intuition is authentic. But once you have reached this awareness, let yourself be led. Once you start even just to dip your toes into this new way of being, a sweet taste of relief gives the momentum you need to keep pressing forward.

The door of your transformation has been cracked open, and it cannot be closed again. It may seem a sudden discovery, but when you delve deeper, you see how you’ve been prepared for this over time. Like a rock is slowly shaped and molded by the water, so you have been slowly shaped by your unconscious energy. What was once unconscious is now ready to be consciously assimilated. Like a river to the sea, it’s time for you now to go where you feel drawn to go.


– BIO –

Carrie Mallon uses tarot for self-discovery and spiritual expansion. She has more curiosity than answers and is perfectly happy with that! Book a personalized reading at, and follow her on Instagram for tarot-inspired life lessons (and a few cat pics).

Twitter: @carrie_mallon


– Jennifer –


The Serpentfire Tarot by Devany Wolfe

“Oh, that you stood on the frontline
Rebel woman
These are the rules of war
Remember that you fought for your people
I know the freedom’s been hard won
It’s been so hard won
But as you weep, rebel woman
Remember you were strong”

– Lyrics from “Rebel Woman” by Chiwoniso

Sagittarius, your affirmation for this month is “I rise above chaos with self-determination keeping a steady gaze on what makes me feel free.”

Your tarot allies to carry you from the autumnal equinox until the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23 are the Queen of Wands, Nine of Pentacles and Seven of Swords.

Over the past few months, you have noticed your optimism being worn down by setbacks, detours, and disappointments. You are known for seeing limitless possibility but lately, all you can see are the confines of a situation. Perhaps you’ve started to question your worthiness and have been entertaining settling for less. The idealism you pride yourself has been withering.

It’s time to untangle yourself from chaos and the people, places, and thoughts causing a storm in your life. Close your eyes and open your arms to the sky, dear Sagittarius. Remember that you are at your best when you feel free – free to imagine, to speak your mind, to roam, to pursue, and to believe in castles in the sky. 

Prepare to get fired up again about what gives your mind and life wings. This month will see the return of your fiery spirit. Clarity will come like a bolt of lightning. You will recommit to your enthusiastic nature and instead of seeing clouds, you will see a clear path to success. To achieve this, you will be asked to block out all interference and anything or anyone that lulls you into submission.

This powerful trio asks you to stand in the light of your triumph in the month ahead. With a victorious stance, be vigilant about maintaining the clarity that comes.

Keep your will and gaze ablaze.


Photo credit to Zorn Taylor

– BIO –

Jennifer has 30 years of mastery working with the tarot and nearly two decades of experience facilitating somatic movement and body wisdom with people of all ages and abilities. She is the creatrix of ArcanaDance, a transformative somatic divination practice that awakens and attunes the oracle of the body with the archetypal wisdom of the tarot. Jennifer lovingly teaches people to bring the tarot from their thinking mind to a more dynamic expression through their bodies. While she hails from the boogie down Bronx, she calls Seattle home, for now. Jennifer reads for clients and facilitates ArcanaDance experiences all over the country and soon, guided by her birth card, the world!

Twitter: @EmbodiedTarot
Instagram: @tarotandmovewithjennifer


– HIC –


Chaos Tarot by J. M. Berger


Jupiter in Libra
Sep ’16  ~ OcT ’17

Amazing things can happen when we soften our focus while looking off into the distance. As Jupiter begins its one-year journey through relationship-oriented Libra, we seek avenues of growth through cooperation with others. Jupiter in Libra offers cosmic support in the relationship department. Who you know may be the key to fulfilling your dreams in the months ahead—this is going to be a very good time to network and to meet new faces. Jupiter enters Libra for the first time in 12 years (which can also prompt us to look back to what we were experiencing related to partnerships, alliances, relationships in 2004/5 for insights into what could be helpful or what we learned from that time period that could be put to good use this time around). Jupiter is the Planet of expansion, growth, and opportunities. Jupiter usually aligns with lucky and positive times, and when it’s around we have more hope and faith, and we’re likely to put ourselves out there more. Our confidence can get a boost. As Jupiter settles into Libra, we can hope to see a greater focus on the positive attributes of Libra, which include an ability to work cooperatively and fairly. However, we may also see an increase in some of the fall-back characteristics of the sign, such as the inability to make clear decisions or an over-dependence on agreement from others. The downside of Jupiter is indulgence, excess, and over-doing things.

Knowing which solar house Jupiter is transiting through for your sign(s) – Sun, rising, Moon – can indicate what area(s) of your life may be most particularly energised or affected by Jupiter in Libra during the next year:

Aries – 7th house
Taurus – 6th house
Gemini – 5th house
Cancer – 4th house
Leo – 3rd house
Virgo – 2nd house
Libra – 1st house
Scorpio – 12th house
Sagittarius – 11 house
Capricorn – 10th house
Aquarius – 9th house

Pisces – 8th house

For information about what each of the houses represents, just pop over to

Card FOR CAPRICORN: 9 of swords reversed


Ponder this …

• What do I need to put to rest that I keep rehashing or reliving?
• How can I give myself permission to simply move forward rather than continue to be stuck in paralysis by analysis?
• Where do I recognise patterns of self-sabotage that I can make a conscious effort towards starting to change?
• What can I do to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis?

« Next time you see someone sleeping, make believe you’re in a science fiction movie. And whisper, ‘The creature is regenerating itself.’ » ~ George Carlin

As we move into the last quarter of the calendar year, we are likely to experience an easing up, the fog lifting, what had been causing us headaches subsiding and a fresher sense of purpose, passion and possibility starting to settle in.

Instead of worrying and fretting over all the details and the what if scenarios, let’s be willing to just DO. With that influence of Jupiter, we can either overindulge our tendency to over think, over plan, over research, overwhelm and overload our brains to the point that everything seems bigger, badder and more non-possible than ever; or, we can allow the willingness and permission to ourselves to not overthink and over worry to create space where possibility takes over, growing and expanding into moving forward, taking chances, and trusting ourselves to know or figure it out along the way, having faith in our capability rather than holding back due to blowing out of proportion our perceived (but not necessarily real) weakness, failures, shortcomings.

Make time for rest, for getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. Health issues can flare up (and be worse than they need to be) the more we allow overindulgence in things that take away from proper rest and self-care. We may also find that a good night’s sleep to process something can be far more useful in gaining clarity than thinking about it (and thinking some more), research it, ask yet one more and than one more person for their opinion on the matter.

Sleep allows what has been to be put to rest, to « die » … which means that, upon awaking, all of the possibility and potentials of tomorrow, of the future, of what can and is yet to be is reborn … we experience an awakening.

This is our chance to allow old wounds to heal and to begin leaving the past where it belongs … behind us rather than always in the back of our mind. Make a pact with yourself to see this month as the last time you give a thought, utter a word or relate the story about some situation, incident, trauma from the past. Instead of feeding the past and allowing it to persist in the present while starving ourselves of possibility for the future … it’s time to be present to nourish the future into manifestation.

– BIO –

Offering Information • Insight • Empowerment • Enlightenment, HiC is a Tarot Conversationalist, Coach, and Ritual & Magic Consultant who has been working with the Tarot for over 16 years. His readings have been described as “a tarot reading, therapy session and life coaching session all in one.” He uses healthy doses of numerology and astrology, a splash of I-Ching, a taste of Feng Shui, and practical application. Along with a heaping spoonful of magic and ritual, HiC assists you in crafting what can enhance and manifest your life in the fullest, most beneficial and blessed way possible by discovering practical, useful information that can be used to change your life for the better. Find out more about HiC’s offerings and how to contact him for a private session at


– Jessi –


Thoth Tarot – Crowley & Harris – US Games – 1978 | Mary-el Tarot, White, Schiffer, 2012 |The Mayhem Tarot, Miss Mayhem Studios, 2016

Fathomless Water-Bearer,

The cosmos saw fit to channel your gorgeous swell—each card pays homage to the magnificent variability of your element. First, you are awash in the brilliant hue of pure, palpable joy, made so by the waning moon. As you release negative attachments, self-consciousness loosens its grip, and you are star-struck sun-struck in great communion with the universe and all its manifestations. You are walking goodwill, strengthening bonds and resolving conflicts as you traverse the earth in your natural, unassuming way. In this psycho-spiritual space, you are a boon to anyone you come across.

The moon cycle shifts and its energy changes; you contract and reacquaint yourself with your ego and all that meeting entails: “What am I doing? What should I be doing? Where am I going?” The twisting wheel of fate resolves some of these queries while the rest remain for you to address. Fortune reminds us to set our intentions wisely: attend to that which you have the power to change and surrender the rest.

As the lunar cycle peaks, so too, do you—desire reaches its apex. It is not for communion with the higher mind, but for engagement with the heart, the soul, the body. Embrace it. Take a walk around yourself and instead ask these questions: “What do I want? What do I need? What do I deserve?” Your mind is not always the best advisor when it comes to such things; indeed, sometimes it’s your greatest enemy. Resist the urge to consult it if your intuition already says, “This. And this. And this.”

As the moon dips once again into shadow, it pulls you back towards balance. You are a master of riding these tides, Aquarius, and you are thoughtful and elegant as you do it. Enjoy the gorgeous undulation of this fluid month as only you can.


– BIO –

Jessi Huntenburg is an allusive cardslinger and free‐form witch meditating and divining in Philadelphia, PA. She approaches cartomancy through the lens of a literary scholar and poet, resulting in readings that are rife with imagery and alliteration. You can find a host of spiritual musings and tarot narratives at her website, To work with her, visit her Etsy shop at Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram @jessihuntenburg.


– Arwen –


Dark Goddess Tarot – Lorenzi-Prince – 2013

Pisces, your lesson this round is one of change and forgiveness. From the Dark Goddess Tarot, Brigid stands before you. Her message is Alchemy. She wants to know what you will change this time. She is a Goddess known for healing, poetry and smithcrafting. All of those change things. Healing changes the sick. Poetry changes how we see words. Smithcrafting melts metal into something else. What else will you be? Then Sedna swims in as the Eight of Cups. Her message is one of great sacrifice. The creatures of the sea came from Her–after Her hands and feet were cut off. What can you leave behind this cycle? What benefit will come from that sacrifice? Ask yourself how your sacrifice can bring about the transformation promised by Brigid. The last card, the Ten of Air, shows us Erinye–she who promises justice. But how much can you take on? Let Erinye be your measure. At what point does your sacrifice become hopelessness rather than healing change? These are the lessons of this cycle, Fish. As Pisces, sacrifice comes naturally but so does a sense of “why isn’t anyone seeing what I do for them?” Lose that attitude if you want to truly heal and transform yourself.

It might be a good time to start a journal that highlights the beneficial changes you are already working on. Be your own cheerleader. Don’t wait for someone to notice. Don’t cut off your hands and feet if they are not worth it. Learning to say no to what others need and yes to your own grand alchemical experiments is a gift only you can give to yourself. What are you waiting for, Pisces? Go heal yourself.


– BIO –

Arwen Lynch-Poe has been playing with the Tarot for over 30 years. Her approach is whimsical and fierce. She believes that Tarot is best used as an introspective tool. Clients say she is spooky-accurate. Using an equal dose of compassion and boot-to-the-rump, she shows you how to “seek joy, y’all” while helping you decide the best path for yourself. Find her on YouTube at


–  Ariel –


Tarot Apokalypsis – Erik C Dunne + Kim Huggens – Lo Scarabeo – 2016
Isis Oracle – Alana Fairchild + Jimmy Manton – Blue Angel Publishing – 2013

 The Moon | The Sun Reversed | The High Priestess | Ace of Swords
The Eye of Horus – Divine Perception

Things may seem a bit unclear this month Aries. You feel that you are at a crossroads – waiting for new paths to open for you. You look left, then right, anxiously, but are still unsure of which way to go – pause for a moment.

This is a time best spent going within for the answers, as you will have heightened intuition this Libra season. Walk with The Moon and take a step into the shadowy unknown. This may take you out of your comfort zone, but trust that you are protected.

You may be waiting for some truth to be brought to the light with The Sun Reversed. Be aware that there may be something that you don’t see as all is not quite ready to be revealed. Find a way to part those clouds, Aries! Even though this is a time best spent going within, focus on channeling your fiery positive energy to bring about your silver lining. Change your perception. In what kind of mindset are you currently dwelling?

The High Priestess asks you to be willing to dive deep into the depths of your soul if necessary to make a breakthrough. This feels like a good time for any shadow work you’ve been thinking about undertaking. Your intuition knows the way! Try to keep a clear head at this time and do not let emotions cloud your path. With the Ace of Swords, you are asked to focus on listening to any messages you receive from Spirit and the Universe at this time to help point you in the right direction.

The Eye of Horus comes to you to awaken your sense of Divine Perception. Look at things in a more spiritual and intuitive way. Strengthen your sense of intuition with meditation or working with Third Eye crystals like Lapis Lazuli or Labradorite. Don’t be afraid to explore the depths of your soul to awaken unto Divine Perception my darling Aries! When looking through this lens, it will be easier to see the purpose behind your current situation.

From my soul to yours!

xo Ariel


– BIO –

Ariel is a Holistic Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, and the creator of Maven Unmasked, who provides high vibe guidance for authentic expression, clarity, personal empowerment, healing, and fresh insight. She’s a mystical woman, a seeker, a reveler of thought who encourages others to take off their mask and allow their innermost wisdom to shine through in a true, authentic expression of themselves. Ariel is also a lover of tarot, crystals, Autumn, synchronicity, anything that’s colorful, connecting with her guides + Spirit, and is always always learning something new!

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APRIL 21 – MAY 21
– Miriam –


Mystic Moons Tarot, Marquez 2015 | The New Mythic Tarot, Caselli, St. Martin’s Press, 2008

Oracle card: Calling
at present: 8 of Swords
Challenge this Libra Season: Ace of Swords
Where to focus: Queen of Wands
What to release: Ace of Cups
Advice: 7 of Cups

Hey, Taurus! Has September been off to a monkey of a start?! No matter how hard you work, it feels like you’re constantly walking into traps. Focus on that feeling: What’s needed at this point is a reframing of the way you think, process, and react – the potential is rife for you to make a powerful and positive change!

In fact, the horizon is looking clearer than ever, and your passion has allowed you to connect with others to nurture it to its fullest! Keep stoking that fire, and do your best to keep your emotions from swamping you. Allow yourself to fully feel all the cleansing work you’ve done this year, and know that you are truly becoming the person you imagined you’d be at this point! Many options have been presented to you, and it’s okay to take the time to reason through what each one can mean for you moving forward.

You’ve come so far, and while things have been dark at times, in turn, your senses have sharpened, and you have developed a keen understanding of your place in your surroundings. You are exuding warmth and passion, so although the measures you have been taking to maintain your energy levels are being tested, know that you have what it takes to see your vision through!  You are laying the framework you’ve envisioned for the future, and everything you need is readily at hand at last. Keep creating!

Taurus, many of your fears have seemed to come true recently, but this has opened your mind to your place in the grand scheme, allowing you to part the veil of confusion that was threatening your sense of personal stability. The sun feels like it’s shining again, and the roots you’ve been tending are growing into something beautiful! You know what to do to help that seedling thrive, and a large part of it is all about putting equal maintenance into a perspective of hope. Keep fueling your ambition, because it’s drawing to you exactly the type of love and support you’ve been waiting for!


– BIO –

Miriam is a Pisces/Scorpio Rising, a Tarot Reader and an Astrologer from Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a spunky Scorpio/Aries Rising toddler and three big yellow cats, she merrily casts Tarotscopes on the banks of the Tantramar Marsh. Miriam saw her calling in the 8 of Cups, started a blog, and hasn’t looked back! Check out Tantramar Tarotscopes, the Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram @tarotscopemim


MAY 22 – JUNE 21
– Phoebe –


Ancient Italian Tarot, Lo Scarabeo, 2010

It’s that time of year again – back to school for Gemini, the eternal child. Except, this year, your horses may be bucking and resisting the bit. Instead of the playground games and after-school clubs you used to look forward to, what comes to mind, this time, are those monotonous hours of assembly and class.

Okay, so you’ve worked hard, graduated with honors, and earned your laurels. Your confidence has grown, and not without a touch of pride. But the danger with success is that it tends to put us in that dreaded fixed mindset, when we know – especially you, Gemini, with your gift of multiple perspectives – that it’s a growth mindset that keeps us on track.

Dare I say that there may be a little too much yang in your life right now? Notice if you’ve been experiencing any signs of yin deficiency, such as frustration, agitation and feeling burned out in general. Time for a little self-care: turn inwards and reconnect with your intuition.

It can be tempting to avoid listening to that inner dialogue – far easier to be the centre of everyone else’s attention. But ignore the problem and you run the risk of fragmentation, disconnection, and that disembodied experience of going behind your own back.

If this happens, your best bet is to meet stealth with stealth. Put yourself in unfamiliar situations. Challenge yourself to strip away the comforts you rely on. Learn something new …

And there, enrolled in the school of life, is where you’ll find Gemini in their natural element: wide-eyed, bubbling over with possibility, ready to be surprised.


– BIO –

Phoebe Tsang is a violinist, wordsmith, and cartomancer in living in Toronto, Canada. The author of a poetry collection Contents of a Mermaid’s Purse (Tightrope Books), she’s the resident tarot consultant for Geist magazine. Order a Tarot Reading from her at


JUNE 22 – JULY 22
– V –


The Wild Unknown, Kim Krans 2012 | The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit, Kim Krans 2016

5 Swords | 3 Wands Reversed
Advice: Sea Serpent

Alright Cancer, moving out of the warm and comfortable Earth sign of Virgo and into the headspace of Libra may knock you on your shell for a bit until you can get your footing again, but it won’t take too long.  Of all the Air signs, this one allows you to peek from your protective covering more often because it rules the 7th House of Partnerships and there is a focus on creating harmony and balance.  It’s not the solid and reliable earth that you are so used to creating yummy and emotionally comforting mud with, but the low-key nature of Libra lets you move at a pace that is comfortable for you without too much hassle.

With the 5 of Swords and the 3 of Wands reversed, this month is going to be about you giving your pride and perfectionist ways a rest.  Being your own worst enemy or critic is not going to get you where you want to go, but it WILL rustle up all kinds of insecurities in you that will only make your shell that much thicker and harder to penetrate, causing you to stay in hiding for much longer periods of time.  This month is calling you to take some risks, internally, with your sense of emotions, drive, and energy.  Something is calling for you to make peace, and it could be with yourself or someone in your close circle, but the time is now to extend the olive branch; be the bigger person.

The advice from the Sea Serpent is to heal emotional wounds and express desires.  There are no perfect conditions for expressing your innermost feelings, so do not stagnate the energy waiting and beating yourself up in the interim.  Be brave, step out of the shadow of your shell and take the first step to creating harmony and balance within yourself so that your external world can mirror your internal bliss.

Daniel Syphax Harris – DSH

Daniel Syphax Harris – DSH

– BIO –

V. is a candle burning, hoop-dancing, manifesting, novel reading, word-loving, magic making Mistress of Cartomancy.  Forever a student and life-long learner of astrology, numerology, chakra healing, and all forms of psychic awareness, V. has been reading cards for 16 years and doling out nuggets of down-to-earth, “BFF”-inspired wisdom to anyone that crosses her path.  She can be found at: website:; Twitter/Periscope: @redlightreading; IG: @redlightreadings


– Ashley –

Three of Cups + Nine of Coins + Ace of Wands

Darling Leos, use the hell out of this Libra energy. 

Libra is about community, bringing people together, weaving together opposites so well that they attract. Use this to your benefit. 

Both you and Libras have a natural charisma and are obvious forces to be reckoned with. Amplify this, sweet lions. 

Air and Fire, internal and external fierceness. Y’all can get it.

Three of Cups and Nine of Coins are in your wheelhouse. Community, connection, celebration. How are you allowing your community, your connection, your celebration to recognize everyone? You are the center of attention, you make it so. (No judgments here, I promise.) Now use your powers of persuasion to benefit others. Use your powers of Leo to amplify the power of Libra. Lift up your friends, celebrate your loved ones. 

And that Ace of Wands? This wouldn’t be a complete party unless you had a little fire to keep you going. You brilliant Leo, you have something up your sleeve. You don’t have to reveal it quite yet. Use that second New Moon on September 30th to write that shit down and start bringing it all together. It’s a very powerful time. 

And let’s not forget, Mercury just went direct, the Autumn Equinox energy is still pouring in. Use these as a breath of fresh air to launch you into Libra season. In other words, enjoy yourself, enjoy your loved ones, and work that Libra energy.


– BIO –

Ashley Story is a queer lady, moon witch, tarot reader + writer. Currently, you can find her publishing the Story By Tarot newsletter every Sunday, ‘scoping over on Periscope and still sharing way too many pictures on Instagram. When she’s not lurking on social media, she is drinking coffee by the gallon at her local coffee shop and working on a novel.
Links: Newsletter
Twitter: @storybytarot
Instagram: @storybytarot

– Siobhan –


Thoth Tarot – Crowley & Harris – US Games – 1978

3 Cups :: The Moon :: 10 Wands

“The universe is built on a plan the profound symmetry of which is somehow present in the inner structure of our intellect.”

– Paul Valery

Remember the Sphinx Gate scene from the ‘Neverending Story’ circa 1984? The hero, Atreyu, faces a gate guarded by two sphinxes. He’s prepared right up until he learns his life might be at stake. Then he does what anyone might do, he falters. I bring this up, not as a reference to confidence or valor or anything like that. It’s the pacing of this scene that matters in the context of this spread.

The overarching theme for Virgos this month is one of celebration. That said, it has its shadow side – stress. Rather than continuing the trend from last month of relentlessly treading water, it’s your time to float a bit. There is an oppositional yet symmetrical rhythm, from slow to fast. From order to chaos and back again.

The three of cups heralds a joyful unfolding. It’s the languid feeling of the world righting itself after a trial. It feels like sliding into home plate in slow motion. The Moon tells me that you’ll take to this natural ebb like a sleeping fish. You will grow still in it.

There’s the rub. It’s that much easier to be shaken or startled when we are comfortable. When peace grows precious to us, and we become a little too used to feeling stable. We know these moments aren’t meant to last and yet we cling and are less ready to adapt. We wear ourselves out chasing the notion of stability.

You will have the opportunity to finish projects or solve problems this month. The gates to your highest wisdom will be flung open allowing insights you didn’t have before. Instead of thoughtlessly tending toward overwork, your heart will reign you in for your greater good. Perhaps.

These outcomes will depend on your relationship to your emotions, surprises, and to the biological chaos-magick that lives in every cell in your body, working regardless of your awareness. Do not become stuck in your spiritual soup, your knee-jerk response, your fear. Be like Atreyu in the clip above – authentically paced. Slow and steady. Fearful perhaps. Fast when needed. Ready to pick things up and let them go.

It may not appeal to the Virgo who wants things resolved as efficiently as possible. Surrender to the higher logic of the universe – dance between wildness and order. This is the Sphinx’s gate. This is the Moon. Go through. Run if you must. Pacing is key. Afterward, remember to rest.


– BIO –

Siobhan is an NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and #RadicalTarot reader living in central Texas. She moonlights as a published poet and alternative relationship coach. Her facilitative Tarot reading style is the blended result of over a decade of study of tarot as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and conscious relationship. She writes a column at about difficult cards and Face Up tarot. She’s the creator of these monthly ‘Scopes – the first ever collaborative tarotscopes. Order a reading with her or learn more about her.



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