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– Emma –


Tarot of the Spirit World – Vigma – Lo Scarabeo- 2006

Happy Birthday Sag!

This time is all about celebrating YOU! How could it not be? Over the year you have grown so much that you’re barely recognisable to who you were twelve months ago. What a journey you’ve been on! Aren’t you just a little bit amazing? Well… make that super amazing! You’ve worked hard on yourself to be the kick-ass creator you are now and you deserve to revel in your own glow. This is a time for truly appreciating who you are. You don’t need to doubt yourself or your decisions now. Stand firm, walk tall and dance in the sparkling light that is shining from within you. The High Priestess reminds you that all that awesome knowledge and wisdom is truly embodied now. Go you! You have earned all the success, abundance and love that is flooding towards you. You didn’t need to earn it, it’s your Divine Right, but let’s face it, you put in a lot of time and effort  – so enjoy!

Just remember that no man is an island. You are one independent, incredible being! But you also need other people on this journey. It is through giving generously from the heart that we can also receive more of the same! The Knight of Swords has come to encourage you to share away this month. Share your blessings, share your knowledge, share your appreciation but most importantly – share yourself. Your whole self. Embrace the opportunity to create bonds and connect in love. You rock at being a lone wolf at times but right now you need those community vibes. There is much to gain from the perspectives and experiences of others, not to mention how much laughter and love can be exchanged.

So celebrate how fabulous you are and remember to create in your social and relationship areas too. Why not take a step closer and see what can be discovered in the hearts of those who are coming in to share your journey with you? It’s time to know what love is on whole new levels!

– BIO –

Emma Bennett is the Co-Creator of The Sacred Spaces. She is a Seer, which is someone who sees, feels and knows – deeply and intuitively. Emma loves life and spends her time helping people to embrace their own beauty, truth, power and love and to create a life they don’t need to escape from – a life they can love! The Sacred Spaces Team provide a colourful and heart centred range of psychic and intuitive readings as well tailor-made spiritual support and development sessions. You can connect with her via The Sacred Spaces Facebook page or by visiting her website: www.TheSacredSpaces.co.uk.



Tarot de St. Croix – St. Croix – Devera – 2013 – http://lisadestcroix.com/35-2/

Eight of Wands is the main energy while the card to the left, Six of Swords, helps. The card to the right, Six of Pentacles Rx, hinders.

Capricorns, prepare for an energetically active month. The Eight of Wands comes blasting into your spiritual self so hard and fast that you may think you’ve been opened up by a giant dragon’s claw. Don’t worry though! This energy will carry you through your holiday season and beyond. Use it to open previously closed doors. Burn down old restraints. The Six of Swords is the energy that will aid you. Don’t be surprised by those who come to you seeking aid or those who offer you their support. Do remember the message of the reversed Six of Pentacles. Not all gifts are given freely. Those that have strings attached should be returned to sender immediately.

The best use for your season of giving and receiving will be when you remember your own path. You may be called to be a spiritual warrior for the world. Just remember to let your mental focus override any fears. Community work may be put on your plate because your passionate approach to a common problem puts you in the limelight. I think your battle cry for this period would be, “I’ll just do it myself.” A final reminder to look all gift horses in the mouth. Don’t be taken in by a pretty offer. Stick to your guns, spirit fighter. Let this blast of energy carry you into your own higher self.


– BIO –

Arwen Lynch-Poe has been playing with the Tarot for over 30 years. Her approach is whimsical and fierce. She believes that Tarot is best used as an introspective tool. Clients say she is spooky-accurate. Using an equal dose of compassion and boot-to-the-rump, she shows you how to “seek joy, y’all” while helping you decide the best path for yourself. Find her on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/arwen61

– Siobhan –


Morgan-Greer – US Games – 1979

Fellow Aquarians, I felt called to use my oldest deck for this tarotscope. As I shuffled my well-worn Morgan-Greer, I noticed that some of the cards stuck together. I was struck by the irony of my non-traditional self using this old school deck and the cards clinging to one another: resisting my shuffle, resisting the imminent draw. So many of us Aquarians live in the next moment, on the border of a bold, bright, and big future. For us, now can be tricky, yesterday too. But we are, usually, ALL about tomorrow.

This sagittarius season, we may find ourselves a little resistant of the changes that we ourselves have put into motion over the course of the year. We may find parts of ourselves stuck together and obscuring littles bits of our reality which may, in turn, pop out and surprise us. LIke worn tarot cards, resisting the next draw. We may find ourselves craving a little more of the old fashioned and a little less futuristic expansion. We may look, in vain, toward older versions of ourselves for clues about living in a less-than-familiar tomorrow. We may feel some growing pains.

Seeking the comfort of the known is OK. Self care, time out, all OK.  This give and take is a part of the learning process we have experienced throughout 2015, as the ever-changing experimentalists of the zodiac that we are. This month our resistance may afford us a more complete picture of what we have to offer the world and what we may be needing to receive. This may manifest, day to day, as spikes and dips in our emotions or resources. With a certain level of resistance, the next few weeks may trigger our “enoughness” issues: having enough, being enough. With a certain level of acceptance, it may feel like a slow build of resources as we approach a level of abundance we’ve never seen before.


– BIO –

Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and professional intuitive living in central Texas. She moonlights as an aerialist,  poet, facilitator and alternative relationship coach. Her facilitative reading style blends non violent communication, ritual, personal inquiry, sacred sexuality, and yogic practice. When she’s not geeking communication styles, sexuality, or energywork, she loves facilitating aha moments. She uses tarot to amplify her intuitive gifts and uses symbols to support those ready to create their futures.

Read more About Her, Order a Reading, or sign up to receive Tools, Ritual, Tarotscopes, and Geekery via her Radical Tarot Newsletter.



Le Véritable Tarot de Marseille – Hadar – Éditions de Mortagne – 1995, Self-Care Cards – Richardson – Hay House – 2001

This month, mermaid Pisces finds herself under fire from Le Pape, a.k.a. the preachy side of Sagittarius. Beware of anyone who tries to warn you against manifesting the success you seek. They may disguise their message as a homily about true self-worth. But welcoming abundance and celebrating your Self doesn’t make you a shallow-waters-only materialist, no matter what they tell you.

This kind of false prophet is likely to be found leading a double life, propping up the after-hours speakeasy or casino, chasing that elusive Lady Luck, the Queen of Coins. The Magician reversed is the peep show that goes on under the Pope’s Santa Claus robe. The trouble with putting yourself on a pedestal is that everyone’s watching your every move, waiting for you to crack.

As we head towards Yule, the Winter Solstice, our longing for the divine shapes our private rituals of remembrance and reflection. Pisces feels the stirrings of self-awareness; dreams taking shape just below the surface. Let the rest of the world chase their tails. This is the season to rest; give your dreams time and space to grow.

Take refuge in the timeless
temple of your body
where the Self kneels in prayer.
You are earth, sky, water, fire –
around you, within you.
You are everything you need.


Mike Deal – Winnipeg Free Press

– BIO –

Phoebe Tsang is a violinist, wordsmith and cartomancer in living in Toronto, Canada. The author of a poetry collection Contents of a Mermaid’s Purse (Tightrope Books), she’s currently at work on a book of short fiction with assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts. Order a Tarot Reading from her at: www.TarotbyPhoebe.com.


The Prisma Visions Tarot - Eads - 2014 - prismavisionstarot.com

The Prisma Visions Tarot – Eads – 2014 – prismavisionstarot.com

Dear Aries folk,

How’s your fire burning? Has it been a bit squashed of late? Have you been finding the air a bit too damp for easeful movement through the spheres of life? Well here comes The Moon and the Eight of Chalices to the rescue, to help you reconnect with your stamina!

The Moon enters to keep you diving deeper and being fearless as you overcome the obstacles that have been keeping you from connecting with your authentic self. Moon, will you speak with us?

Of course. My friends, though your planet Mars and I do not always see eye to eye, I can still assist you in ways that are magical. I am here to help you transition out of a particularly strange stage, where it was hard to make sense of all that was revealing itself to you.

I love to uncover hidden truths, and I want to invite you to heal yourself with the discoveries that you have made during this time. No self-bashing allowed (or bashing of any kind)! I want you to open your mind and heart to the possibility of healing something very old, very persistent, and very done-with.

And Eight of Chalices (Cups), will you help the Aries folk integrate what The Moon is teaching them?

That’s what I am here to do! I am here to help you all relax into the wisdom that has naturally occurred inside of you while you’ve been busy working hard to stay connected with life. I will help you translate your insights into long-lasting visions that help your internal fires ignite once more. Your journey is long, yet it is becoming more familiar to you. Unexpected happenings will of course still arrive, yet your ever-increasing self-knowledge will strengthen your heart so that you can face whatever may come. And indeed, what is coming could pleasantly surprise you with all the expansiveness it offers.

Go well with the watery wisdom O Aries, and let it fuel your fire so you can keep offering yourself and all of us so much more.


– BIO –

Sarah Barry (“Psychic Sarah”) is a full-time professional tarot reader who does face-to-face, Skype and email readings from her private tarot office in Newtown, Sydney, Australia. When not reading tarot, she can be found making chai, writing, meditating, riding her flowery-tarot-art-bicycle or getting another tarot-themed tattoo (often doing all these things whilst wearing a tutu). You can find out more about her work at sarahthepsychic.com, Instagram: @sarahthepsychic & Facebook: facebook.com/sarahthepsychic

– V. –

tarotscopes9 Cups | 6 Cups
Advice: Elixir

Well, well, well, it’s about damn time us Taureans caught a break!  It’s been a hard road these last couple of months, but just like the bull, we dug our heels in, got to work, and trudged through everything that was thrown at us.  With the presence of two Cups cards coming up, it lets us know that emotions will be fully at play this month, so tapping into our feelings, intuition, and emotional resources/reserves will be the name of the game. With the 9 of Cups, it seems as though we will be gliding out on a high note as the year comes to an end.  Contentment, abundance, and all of those wishes that we have been whispering to the Universe are about to show up and show OUT!  Just when we thought no one was paying attention, BAM!!!  I don’t know about you all, but I am EXCITED!!! An emotional celebration is on the horizon and I am waving flares to make SURE the Universe knows in which direction to head.

This 9 of Cups coupled with the 6 of Cups says that this celebration and these wishes have been a long time coming.  There are memories starting to surface, old flames/family members/friends are returning to make themselves new again, and all of that love that has been buried is ready to float to the top for you to remember what it is like to enjoy the “good life”, free of worry, angst, fear, and anxiety.  The advice card, “Elixir”, rounds out the reading and further explains that the celebration that is on the horizon is coming in the form of personal, emotional healing.  There have been many situations in which you stifled, ate, fought, and or cried from your emotional struggles and this set of cards speaks to the “medicine” that will be provided to you at this time.  Make peace with your past, as an opportunity this joyful, and of this magnitude, only comes once in a blue moon; you asked for it, now receive it – it’s yours…


Daniel Syphax Harris – DSH

– Bio –

V. is a candle burning, hoopdancing, manifesting, novel reading, word-loving, magic making Mistress of Cartomancy.  Forever a student and life-long learner of astrology, numerology, chakra healing, and all forms of psychic awarness, V. has been reading cards for 16 years and doling out nuggets of down-to-earth, “BFF”-inspired wisdom to anyone that crosses her path.  She can be found at: website: www.redlightreadings.com; Twitter/Periscope: @redlightreading; IG: @redlightreadings



Legacy of the Divine Tarot – Marchetti – Llewenlyn – 2009

Congratulations Gemini! The King of Cups tells us that after a tough and very emotional past few months, you have arrived. You have had to put out fire after fire and you thought it would never end. But guess what? You made it! You have handled these difficult situations with grace and love (most of the time) and now you are a master at dealing with disaster. Your diplomacy skills are on point, your coping skills are better than ever, and your ability to be empathic is the best it has ever been. You have gotten to a place where you finally feel like you are balanced and emotionally centered. While you are now out of the storm, don’t forget the lessons you learned along the way. Everything you went through had a reason and this period was meant for you to become a more enlightened person. The Empress tells us that you came through this to have a creative breakthrough! You will start bubbling with ideas and your planner and notebooks will be filled before 2016 even starts! You have opened the creativity box and there is no closing it. But before you hide yourself away from the world and get started on all your new projects for the New Year, it is time to party!!! The Three of Cups tells you to go out with your friends, dance the night away, have a Netflix marathon or whatever you do to have a great time! Relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor this season before you get to work again. You deserve it!

tarotscopes– Bio –

Ashley Oppon is a intuitive counselor for people who are looking for clarity in all aspects of their lives. Through her work with Tarot, Lenormand and SRT (spiritual response therapy), she’s here to help people find solutions to their issues and live their best lives now. When she’s not reading Tarot, you can find her crafting, crocheting, or flamenco dancing. Her passion for crafting has lead her to also sell some her creations on her site, which is full of all kinds of handmade goodies. Meet Ashley and learn more about how you can reach your full potential at dreadlocktarot.com.



Aquarian Tarot – Paladini – 1970 – US Games

What is the primary goal for Cancer during Sagittarian season this year?
Answer: Five of Pentacles Rx
Clarification: The Star Rx

Manifest a terrifying future, an existence in which every excuse as to why it cannot happen booms in brain, unrelenting until inertia takes hold.

Five of Pentacles reversed and The Star reversed suggests a doom-inducing mind pattern; it goes over and over, regurgitating the following: “I don’t deserve it”… “It’s not gonna happen”… “I can’t survive”… “Yeah, right”.

A feeling of futility and implacable fecklessness is born of this combination, but the reversals affirm: the whackness is strong only in Mind.

Five of Pentacles is Mercury in Taurus, poverty consciousness and denial of sensual delights. The Star card is astrology sign Aquarius, a member of the zodiac ruled by planet Uranus who sees merit in every individual of the collective, a purview necessary to engineer great feats utilizing the strengths of Self and others. But the reversed form of these energies is BLAH to the maximum; lassitude reigns because no belief exists that such a grand scheme can actually occur in reality.

A Mercury-Uranus combination expresses quick-wittedness, an ability to respond with intelligence instantly. So, in short, Five of Pentacles reversed with The Star reversed advises The Crab to get with the program, stop procrastinating, move on that business with a quickness. Accept the future is now.

Here’s the deal: embracing weariness wastes talent. Do not deny the spiritual or life calling any longer, just do it despite the murmuring torpor cesspool rampant in Mind.

December 1, 2015 and December 20-21, 2015 are dates to watch, as Mercury-Uranus and Mercury-Chiron transits are ACTIVE. Mercury-Uranus promises immediate talks, discussions and movement related to career, day-to-day existence, but Chiron makes it feel painful, as if something is wrong. Chiron is only highlighting butt-hurt emotional debris, do not allow feelings of inadequacy to disrupt forward progress.

Work through psychological and emotional nonsense to be clean, clear and ready to perform when Mercury enters Aquarius on January 1, 2016, because in the New Year, The Crab’s terrifying yet undeniably awesome future will have manifest.


– BIO –

Clarissa Dolphin is a writer, shamanic practitioner, certified Reiki healer and vibrational astrologer based in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in Dirty Laundry, White Hot, Broccoli City, Notion and award-winning Australian art publication FAINT. In addition to being an aesthetic dynamo rapt in the awesome goings-on of the international fashion, art and music scenes, she provides interdimensional readings with an emphasis on leaving seekers present to the Rock Star within. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2006 with B.A.s in English Literature and English Writing and walked away with a Masters in Publishing from the University of the Arts London in 2008. In her spiritual sessions Clarissa utilizes extrasensory perception, tarot, numerology, elemental dignities and over 20 years of astrology study to discover the ethereal energy at play in any inquiry. You can check out more of her work at www.siriuslysidereal.com, like her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SiriuslySidereal or follow her on Instagram and Twitter @clarissadolphin

– Beth –


The Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi and Kwon Shina – US Games – 2012, The Earthbound Oracle – Swartz – 2015 – http://www.skullgarden.net/store/

Dear Leo – I’m afraid it’s make-your-mind-up time. No longer can you put off the decision you’ve been hiding from. December is here, and now is the time.

In the centre of your reading, The Lovers. Oh my. An angel in pyjamas with strapped-on wings holds tight the hands of friends (or are they strangers?), eyes shut fast. It’s you, of course, there at the centre of it all. But for once, this isn’t a comfort zone.

Are you in a trance, or hiding? Deep in meditation or silently praying for the world to vanish around you? Though you’re weighed down by the idea of duality, of a ‘highroad’ and a ‘low road’, the reality is not so simple. (And by the way, dear Leo, there is no judgement here, and nothing whatsoever to prove.)

On the one hand, the Four of Cups. Do you keep investing energy into a relationship that’s unsustaining, that’s tough on your heart, that’s wearing you down, and, let’s face it, that is boring you right now? Can it be salvaged – can you be salvaged? Is it worth it? It’s not a simple question, but you already know the answer. Listen to that answer, that fourth cup, that little message of your heart, tapping you on the shoulder.

On the other hand, in perfect symmetry, the Four of Swords. A hiding place, a space for peace and quiet where you can escape the din and clear your head. Or is this where you bury your head in the sand, or peer through opaque glass, unseen, watching the world go by without you? Ask yourself about the barriers you’ve raised.

This pair of fours is not ‘your choice’. It’s not a case of cups v swords. Their questions are here to prod you, to prompt you, to challenge you. I’m afraid they don’t make that un-comfort zone any the softer, but they’ll help you to step through it. You were not born to hide, Leo. Don’t make this decision into something to run from.

I drew one final card, and this one’s for you to interpret alone. Voice – a howling wolf. Loud, proud, with a message it can’t keep inside.

tarotscope– BIO –

Beth Maiden is a tarot reader and writer based in Manchester, She has two cats and a hot builder girlfriend they all live together in a little boat along with too many tarot decks and not enough clean coffee cups. She is the creator of the Alternative Tarot Course and tons of other resources to help folks learn tarot in their own way. When she’s not slinging tarot cards, Beth can be found somewhere in her engine box, wandering the city, making websites for awesome people or drinking cider in some trendy bar. She’d love to cut your hair, read your cards or hang out with you on her blog!



The Nature Spirit Tarot – Herzel – 2014 – http://naturespirittarot.com/​

My dear Virgo, this month you are very much the Chariot, driving forward with the confidence and resolve of a well-trained soldier. At your best, you allow your animalistic instincts to propel you forward and your keen sense of intuition to adjust – and even anticipate – the obstacles ahead of you. You’re both brave and beautiful, and the people around you can’t help but admire it.

However, for those who live this boldly, fear is always close at hand. It’s as if you’re riding your horse across a narrow bridge. You can either move forward or fall off your horse into the depths around you. What awaits you in these depths? Self-doubt, fear, embarrassment, feelings of powerlessness…basically anything that convinces you that you are something other than the Divine in all its glory.

If nothing else, remember this: when the Devil card appears in a reading, the recipient is being given an opportunity to look fear in the face and tell it to shove off. Anytime you allow yourself to feel less than what you truly are, the Devil’s chains around your feet grow tighter. Don’t let this happen. Try to remember that you have the ability to get back on track. After all, your strength of will can make you shine. If you feel yourself falling into this cycle of fear, I want you to visualize getting up on that horse and riding forward into a glorious sunset. You’re not one to be cowed, so why start now? You’ve got this! Keep going!


– BIO –

Amanda Cause is the Tarot reader behind Hidden Moon Tarot. She is also a dream enthusiast, Reiki practitioner, and all around lover of spiritual this-and-that. Growing up near Salem, Massachusetts, Amanda was exposed to Tarot at a young age and has been reading for friends and clients for almost 20 years. She views Tarot as one of life’s best walking sticks, helping us navigate the hills and valleys of our lives so that our Earthly experience overflows with excitement, passion, and joy. Amanda’s rising sign is Sagittarius, so she loves to travel; she currently lives in Athens, Greece with her husband and two very spirited Siberian cats. You can find her at http://www.hiddenmoontarot.com and on Facebook, where she hands out a free week-ahead reading every Sunday.

– VIX –


Miracles Now – Bernstein – Hay House – 2015, Robin Wood Tarot – Wood – Llewellyn – 1991

Ok guys, so there are huge opportunities for you right now to be working on some relationship stuff. The Miracles Now card I pulled actually says on it: “relationships are assignments for optimal growth and healing”.

A lot of folks who are working on being enlightened actually choose not to have relationships for the very reason that they create karma. Like, it’s hard to be enlightened when you keep seeing your ex in the supermarket every time you look like crap.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not a monk, maybe you are, but I think it’s safe to assume you have relationships, and this month we’re gonna do some healing on them, wheee!

The Three of Cups is super positive re: your friendships, but if you want to have an awesome time hanging with your friends, you are probably going to have to organise it. Don’t be bitter about it. Your friends aren’t jerks just because they’ve been busy with their own lives and didn’t invite you over. You’ve been busy too. Get someone over for pizza and a movie or just have a Skype or old school phone session! Connect with your peeps as much as possible for seriously good relationship karma!

Wearing your heart on your sleeve can do wonders for your relationships this month. This guy in the Five of Swords is a scared little guy who has to take everyone’s swords to look cool because he’s too nervous to just ask those guys in the background over for a Netflix binge. It’s totally OK, in fact, it’s AWESOME to tell other people how you feel about them!

If you have people who’ve left the earth, or just left your side, you can still tell them how you really feel about them. It’s never too late.

Your assignments this month are to:

  •  give lots of hugs
  • say lots of loving things
  • pour some drinks for your guys and grrls
  •  and leave the swords alone

With love and light,


– BIO –

Vix calls herself the New Age Hipster, but actually probably isn’t really cool enough to be a hipster and often wonders if she should have called her blog New Age Dork. But even dorks have spiritual connections and Vix is using hers to kick open the musty spiritual wardrobe and bring the new age into the now. Vix is an intuitive tarot and angel card reader with a chilled-out vibe and is fairly likely to quote Taylor Swift lyrics during your session. She is a certified Angel Card and Realm reader through Doreen Virtue and lives in Yorkshire with a grumpy old rescue cat called Zorro.

– Miriam –


Astrological Oracle Cards – Castelli – Lo Scarabeo – 2012, Tarot Mucha – Massaglia – Lo Scarabeo – 2014

Shadow Card: King of Pentacles
Card 1: Who were you coming into this period?
XIV – Temprerance
Card 2: Who are you finding yourself to be now?
10 of Wands Rx
Card 3: Advice for moving forward
5 of Pentacles Rx
Card 4: Meditation going forward
IX – The Hermit

This month our Scorpion’s attentions are on how to reach a feeling of financial security! It’s time, and you’re hoping you’re on the right track with all the soul-searching and contemplative accommodations you’ve been making. Feeling in touch with the world soul, you took on as much as you could carry, and now you’re sort of stuck. The ambition that was fueling you is tugging you back towards old patterns, when what’s needed is open eyes and a strategy. Moaning – let alone stopping to fall to your knees under the pressure! – will not help, but what will is actively looking for help to carry that important load! It’s closer than you think. Once this time of passionate energy mixed with exhausting but ultimately rewarding work is done, opportunity will be rife to cuddle up and think about what this time has offered you spiritually! If you’re feeling extra warm after seeking and receiving help, use that as a beacon for the new people life sends to you, who may need the very help you once needed to find for yourself!

The freedom recently found as a result of a clarifying incident has once again been muddled with the fog of confusion, leading you to wonder if the seedlings you’ve planted are ever going to grow! Keep stoking your ambitions: they’re poised to ignite, resulting in a truly remarkable feeling of personal groundedness. For now, actively seek opportunities to make life feel rich, and before long reality will match up in the loveliest way. Don’t be afraid, even if it all feels too mysterious to ever make sense. The answers you hold within will light the way!


– BIO –

Miriam is a Pisces/Scorpio Rising, a Tarot Reader and an Astrologer from Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a spunky Scorpio/Aries Rising toddler and three big yellow cats, she merrily casts Tarotscopes on the banks of the Tantramar Marsh. Miriam saw her calling in the 8 of Cups, started a blog, and hasn’t looked back! Check out Tantramar Tarotscopes at tantramartarotscopes.wordpress.com, the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tantramartarotscopes, and Twitter and Instagram @tarotscopemim


Want to read more forecasts and astrology guides? I collect them at my ‘Scope Info Page. Check out the link for this months’ recommendations.



-Featured image: Fernando de Gorocica  [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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