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– Phoebe –


The Tarot of Marseille – Noblet -1650 – Jean-Claude Flornoy – Editions “letarot.com”

Before I sat down to write this post, I wondered what would be the perfect image, symbol, archetype, or totemic image for Aquarius at this point in cosmic history. With Uranus finally turning direct in recent weeks, doesn’t it feel like the long-touted Age of Aquarius, the exact date of whose dawning has been much debated, is finally getting underway?

I laughed out loud when, after an Aquarius-inspired shuffle that involved throwing my entire pack of cards face-down on the floor, shoveling them into an autumnal leaf pile, then diving in and scrabbling through them like a hound, I came up with The Fool.

I could end this post right here – except there’s a strict a word-count rule in effect. And really, how perfectly does that sum up the whole Old Age of Pisces v.s. New Age of Aquarius dichotomy? Pisces being the inescapable structures and hierarchies that you, the creative Aquarian genius and rebel with a cause, must navigate to reach your highest potential. Thinking outside the box doesn’t happen if there’s no box, to begin with.

New year’s resolutions, intention-setting, and five-year plans hold a certain push-pull fascination for Aquarius. Go for it – with the caveat that you’ll give yourself permission to get off the wagon when needed. You’re at your best when you’re a free agent, unburdened by the weight of responsibility. Think of yourself as a guerrilla fighter, except your currencies are love and play.

It would be a lonely path was it not for your faithful companion – the one climbing your leg and generally making a nuisance of itself. That’s your own personal Spirit Animal – part domestic pet, part feral raccoon. Smart of it to latch on to authority-averse Aquarius; anyone else would call Animal Control.

So when the pressure builds, and you feel like leaving it all behind, remember that your mission doesn’t have to be to create a better world, fix its ills, or even necessarily change it. The magic is within you, Aquarius. Each time you wake and open your eyes, the world is born again.


– BIO –

Phoebe Tsang is a tarot consultant and multidisciplinary Toronto-based artist. A professional violinist, published author, yoga teacher and Buddhist meditator, she’s also the resident tarot columnist for Geist magazine. She offers tarot readings, creative coaching and more at www.TarotbyPhoebe.com.


– HiC –


The Anubis Oracle by Nicki Scully

CARD FOR Pisces :


Herbal Ally
Dong Quai
Ponder this :
• Are you ready ?
• How can I embody and manifest Love today ?
• Who needs a hug ?

« What good are wings without the courage to fly. » Atticus

There is much energy and potential to tap into right now due to a most interesting astrological event occurring. All of the planets are in direct motion at the moment (nothing in retrograde).

This means that everything is highly charged, motivated, energised to make things happen, push things forward, initiate or instigate change in an instant. This can be amazing for us to tap into, a wave of energy to ride that builds and rolls along, sweeping us and everything we want to put into it with great force and momentum. It is a time for movement, for action and for exploring whatever it is that has been calling to us for some time. Where you might have been feeling stuck, things will suddenly fall apart to reveal new information and alternate endings you could never have imagined. Where you once struggled could give way to ease.

We are asked to choose whether we will boldly step into this energy or resist until we are pushed by it and feel overwhelmed. Because with this type of energy in play and swirling all about us, we possess the ability to change everything in a moment’s breath, whether we want it or not. So let’s be willing to work with it rather than fight or fear it. Could this mean there might be a sense of chaos at play? Most definitely. But here, we see and experience chaos as a necessary force of change, evolution, forward-looking vision and action rather than looking or clinging backward.

This period of all planets moving in direct (forward) motion commenced on 7 January and will last until 6 February when Jupiter will go retrograde.

So how can we take full advantage of this moment, setting up the next month and beyond for extraordinary movement and success in the coming months and year?

We turn to The Anubis Oracle by Nicki Scully, a majors only deck (because this is a major moment) where each of the major arcana is correlated to an Egyptian deity, to see what wisdom the Netjeru have to offer.

Holy Queen – Mother of us all
Embodied Manifestation of Love

We hold the secret to our own mystery. Only we can know who we truly are, what we really need, where we actually want to be going.

It’s time to spread our wings and embrace the fullness of what this life, this moment, this possibility has to offer us. Have the courage to fly, the wisdom to stay true to yourself and the path that is right for you.

PUSH … It is time to birth into being that vision you have been holding and gestating for yourself, for your life, for humanity, for the universe. Surrender to the labour pains that will be forgotten once we experience the joy of manifestation.

LOVE … bigger, more boldly, more vocally, more fully than ever before. Resist the urge to return negativity with negativity, hate with hate, harsh words for harsh words.

Love yourself … love those around you … love those you can’t see or don’t know …

Be the walking embodiment of love, compassion, kindness, grace.

EMBRACE others frequently, wrapping your wings of Love around all those who need them.

Ask for the wings of embrace that you need, when you need it. Don’t be shy, embarrassed, afraid. We all need this … it makes us no different, no less than anyone else. We’re all in this together.


Hicbiodrop – BIO –

Offering Information • Insight • Empowerment • Enlightenment, HiC is a Tarot Conversationalist, Coach, and Ritual & Magic Consultant who has been working with the Tarot for over 16 years. His readings have been described as “a tarot reading, therapy session and life coaching session all in one.” He uses healthy doses of numerology and astrology, a splash of I-Ching, a taste of Feng Shui, and practical application. Along with a heaping spoonful of magic and ritual, HiC assists you in crafting what can enhance and manifest your life in the fullest, most beneficial and blessed way possible by discovering practical, useful information that can be used to change your life for the better. Find out more about HiC’s offerings and how to contact him for a private session at http://www.tarotbyhic.net.


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Japaridze Tarot – U.S. Game Systems – 2014

Eight of Gardens | The Fool | Eight of Winds | Dagaz | Inguz

Fiery and strong-willed Aries,

It’s all about putting in the work – strategize, toil, get your hands dirty! Be methodical and particular in your work. Develop a routine to keep you on target towards your goals. Create a method to the madness. Right now, you’re trying to find the right formula to generate your desired results. It is a bit of an experiment, and that’s okay – just be mindful not to create a hazardous explosion with all of this driven energy you’re currently channeling. Experimentation is where the world and life-changing discoveries are made!

You want to make a change, birth a new beginning, take things to the next level. It will be a bit of a balancing act. You may feel wobbly at first as you try to gain your footing, however, don’t let this stop you from climbing, reaching, and striving towards your future. Who knows? You may even find this adventure to be invigorating. The adrenaline rush of the unknown, of taking a risk, of doing something daring, something you’ve never done before may enliven your spirit! This is a fertile time for you of planting seeds. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone towards a new experience, a new chapter, a new cycle, in your life where you’ll feel more secure. This security and stability will give you the confidence to be more expressive and honest with yourself about what you want in your life and what actions you can take to get there.

At the moment you may be feeling stuck or in a trapped state of mind. One of fear and paralyzation. Don’t be afraid to move, to step up, to open the door to your freedom! Everything you’ve been waiting for is on the other side of that door. It may take some hard work and dedication to get there, but it’s possible. That’s your forte’ headstrong Aries – unwavering perseverance. Stop looking down at your feet – the answer is right in front of you. Stop imagining the life of your dreams and start living it! Resistance to extreme focus and commitment to self and your work is the only thing keeping you from your goals. Believe in the power of the seemingly impossible. Believe in the power of you.

From my soul to yours,
xo Ariel


– BIO –

Ariel is a Holistic Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, and the creator of Maven Unmasked, who provides high vibe guidance for authentic expression, clarity, personal empowerment, healing, and fresh insight. She’s a mystical woman, a seeker, a reveler of thought who encourages others to take off their mask and allow their innermost wisdom to shine through in a true, authentic expression of themselves. Ariel is also a lover of tarot, crystals, Autumn, synchronicity, anything that’s colorful, connecting with her guides + Spirit, and is always learning something new!

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APRIL 21 – MAY 21
– Asali –


Motherpeace Tarot – Vogel – U.S. Games – 1995

What are you building towards for the new solar turn, Taurus?

In this season you are the Son of Disks, focused on your target and ready to play the long game as needed. We just need to ensure that the ground beneath you is firm enough for you to plant your feet on as you draw your bow and aim.

Justice + Nine of Wands + Two of Swords ask you to remember that you are the most vital force you can harness. What you seek must be nourishing and growing to your spirit. As you work towards your goals, be sure that you are in balance; check-in constantly to ensure that you are not taking on more than you need to or not taking on enough. It’s not so much about keeping both feet on the ground so much as it is ensuring you have the capacity to deal with the challenge of uncertainty.

Two of Disks + Daughter of Swords implores you to honor your focus. This is not a time to approach your work with doubt, or only go halfway. Go hard or go home- and go smart. Part of that is ensuring you aren’t taking on more than you can and that should it begin to overwhelm, remembering you get to ask for help. You don’t just need support, you deserve it- and while that might be a hard message for you to welcome, transformation is not a solo journey.

You are the Son of Disks, dearest Taurus. Your journey is blessed and already promised. Move with verve and know that you are supported and affirmed.


– BIO –

Asali is a black queer femme healer. She uses tarot for the everyday and the unusual, seeking the cards for herself and her querents to clarify practical paths to what is sought. She is Reiki certified and an avid student and practitioner of the Ifa tradition. A spiritually called Earthworker, all her healing creations and tools are born of the earth and the divine, created with the vision of radical self-care as community healing work.

Request a tarot reading and check out her healing earthwork on Etsy & Big Cartel!
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MAY 22 – JUNE 21
– Jennifer –


Slow Holler, an independently published collaborative tarot deck.

“If you lead
Lead with your heart
It’s the one thing you can trust
To always come from love
And it will shine
Right through the dark
Like a northern star
To show you what is true
You’ll never lose
If only you
Will lead with your heart.”

– Lyrics from “Lead with Your Heart” by The Tenors

Gemini, your affirmation for this month is “When I lead with my heart, I have wide and far-reaching impact.”

In the past, you may have felt that two particular aspects of your being were at odds, the part of you that enjoys going with the flow and the other that loves to be a fiery instigator. This month, these two halves have an incredible opportunity to unite. If fused, these two qualities ensure that you maintain fluid and responsive dynamism as the fire of your creativity burns bright and begins to receive the recognition you’ve longed for.

Your tarot allies during Aquarius season are the Student of Vessels (equivalent to the Page of Cups), Visionary of Branches (equivalent to the King of Wands) and Four of Branches (Wands).

The Student of Vessels gives you a clear visual prompt that whatever it is you desire this month can be achieved if you wear your heart on the outside for the world to see. Notice how we don’t even see the mermaid’s head. There are things you won’t be able to see or know but you are being guided to trust your heart to lead the way.

Suspend your rational mind and know that your heart-centered vulnerability is paramount to the journey ahead. While others may see this as gullible or naïve, you recognize that leading with your heart is wise and courageous. The world needs some lightening up Gemini and this month you are invited to bring your sense of humor, wit, lightness and playfulness to the fore. People need you to show them that the divisions we feel can be mended if we engage from a place of love.

The Visionary of Branches sees that your effort in leading with your heart has strong roots and far-reaching branches. You can carry this legacy of achievement with you – it will give you agency. It’s time to lead the way. Show others how it’s done. Your courage will be regarded with respect and gratitude. Here you hold the trunk of the tree close to your heart – celebrating that leading with love proved to be successful and can guide us through the darkest of times. 

The Four of Branches is a delightful image, giving this traditionally celebratory card an infusion of blossoming playfulness. Where the previous card showed you on a solitary journey, this card predicts that you will come together with collaborators, helpers, and allies. Your combined efforts ensure growth and greater expansion of your heart-led efforts.

Gemini, you know that your mind is brilliant. Your curiosity and incessant questioning can initiate, instigate and irritate. This month, you’re being to asked to drop from the head into your heart where that curiosity, wonder, and brilliance can inspire others from a place of love. Be courageous in revealing what is in your heart and trust that your way will be different and may require temporary solitude before people catch up to your visionary ways. You will not stand in solitude for long.



Photo credit: Zorn Taylor 

– BIO –

Jennifer has 30 years of mastery working with the tarot and nearly two decades of experience facilitating somatic movement and body wisdom with people of all ages and abilities. She is the creatrix of ArcanaDance, a transformative somatic divination practice that awakens and attunes the oracle of the body with the archetypal wisdom of the tarot. Jennifer lovingly teaches people to bring the tarot from their thinking mind to a more dynamic expression through their bodies. While she hails from the boogie down Bronx, she calls Seattle home, for now. Jennifer reads for clients and facilitates ArcanaDance experiences all over the country and soon, guided by her birth card, the world!

Website: www.jenniferluceroearle.com
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JUNE 22 – JULY 22
– Miriam –


Chakra Wisdom Oracle – Hartman – 2014 -Watkins Media Ltd |
The Cook’s Tarot – Stirt – 2014 – Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

What has Cancer kept hidden that will help them through Aquarius season?
Impatience + IV – The Lovers R

What will help Cancer feel protected and “at home”?
Gratitude + V – The Hierophant + XVII – The Star

Advice for when Cancer feels “out of element”
Forgiveness + Ace of Wands R

Hi Cancer! How are you feeling? We’re getting into Aquarius season, a type of unpredictable energy that’s not the most comfortable for you! Never fear, though, sensitive soul: things are lining up for you in a way that will allow you to take advantage of the innovative, inspiring forces that surround us all when Aquarius rules the sky. This Aquarius season promises to be a big one for you, with lots coming up that needs to be addressed – scary, I know, but you can do it!

You’ve been feeling impatient about something to do with a very important relationship: you’re starting to feel used by this person when all you want from them is what they promised you so long ago. Nothing seems to be happening, you’re frustrated, but it’s hard to broach the subject in part because this has been such an ongoing and now, much-buried topic!  What’s a Cancer to do?

Well, to begin with, rest assured that the other person is very much aware of what needs to be done and is wrapping their mind around it just as much as you are. In fact, they may be grateful to have you come light a fire under them! It would certainly be an unexpected turn of events! In the meantime, though, consider the foundations of your relationship with this person and remember what brought you together in the first place. You’re not being shut out – in fact, you’re being gifted an opportunity for positive reflection as you wait, time to really appreciate what’s in front of you, as something more wonderful than you could ever have envisioned is preparing to resolve the situation wholly!

Yes, Cancer, this is a time to let go of resentments and replace them with not only trust but forgiveness. We all had a mess of a year last year, and such turmoil is ground for major universal bonding! Let bygones be bygones, and know that something as important as this could never be swept under the rug by either party. Trust that something amazing is growing out of this, and relax as you wait for the miraculous upsurge in progress that you’ve been waiting for in this area of your life!

Cancer, lean on your traditional values and know that while what’s happening to you feels huge – and it is – this is a positive situation that will ultimately help to ground you once it’s resolved. This is not a time for expectations, but rather for high spiritual patience: the universe is working on your side, and the resolution of this will have you coming together with the person you’re struggling with in a way that is friendly, supportive, and all-around joyful!



– BIO –

Miriam is a Pisces/Scorpio Rising, a Tarot Reader and an Astrologer from Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. With a spunky Scorpio/Aries Rising toddler and three big yellow cats, she merrily casts Tarotscopes on the banks of the Tantramar Marsh. Miriam saw her calling in the 8 of Cups, started a blog, and hasn’t looked back! Check out Tantramar Tarotscopes, the Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram @tarotscopemim


– Colin –


Rider – Waite US Games

There’s a tantric signature in this spread.

But first; The Star. Quite right, if there is one sign that wants to be right downstage centre in a follow-spot, commanding an open mic, or filling a hall with liquid music, or making us all laugh, cry and wonder why… well it’s you Leo.

There’s really no way to say the picture that Pamela Coleman-Smith came up with for the nine of swords is not discouraging, nor really to say that the esoteric title of the seven of cups (the Lord of Illusory Success) is not, likewise, disappointing.

Uranus, the maverick rules The Star. So what do we have here? An outer planet combining with Mars in Gemini and Venus in Scorpio.

Consider the current planets in Pisces. Neptune at ten degrees, closely conjunct Venus at nine and Mars at seventeen. An outer planet connected to the masculine and feminine.

I’m getting the feeling this is not a great month for romance, Leo. Are you with me?

But you are a star.

Can you turn this gloom around? Surely the thinker-outside-box, brilliant Uranus (ruling The Star) with connections to Prometheus and his daring illumination, can find faith enough to remember that the darkest night will always bring the dawn and that if it’s an illusion, well it wasn’t worth having anyway.

And maybe it’s not about romance anyway. The Goddess Nuit (pictured in The Star card) was in Egyptian mythology the great creatrix of the heavens. The mighty principles of masculine and feminine are the fount of creation. Is this spread a dose of clear-eyed (or maybe mystic) reality that will assist you in finishing the novel, the screenplay, the opera that you’re working on?

Like the Ephemeris tells us; everything changes. But this spread is a wake-up call.



– BIO –

Colin McPhillamy is a British actor/astrologer who uses astro-tarot correspondences to read. Check out: mcphillamytarot.com


– Marianne –


Tarot in Space! – Douglass – 2016.

Ace·Saucers  ||  21·THE World  ||  Cadet·Rockets

Ace·Cups  ||  21·THE WORLD  ||  Page·Wands

Virgo, the month ahead is all about figuring out which doors to close and which doors to open. With The World sitting pretty in the centre of your spread this month (and with the New Year just begun), this is a wonderful time for you to integrate everything you learned in 2016, and get ready for what comes next.

It was a doozy of a year, there’s no doubt about that, but even the most gratuitous shitstorms can be great teachers! So, what have you learned? How has the year just gone contributed to your self-knowledge, your maturity, your understanding of community and the world at large? Conversely, what needs to be banished and burned? This is your chance to take what works and abandon what doesn’t, so you can forge bravely ahead in 2017 with a well-equipped toolbox.

There are two bright beacons to guide you as you set off on this journey. The Ace of Saucers encourages you to be led by your heart, and the Cadet of Rockets says that you can let passion and curiosity light the way.

Both of these cards invite you to soften and open, which might be tough if the year just past has left you a little bruised. You might be feeling world-weary, but the Ace of Saucers says it’s crucial for you to cultivate your willingness to hope, to empathise, and to love as you make yourself truly ready for a fresh start. Virgo, let yourself bubble over with spaciousness and willingness and compassion and enthusiasm as you face 2017!

Equally, spend a little time thinking about what lights your fire. What gets you up in the morning? What makes you feel a little tingly? What whimsical questions do you long to have answered? You have the chance now to step through a new door into passionate curiosity and creativity – please take it! Resolve to go exploring in the year ahead and open yourself to what the world has to offer you. You might be surprised!

tarotscopes bio

– BIO –

Marianne is a professional tarot reader, bookseller, and purveyor of beautiful tarot and oracle decks from Sydney, Australia. Her birth card is The Hierophant, which she’s mostly fine with. When not throwing cards, she’s probably reading a book, singing karaoke, or smooshing her face onto a cat. Find more Marianne at www.twosidestarot.com or on Instagram or Twitter @twosidestarot.


– Vix –


Shadowscapes Tarot – Stephanie Pui-Mun Law – 2010 – Llewellyn
Vessel Oracle – Mary Elizabeth Evans – 2015

Hey there Libra!

Wow-wee! The cards I’ve pulled for you this moonth are deep! Are you ready with your scuba gear?

You’re being asked to head down where the water is much deeper. With the Queen of Cups coming to us as your Tarot card here, you may feel like your emotions are running away with you, but they are leading you somewhere, promise!

Perhaps you feel like you’ve been living your life on the surface for a while, hey, no judgement here, I think many of us on this planet right now are in the same boat. But you are starting to question if this is the right boat for you.

You may have been focusing on this feeling that you’re trying to catch up. You’re looking at where everyone else is in life and perhaps finding yourself feeling a little left behind. You don’t have “the” house, “the” career, or a perfect looking relationship situation that everyone else seems to have.

But if you go deep, is what they have really what you want?

The oracle asks you right now; are you chasing your truth? And are you slipping into energies of competition or comparison when you really need to be focusing on your own unicorn hair wand?

Some of the things you’ve been chasing in your life, especially relating to work and lifestyle, are just no longer a match with your soul. Time to find what is.

Reconnect with your inner why, what really lights you up and who you really are and reconnect with your own heart for all the answers you seek.

With so much love, light and good heart chakra vibes,


– BIO –

Vix calls herself the New Age Hipster, but actually probably isn’t really cool enough to be a hipster and often wonders if she should have called her blog New Age Dork. But even dorks have spiritual connections, and Vix is using hers to kick open the musty spiritual wardrobe and bring the new age into the now. Vix is an intuitive tarot and angel card reader with a chilled-out vibe and is fairly likely to quote Taylor Swift lyrics during your session. She is a certified Angel Card and Realm reader through Doreen Virtue and lives in Yorkshire with a grumpy old rescue cat called Zorro.


– V –

The Lioness Oracle Tarot – León – 2016
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit – Krans – 2016

Oh, dear Scorpio, this month is about to bring some much needed emotional change into your life.  Standing tall as the King of Cups, you are experts at being social, mysterious, and intriguing and people are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.  People find you charming and alluring, but it’s your penchant for privacy that makes them want to study you and clamor for your undivided attention.  While this is usually child’s play for you, as you are well-versed in letting people know exactly what you want them to know about you (until you find out more about them), this month, something shifts and you will be interested in peeking out from behind your emotional armor to see what’s going on.

The Page of Cups shows up this month to remind you that all does not have to be serious and that play is very good for the spirit and heart.  Getting in touch with your inner child, whether it be for fun or for healing purposes, is on the horizon and you will be transported back to a simpler time.  Allowing yourself to soak up the imaginative energies of the inner child inside will bring you a renewed sense of joy, optimism, and happiness.

The Vulture Spirit Animal this month is a reminder that something needs to be cleared away so that something healthy may grow in its place. What may seem like a boring and tedious chore may actually turn into the very blessing you need to fly forward into happiness…

Daniel Syphax Harris – DSH

Daniel Syphax Harris – DSH

– BIO –

V. is a candle burning, hoop-dancing, manifesting, novel reading, word-loving, magic making Mistress of Cartomancy.  Forever a student and life-long learner of astrology, numerology, chakra healing, and all forms of psychic awareness, V. has been reading cards for 16 years and doling out nuggets of down-to-earth, “BFF”-inspired wisdom to anyone that crosses her path.  She can be found at: website: www.redlightreadings.com; Twitter/Periscope: @redlightreading; IG: @redlightreadings


– Siobhan –


The CBD Tarot de Marseille 2010

“We are, all of us, growing volcanoes that approach the hour of their eruption, but how near or distant that is, nobody knows- not even God.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Sagittarians, this Aquarius season, you sit at the intersection of what you know you want and what you don’t yet know you want. There’s a disconnect between what gets your blood pumping and what emotionally satisfies you. What feels unfinished? What turns your attention from the fabulous future ahead? What do you have cooking?

It sort of looks like a dance party. A dance party filled with mercurial guests. Packed with fives that have wings on their ankles and in their hearts. Fives want to get moving already. They want to tear down the old space, push old furniture aside, and roll in the new equipment. They don’t have time for sound checks. The know enough to get on with it. They want to get together and make ten. So it’s no surprise that these fives bracket the ten of cups like a doorway, a frame, like the sides of a volcano, serving as gates up and out into the world.

This month is about eruption. It’s about the path that your desire takes, an uncertain route that traverses feelings that may not be all the way conscious. You stand poised to move forward and something pulls you back. And all the while, those ten cups are bubbling magma ready to shoot straight out from the core of you.

What if bliss was inevitable this month?  Who’s responsible for your bliss? You might be tempted to give the job away – ‘someone else will come packing my bliss’. You might be tempted to stick yourself firmly into the stone of your own expectations and get stuck there – ‘do I deserve bliss? what if I can’t do it?’ If you are tempted to do either of these, use what you’ve learned about the highest parts of yourself to break free. Be your own holy person. Affix yourself to the higher power within. Utilize what you’ve learned. Do all you need to pull yourself out of blame, confusion, or feeling like you don’t deserve. Don’t be afraid to let someone pray with and for you.

Don’t lose site of the worthiest of questions – what do you have cooking in that magma heart of yours?

[ #Sagittarius, Affix yourself to the higher power within. #tarotscope by @siobhansmirror]


– BIO –

Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and #RadicalTarot reader living in central Texas. Her facilitative Tarot reading style is the blended result of over a decade of study of tarot as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships. She writes a column at littleredtarot.com and is the creator of these monthly ‘Scopes – the first ever collaborative tarotscopes. Want a personalized tarotscope for all of 2017!? Just a few available.

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– Arwen –


Sacred Creators Oracle

Capricorn, your three cards are really interesting this month. Coming from the Sacred Creators Oracle, you get “What do you really want?” followed by “Prosperity’s sisters are happiness and joy.” Finally “Your soul shines.” This oracle excels at the direct answer, doesn’t it?

What I see with this grouping is once you identify what you really want…and that’s not that easy…you will be able to find prosperity. You will find that by really emphasizing happiness and joy. That’s key. You know you need to love what you do and do what you love. Sometimes that’s not possible. So you need to learn to love what you do. You’re going to have to find the little things that make the job work for you. If you go to your job calling it “soul-sucking” every day? Guess what! It’s going to be soul sucking. So stop that. 

Once you can illuminate or limit that attitude towards the job, then you will learn how to really let your soul shine.

And that’s the element you want to focus on for this period, Capricorn. How to truly get what you really want. Make that your everyday thought. Write it down every day. Start the day with this sentence. Today I really want ______. Then set your shelf up to succeed. I think these cards show that you got a time of work. But that’s not unusual for you Capricorns, is it? In fact, I think you like the challenge. So take on the challenge of getting what you really want in sharp focus. Do that every day to bring in what it is that you really want.

Oh, just one caveat, Capricorn? Please make sure it is really something you want. Too often we spend a lot of time getting what we think we want only to be disappointed. So the day-to-day answer to “Today I really want _____” can and should change as you tweak your heart’s desires. 


– BIO –

Arwen Lynch-Poe has been playing with the Tarot for over 30 years. Her approach is whimsical and fierce. She believes that Tarot is best used as an introspective tool. Clients say she is spooky-accurate. Using an equal dose of compassion and boot-to-the-rump, she shows you how to “seek joy, Y’all” while helping you decide the best path for yourself. Find her on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/arwen61



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3 thoughts on “‘Scopes: January 19 – February 17

  1. Siobhan says:

    One of the main goals I had with the ‘Scopes was to feature a variety of readers. To that end, they come from multiple walks, each with their beliefs and style of reading. I wanted to create a space where as long as I felt a tarot reader ultimately had a message of empowerment, their readings had a chance to be featured. That said, I had another goal too. To make sure the ‘Scopes were meant for us. Us means diverse, radically so. And even as I’ve gone through in the past and changed ‘Scopes to reflect what I’d want to hear, and that includes non-binary language, I wondered if I was assuming too much. That the readers care about this as I do. Thank you for speaking up here. Yours is the first detailed comment I’ve received about the ‘Scopes, and it affirms that I’m not assuming too much and that it’s about “us.” (Hopefully that makes some kinda sense.) Why didn’t I change it this time? I totally missed it. But I will now. And because of you, I’ll have no hesitation when I do. Thanks again.

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