The Reader’s Studio ’16 Twitterchat & Recap

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The 2016 Reader’s Studio twitter chat [#RStudio16]

Only six weeks until the 2016 Reader’s  Studio! I’m out-of-my-mind excited and decided to channel that energy by hosting a twitter chat with new attendees, past attendees, and anyone who loves tarot or is curious about the Studio. Each week leading up to the event, I’ll hop on twitter to post topics and questions or do mircro interviews with amazing tarot practitioners.

How to Twitter chat?

Join the convo! As long as you have a Twitter account you can share your thoughts. Just make sure to include the hashtag “#rstudio16” in the widget below or if you’d rather “listen in,” follow the hashtag on Twitter. If you are social network savy you may follow along via the social network deck of your choice [ie: Hootsuite, Tweetdeck] or follow via

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[This question and answer example is done as if the The
Tarot School and Siobhan’s Mirror are having a live twitter

@thetarotschool: Q1. What is a #twitterchat & why
participate? #rstudio16
@siobhansmirror: A1. A global conversation on twitter about
topics we love: #tarot & the #readersstudio! It’s unique,
fun & informative! #rstudio16

@thetarotschool: Q2. What kind of topics will #rstudio16
#twitterchat cover? Who participates?
@siobhansmirror: A2. New attendees, old ones, those just
curious about #readersstudio. Amazing #tarot pros, newbs, &
any kind of tarot lovers! #rstudio16
@siobhansmirror: A2.Topics vary per the attendees! Last
#readersstudio I wrote about selfcare at cons: #rstudio16
@siobhansmirror: @thetarotschool, Q What are y’alls
#selfcare routines before/during/after cons? #rstudio16

@thetarotschool: Q3. How do we participate or observe the
twitterchat? #rstudio16
@siobhansmirror: A3. Search #rstudio16 on Twitter, bookmark
Visit & observe or see the recap
@siobhansmirror: Important-Don’t forget to include or end
tweets w/#rstudio16. #tweetchat does this for u
automatically but twitter does NOT!

@thetarotschool: Q4. When is the first #twitterchat?
@siobhansmirror: A4. First chat is Mar 17th 7 PM EST!
Follow @siobhansmirror for dates/times or visit #rstudio16[/expand]

dates & times:

Thur March 17th 7pm est

Thur March 24th 7pm esT

Thur March 31st 7pm est

Wed April 6th 7pm est

Thur April 14th 7pm est

Thur April 21st 7pm est

Participate on

The appropriate hashtag will automatically be added for you!

or via Twitter Below:

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Recap Master List

The #RStudio16 Twitter Chat Recap

Topic One: Setting The Container – March 17th

I’ll update with new twitterchat content weekly

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