Setting the Container – #RStudio16 Twitter Chat Topic One


Last month this tweet showed up in my Twitter feed:

Reading this tweet was like walking into a room and overhearing a dear friend tell a group of people about our childhood writing experiences. I remembered what it felt like to hold a landline phone in my sweaty little fingers and read my words to someone. To be heard. To be affirmed. The memory was like the faintest radio frequency of emotion and the tweet served to amplify it, to bring it alive again and remind me the value of technology when it helps us to share our stories and affirm one another. I loved witnessing this snippet of our shared past via Twitter chat. I wondered how I could be a vehicle of connection in my own sphere of influence. How might I create something for someone else to hold onto, even over vast distances and times.

This week I’m trying something new and hosting my own Twitter chat. It will be a global conversation held on Twitter about tarot. Seems simple enough. Pick a certain day and time. Except I’m curious if this chat can feel as resonant as a circle facilitated face to face. I’m wondering how best to translate the connective potential of the tarot even through our vast pixilated and blue shifted world.

I came up with some ideas. The chat will happen six times, giving participants a chance to choose between multiple topics to chat about and allowing the time to get to know one another should the participants return. I invited amazing tarot professionals and educators, past attendees of the Reader’s Studio, to chat about their experiences and give a sense of what the conference is like. I will write insightful (hopefully!) questions in advance to aid conversation flow should the need arise.  I wondered if there was anything I was missing. If there was anything else I could do.  I lit some incense, drew a few conscious breaths, and drew a card. I asked:

How can I be of service during the upcoming Twitter chat?


Ah, the Sun from the Tarot de St Croix. The image on the cover of the box and the reason I bought the deck. I instantly thought of the childlike enthusiasm that I sometimes try to hide and pulled out my tangerine-tinged clear quartz cluster. Next I was drawn to the hands of the shadowed figure. Usually they suggest the roundness of the sun, the posture of a sun worshiper. But today, I saw those hands and thought of a cube. I went and added my pyrite cube to the card pull.

The Sun is the childlike spirit that radiates like warmth.
The innocence of the beginner, playfully mimicking the vibrancy of mother earth.
The willingness to be the shadow and hold the invisible container.
The courage to try, to unfurl, to stand out.

How can I be of service during the upcoming Twitter chat?

I can be of service by radiating warmth and keeping a flexible beginner mind. By showing up courageously and by setting the container of the chat. This Thursday at 7pm EDT, I’ll host the first ever Reader’s Studio Twitter chat. The topic for the first of the six chats will be “Setting Containers.”I wrote a guide to self care during conventions after attending the Reader’s Studio last year with this topic in mind. This Thursday, I’ll ask tarot readers who love tarot conferences, former and future attendees of the Reader’s Studio Tarot Conference, or anyone with an interest in the topic:

How do you prepare for tarot conferences?
Do you set or create conscious containers?

For tarot conferences. For travel. For tarot readings. For socializing. For life. I’d love to hear your experiences, hopes, questions, and excitement. I’d love to let those be the fabric that holds a resonant experience together during the Twitter chat.

What are your thoughts on creating sacred spaces on the go?

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Featured deck: the Tarot de St. Croix by Lisa St. Croix Devera Publishing 2013 

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