Philosophy – What to expect during a reading

Like most people, I believe all sorts of things

  • Thoughts create reality.
  • All people and things are a part of one big thing.
  • Fancy brain chemicals give people unique, profound, and unexplainable experiences. ie: noticing that all people and things are part of one big thing.

I have ideas about how the Tarot work

  • Tarot cards are an intuitive tool, best used for discernment, transformation, awareness, and intentional action. They are a mirror.
  • Tarot cards reflect our beliefs, actions, and reality. They show patterns: past, present, and these patterns serve as guideposts for the future.

My beliefs and ideas about the Tarot inform how I use the cards

I look at images of tarot cards while in an altered state where I produce fancy brain chemicals. The kind we experience when we meditate or get lost driving on the freeway. That altered state encourages me to have intuitive experiences. These experiences involve images, sounds, feelings, scents, and give me impressions about reality, even stretching out into the past and the future. Or more accurately possible futures.

  • I am able to predict possible futures and
  • I believe that possible futures are not such a big deal because
You are at choice at every moment.

No one can bind or bless you with a predication. Things are constantly changing and even when they aren’t, you are always able to choose how you respond to what happens. Each moment is an opportunity to choose, direct, redirect, and  create a desired and inspired life. There is no hard fast predetermined future written in a giant book in the sky. You write your own life.  I read along with you.

We live in a world where it’s normal to tune out our intuition and lose touch with our own guidance. It’s common to forget to pause and honor ourselves. It’s rare that we consciously choose how to be in our lives. We often feel alone. We wonder why we do the things we do, over and over, and what it’s all for. A few of us look for inner spark and guidance. Most of us forget that spark and turn to distraction.  We do anything to ease suffering, if only for a moment.

The tarot are an invitation to the uncommon, to the extraordinary, to the magical; an invitation to explore what lies beneath, beyond, or better yet inside. They are a key to unlocking our fullest potential. They are at once the much-needed pause, the brilliant spark, the overdue celebration, the affirmation, the permission. Their art and symbols are the initiation into the sacredness within all of us.

What to EXPECT from a reading with me:


Expect choices, more questions, and a reading style that focuses on your strengths and accessible solutions. I’m excited about exploring the potential of choices. I am excited about supporting others while they realize and cultivate their capacity to guide themselves. I am excited about reflecting the power and positivity I see in the people who come to me and in their lives. Sure I see problems and pain with my tarot and if there is a need I will include this in a reading, but often, I do not see a need. There are plenty of readers who do. I aim to be of service to the person who is looking for inspiration, exploration, guidance, and affirmation.


We are all human. When we are able to be ourselves we have the space to heal, learn, and listen to ourselves. Be yourself. I will take you as you are. Count on me to do the same and tell you the truth.


Growing up, I was the friend that shared in all the gritty details of my peers and all of the time. Currently I’m drawn to coaching and facilitative experiences that expose me to a broad spectrum of human experience. I believe that acceptance is one of the keys to big transformation. It starts with the self and spreads out until we finally feel safe to confess to another. Speak plainly about your life and I won’t judge. In the event that your topic is one that I will not read for ethical reasons, I will tell you honestly and without judgment.


 Through awareness we are able to see our blind spots and our own greatness. A session with me is an invitation to experience whatever level of awareness serves you best.


I’m a unique kind of empath in that I’ve learned to be the queen of emotional boundaries.  I wish the best for you, and when I give you information about your options, which happens often- I won’t be attached to outcomes. I’m here to listen to your concern and read your cards. The end. If you come back within the month asking the same question, I will remind you that you will need time to integrate the reading. Also, if I notice that there’s a reoccurring concern for you that my readings don’t seem to address, I’ll recommend you approach it from another angle for a while and come back, or I’ll recommend a fabulous reader I know whom you might better connect with. The highest good is my highest priority.


Our super connected modern world is a double-edged sword. We can reach out to anyone in the world in minutes and yet we often stay alone in our heads, rarely coming out into the world to be present. Many have forgotten that being seen is it’s own kind of magic, as is feeling heard. Every single connection is an opportunity to be present and feel alive.  Tarot adds depth and mystery to our connections with ourselves, with others, with reality.

During your reading I won’t talk about angels or deity. I might speak of awareness but I won’t speak in metaphysical jargon. I prefer to use simple terms in order to limit misunderstanding. I am a spiritual person not because I believe what other spiritual people believe but because I have found medicine in connecting.

I support you in connecting the dots. We suffer when we are disconnected from ourselves,  our purpose, our bliss, from our loved ones, and from Reality. I facilitate the dialogue between consciousness and the subconscious, dreams and reality, your joy and your purpose. Love is the sound of this dialogue, Intuition the language, and the tarot my dialect. The cards and their images are  symbols and support toward self-created futures.

Who are you becoming?
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