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"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.” 

― C.G. Jung

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Each year I take time off to replenish and cultivate new skills. All online readings are unavailable until further notice. Live Tarot Events and Readings in Austin are still available. Sign up for my list to be notified when the rest return. 

Thank you for your understanding, Siobhan

Drama Triangle

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tarot reading

Phone Readings

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Chakra Checkup

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Tarot Mandala

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Tarot Events

tarot readings

 "It was incredible to see how precisely your reading of the cards echoes my life... "

" Lots of 'Aha' moments. I liked how individualised it was, that you were speaking directly to me..."

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tarot readings

P.S Because I put my heart and soul into each of these readings, some are available in limited quantities. Something missing? Some offers are seasonal or limited. Keep checking back for offers in addition to these.

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- Siobhan

Conditions: I am not responsible for your actions. Readings occur within the time frame specified on the corresponding web page. I will not give legal, medical, psychological or financial, advice. You must be 18 years or older to receive a reading. I reserve the right to refuse and refund your reading. Readings are for entertainment, empowerment, encouragement, and will always foster your independence. When you book a session, you agree to these conditions and the Terms of Service | © 2017