New Decks!

So I got this fortune while eating out at my favorite restaurant:

I immediately translated: No man is without duality or without the human condition of perceiving enemies. We as humans share a habit of looking for the threat that comes from the outside. Do I normally read fortunes this way? Absolutely not. Normally I add “in bed” to the end of the fortune, chuckle and I’m done with it. This more inspired translation is what I sound like with my Zen shades on.

Let me take a step back and maybe this will make some kind of sense.

  • I got several new decks last month
  • One of them is the Osho Zen deck (which I LOVE btw)
  • I started a daily intuitive practice with it (much gratitude to Arwen for the idea!)

I’m tempted to go on and on here about the fabulous art and the deck’s tendency to gently excavate childhood memories. Instead I’ll save that for when I’ve at least seen all of the cards in the deck. I will say that I love how the deck highlights and reframes perception. Raising awareness and noticing perception is something that is dear to my heart and something my old decks didn’t really do.

Two months ago my two decks and I weren’t exactly on speaking terms. I knew it was time to break down and get something new but I didn’t quite know how to choose. There are a gazillion decks with as many themes and frankly I was overwhelmed choosing. I thought maybe I’d ask some friends, read some reviews, and worry about it for a few more months but in the end it came down to recognizing the desire for a new deck and harboring a curiosity about where it would it come from.


Tarot decks started coming out of the woodwork the moment I had the thought “maybe I ought to buy a new deck”. The first was a deck I bought that I didn’t like because I felt I “should” like it and out of fear that I wouldn’t find another deck worth buying. This turned out to be nonsense.

The perfect deck for me turned up (for free!) at a tarot gathering I attend. Then I was gifted another deck. And just like that, my 2 grumpy strong silent-type decks became 3 grumpy strong silent-type decks and 2 decks I am in LOVE with. How will I get new decks from now on? Want one!

Here’s the closest you can come to seeing the Osho that has me so excited. (Without buying your own.) *Cue Zen shades.

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