**New Column Over at Little Red Tarot!!**


I’ll be writing a new column that features two different “series” over at littleredtarot.com!!

I’m kinda excited. ← This is an understatement. I’m more than kinda excited.

::celebratory dancing::

The series part is in quotes in case the topics change or otherwise morph into something I didn’t see coming. Such is the nature of creativity and chaos y’all. Even if that happens, I’ll STILL write the column and [said in the hypnotist/Jedi voice] I trust you’ll forgive me and keep reading it.

What are these series & why read them?

The first series is called Face Up Tarot. Face up refers to when you choose tarot cards rather than picking them randomly.The practice of drawing cards face up is changing the way I read tarot. And I think it’s no coincidence that many of the tarot readers that I look up to use this practice in their readings. In this series I’ll relate my, or other people’s,  lived experiences to the tarot to discuss interpretations of the cards; I’ll discuss spreads that incorporate face up pulls; I may talk to/interview amazing readers that use this style of reading (this depends on if any of them say YES. I’ll do my best!); I’ll include any other lightning bolt inspiration that strikes the tower called “Face Up Tarot.”

Here’s a snippet of the first post:

When we lie face up, we are exposed. With our bellies facing the sky we lay open to whatever may befall us, be it travesty or ecstasy. With our backs against the ground we limit our options for avoidance or escape. We are poised to receive. Is it possible that in this position we might we more ready listen to ourselves more deeply?

The second series is called Light & Shadow – A Fresh Look at Difficult Cards. “Difficult” cards might include cards we ALL recognize and say “why me!?” when we pull them. And it might also include cards that are difficult due to context. Context is one of the things that takes cards beyond standardized interpretations and elevate them to the limitless magick I’m obsessed with. For those who are new to me (*waves hello) the contexts or themes I’ll probably write the most about include: mindfulness, anxiety/depression and mood management, beliefs, spiritual practice, and so on.

If you’d like to know more…

Beth Maiden posted an introduction of her brand new team over at her site. It has a mini interview where I talk about the new column, my tarot philosophy, favorite decks, and more. A snippet:

My name is Siobhan. Two decades ago I was a devout solitary witch. I loved the formality of high magick and spells. I tirelessly studied complicated metaphysics and aspired to give to-the-minute predictions. I felt successful at this. I impressed folks and knew all-the-things and yet I felt disconnected and I was not physically or mentally well. Then in 2009 I moved from New York to Austin and experienced a spiritual homecoming of sorts with the help of eclectic shamanism…

You should read the new column because so far I haven’t seen anyone blog about these two things in particular. Even if I’m all wrong and there’s an army of bloggers talking about these VERY topics, they won’t have my obsession with awareness, relevance, ritual, or geeking things. They won’t have hypnotic powers, my awesome friends and mentors. They won’t have panda hoodies!  The first Face Up Series post is what the three of cups reversed might sound like when written from the perspective of an introverted person who loves dancing. So yea, check it out. It inspired the mini-poem below.

the three cups expressed as a tiny poem…

An Opening

It starts as a fizz within us
the right song stretches out into string;
what’s woven into the floor trembles us
to our souls
we shake, sing, and expand
traversing space as linked pulses
lost in the everything of vibrations
until there is nothing left
but to fully enter the moment
with the pop of palm skin,
with delight as a sizzling hiss
until we are spilt on the floor
like so many foamy sweat drops
heralding joy.

Read the First Post in the New column HERE!

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