Why Mostly I Don’t Claim the Green

I’ve since learned to respect broth in the workspace…

Happy Spring time!

The sky outside my window looks more like fall: formless gray and monochrome. None of the bright blue and distinct Austin, TX clouds. It looks like a day from my past.

A decade ago on a day like this, I’d be heading to the local Irish pub to begrudgingly drink the Murphy’s (they wouldn’t carry Guinness) and sing along goofily with The Irish Descendants (who are probably less Irish than me!).

This year St. Patrick’s day is awkward

Even more so than when I was shooting Jameson faithfully at the pub. And not just because I’m sober (over five years now) and can’t relate to the bar crawl magic anymore.

It’s awkward because I use my name as a brand. My name with its Gaelic spelling. Now I have more occasions to hear “but you don’t look very Irish.” And every time it happens I wonder if I should explain or reassure the person that my name makes sense. That I make sense. I usually don’t bother.

Like my family before me, mostly I don’t claim the green.

Nowhere other than my name. The name my mother gave me to hide my race from employers and honor the ancestor that gave her freckles and green eyes. She won’t even claim the color. She calls them hazel as some kind of defense, I assume.

In her past, it wasn’t safe to call them what they are: green. Too different no matter what company she kept. My father’s mother is the same way. She’d dye her red hair brown and curse her freckles.

They don’t claim the green. And how could I blame them for not knowing what to make of the errant Irishmen to which they owe a part of their lineage? I can’t even begin to relate to their experiences growing up with these unmistakable markers of differentness.

All I can do is hope that the unmistakeable beauty of my distant relatives confounded some poor conflicted Gaelic men and compelled them to take the time to win the hearts of some understandably guarded women of African descent.

And if it didn’t quite go that way, I can hope that my life and my families’ be a testament that good things can come from the most awful circumstances.

::takes a deep breath::

I didn’t intend to talk about any of that!

::gets up, shakes,  wiggles and lets it go::

I was trying to say “Happy St. Patrick’s day!!”

I was going to tell you how my laptop almost died this week ‘cuz I spilled broth all over it! This was a major TOWER MOMENT as I imagined all my audio, video, and written content fizzling out of my life forever. I wanted to share how I let this be the inspiration to restructure my work space for efficiency and longevity via ergonomics.

Speaking of Tower moments

I wrote about the Tower over at littleredtarot today for the first post of my Light and Shadows series. With the Tower coming up repeatedly in my readings for myself and AGAIN in last month’s ‘Scope for Leos, it was pretty much overdue.

The post is long as all get-out and would you believe I wasn’t really DONE with the Tower?!! So I’ll circle back around to post the geeky portion of my thoughts some time in the future.

Also coming up next week is my contribution to the Spring Equinox bloghop. There are some awesome tarot folks participating so you should check it out at this Sunday, Mar 20th 11:30 CDT.

I’ll be sure to post links to my social networks when it goes live. Next week the Aries ‘Scopes also posts. This time featuring Fiona Benjamin of Modernfortuneteller.com. The ‘Scopes will go out to my subscribers same as usual. So if you don’t want to miss them, sign up for my newsletter.

And if, by chance, you won’t be the at the pub tonight

join me in the first EVER Reader’s Studio Twitter chat this evening at 7 pm EDT using #rstudio16.

It’s a chat on Twitter for tarot lovers who are curious about tarot cons, who are attending (See you at Reader’s Studio in April???!!) or have attended cons, (So bummed I missed the last NWTS!) or anyone interested in chatting about setting containers. I wrote a post introducing the topic. Check it out to learn more.

The month of Whoa continues!

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One thought on “Why Mostly I Don’t Claim the Green

  1. SJ says:

    I loved the ramble about claiming the green! I also have a two-sided reaction to your name being a way of hiding your race from employers: a) go your mom figuring that out way before a bunch of people are talking about it now (though I bet people of color have been talking about this for ages, and it’s only in the media now that a white person has noticed it… *sigh*), and b) gods I wish that weren’t a reality you and your family had to face. Grr.

    Enjoy the Tower influence 😀

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