How-To: Do An Auditory Card Pull

So I pulled a card from the Margarete Petersen Tarot [published 2004 by AGM-URANIA] during my vacation last month. I was ready to read in auto pilot, squatting somewhat uncomfortably in a moist and unfamiliar place. Luckily, I was interrupted by short, light, rain. What is this stuff? We don’t have this in Austin! I took my card to a comfortable bench near shelter, in case of heavy rain. I relaxed. I looked at the card.

3 coins Reversed (Rx)

When reversed, the 3 is less prevalent and instead seems to frame an orange doorway. A foot passes through the doorway. The curve of the foot and the 3, mirror the curve of the OM. Rather than jump to an interpretation, I sat with this card and waited. I’ve had a few followers request videos of my work. So I decided to test it and took this video of my card pull.

I noticed three sounds. The low feline growl of a generator. Like a living mechanical Om. Singing above, the high pitched whine of a buzz saw. Sprinkled throughout, the trumpeting of geese. Hearing these things, I was struck by the connective nature of sound. Sitting on my bench I was very aware of the work of sawing, the power of the electric generator, and the tireless consumption of the hoard of geese.

Power. Work. Consumption. Symbiosis between these three sounds and states of being. And isn’t this another way to represent physical mastery? Harmonizing of seemingly unconnected elements, to create a whole? The card seemed to say to me “you will know that you’ve crossed into the threshold of mastery when you are able, instantly and instinctively, to harmonize disparate elements such as these.”

What is an Auditory Card Pull?

It’s a term I made up to describe a thing that I do where I use sound to deepen my interpretation of tarot card images.

How To Do Your Own Auditory Card Pull

  • Sit comfortably.
    This sounds like a no-brainer but it’s easy to forget (as I demonstrated above). Have high standards for comfort. Be able to breath easily and relax
  • Decide if you will have a question or if you will use reversals.
    Again, this sounds obvious. But I forget this all the time. *guiltface
  • Pull a card.
    Ok, this one IS obvious, but important nonetheless.
  • Look at the images.
    Notice your response to the image and remain unattached to those responses. Rather than go with the knee-jerk reaction, be curious about what else you might “see” this time.
  • Listen.
    I happened to be in the middle of New York City. I probably couldn’t find a time of day for silence. But even if you are in a more rural location, there will always be sounds: the wind, dry leaves, (Hello Autumn!) your breath, your thoughts. As you could see, I counted ALL sounds, even the stereo-typically annoying ones. (Hello neighbor’s dog!)
  • Inquire.
    What does this sound say about this card? What does this card say about this sound? What is this sound like? What could this sound represent in the card? Are there similarities between the numbers in the card and in the sounds? This is totally arbitrary. There are no wrong answers. Only yummy intuitive inner dialogue.


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