Gemini 2015 Tarotscope

The themes as I Spring toward the Summer months are synthesis and self care. In April I headed to NYC for the 2015 Readers Studio (a conference where Tarot enthusiasts gather from all over the world to celebrate all things Tarot) and it was A-MAZ-ING. I’m still only part way through writing a beast of a blog about it.

One of the beautiful take-aways I had from that experience was the power and precision of Tarot reversals. I picked up Mary Greer’s Complete book of Tarot Reversals to cement what I’d learned at the conference. It’s not that I’ve never used reversals. They have been a staple in my Tarot practice since the beginning, when I was still clutching those little white books that came with my decks. But for the last 3 years I took a break from using them. I wanted time to figure out how they fit into my new world view. When I saw and read reversed tarot cards at the conference, they came as a bit of a shock. I had forgotten the specificity and strength that can come from reading reversed cards. Reversed cards ask you to face your shadow head on.

As we all head into this Mercury retrograde in Gemini, it seems appropriate to turn back to the past and notice all the information that has come up in the last few months (or even several years!) and notice how it synthesizes with all that came before. It also seems appropriate to revisit our relationships with our darkness, rest, our shadow selves, and life’s little reversals.  With all that said, I’m going to break my trend and read these cards as they fell, with reversals.




 Justice & Four of Swords Rx

The month ahead is sure to be an intellectual whirlwind for my air-signed astrological sibling Gemini. This will come as no surprise since you’ve been juggling several projects for months. As you inch toward summer you are feeling the burn of the balancing act. You may even have gotten creative about how you support yourself, turning to family, friends, business BFFs and any one else able to support you while you brought various ideas into existence.

You have been the gate keeper of your own time and energy and have thus been rewarded with even more responsibility than you had previously. And while that progression is surely sensible and fair, it seems it might be about to take its toll on you; the image is of a master tightrope walker at the end of their sequence. There are only two ways to come down from this intellectual high. Both of them start with the same frozen-in-time weightlessness and suspended feeling of a person descending from a great height.

Will you be the one who honors the end of a fabulous routine, the natural cycle of balanced hyper focus and steps off the line into surrender, toward rest and calm? Or will you cling to that glorious state only to be shaken out of place by the natural order of this retrograde month?

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