Firework & Prediction

As I’m wont to do, I took my tarot on a bike ride. I like to pull cards under tree shade with the wind on my skin and sun in my face. I pulled four cards for an elemental spread, one for each element. I used Carding’s Transparent Tarot and I stacked them on top of each other (that deck is so cool!). I use elemental dignities. That means I may not use formal spread positions and depending on the cards I may not read all that I pull. This time I read them all because according to elemental dignities they exploded each other. Sorta like Fireworks.

Tarot Geekery


Carding’s Transparent Tarot by Schiffer 2008

The elemental Breakdown:
Lovers – Air ignited in Fire Energy
Page of Wands – Fire extinguished in Water Emotion
8 of Wands RX – Fire ignited in Air Thought
Queen of Wands – Fire comfortable in Earth

Physical Reality

Here is another picture with notes added to illustrate what I saw when I looked at these cards.


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These cards are a picture of fire at work within. The lovers are like a bomb going off, yang in the pit of the Queen’s stomach at the sacral or solar chakra, with the throat chakra as the yin gateway; where the enthusiasm meets the outside world. Notice the fire under the Queen’s butt. The 8 of wands is the need-to-get-it-done voice crashing into the ground. Grounded with fear and scarcity instead of comfortably grounded.

What does all that mean? It depends on the question. I asked “What do I need to know right now?” A bit vague but I didn’t really have a question, I just wanted to spend time with my deck. I read this two ways: first as advice, then as a prediction.


These cards show comet-like potential, I’m blasting toward a goal with a certainty like a lover’s glance, the one where you recognize and accept everything about them. All of me is aligned, a curious and courageous young self and an energetic queen, with one exception. Thoughts in the gutter (no not that kind…). These cards recommend the thoughts be elevated toward connection to higher power and service to others. They recommend noticing excitement build in the belly and making the effort to keep the mouth closed and guard that enthusiasm until it’s ready for an audience. Questions to consider: How can I flip my broom and fly UP? Am I conscious of my joy-vomiting?


The situation feels like falling in love, it reminds you of childlike excitement and sometimes that very same excitement will drive you to judge yourself. Coming up soon you will have an opportunity to unpack what it means to be an adult handling lots of excitement and energy. These cards recommend that you don’t abandon your innocent enthusiastic self in the process. Questions to consider: Where might I experience overwhelm soon?

So which way do I normally interpret: advice or prediction? It depends on the question. Twenty minutes after doing this card pull I noticed that I’d pushed myself too hard on my bike, something uncommon for me. It stood out because of the spread. The week following this pull I noticed a yearning within myself to be productive. It burned like passion, creativity, purposeful fire and at times it tended toward perfectionism. Self care was harder than usual. Again I noticed because of the spread.


Predictions are a double edged sword. They make it easier to notice actions but at points you have to wonder: what is the effect on the brain of the expectation of a certain outcome? Brains are sneaky and powerful. They are like little manifestation machines. Whatever you imagine in there pops out alive and in living color. And without a certain level of awareness this can be problematic for most people. That’s why it’s important to be careful whom you listen to and whom you let read your tarot cards…

Two years ago I had a real problem with predictive readings. I noticed they were often requested in free reading networks where I volunteered. I was used to opening to whatever intuitive bits came up, suddenly I needed to zero in on specific kinds of information to satisfy the expectations of a querent. For a while I resisted. Part of me wondered about the usefulness of short focused prediction.  This thing will happen or it won’t.  How does that support or empower a person?  I was also led by a desire to fit in. Even though I was comfortable with and able to predict things, most of the readers I admired didn’t seem to approve of it. To them it was unrealistic or had no value.

Then last year I had a predictive dream. I’ve had them in the past so I knew that it meant  my grandmother would soon pass away.  I had a different reaction than previously. Because of all the readings I had been doing, I listened to my intuition without hesitation. I was able to read context in the dream and use the information to glean more detail about the circumstances surrounding her passing.  So when I got the call from my mother a few days later I had already processed by myself before she called. I had already researched travel and warned my boss.  I was able to match the details of the situation with details in the dream and it empowered me to plan to be with my family. It was not the perfect chain of events. But the end result was that I got to see my grandmother one last time just 6 days before her passing and this in spite of the fact that I had to make my way from Texas to NYC.

Sometimes predictions have value. Often when they do it’s not for the person looking for predictions. For me they are not about avoidance of some terrible inevitable outcome but acknowledgement of who you are and what you believe from moment to moment.  Predictions, like tarot, can be a tool of awareness. A way to focus your attention and put the best parts of you to use, even in difficult situations. It’s not a tool for everyone. Actually it’s not a tool for most. The tricky part for me lately is recognizing when a prediction will do the most good.

How do you feel about predictions?
Do you use elemental dignities?
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