When you need to ground

Need to check in?

Get a focused, clear, and insightful reading to highlight the places that need love and attention. This reading explores the state of your energy and the best ways to embrace or shift as needed. Perfect for when you need an objective assessment of where you are and some options for where to go next. Available via private video.

This reading is perfect when you

  • need to come down to earth 
  • want to feel tapped in
  • want to explore options in a situation where it seems impossible to do so
  • want the intuitive advantage 

Available as a private video reading

  • 7 cards, one for each chakra, to zero in on where you are
  • Bonus cards to support you with the trouble spots
  • 10 minute private video that you can view as often and whenever you like 
  • completed within 7 business days of payment

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P.S Because I put my heart and soul into each of these readings, sometimes they are available in limited quantities. Once they sell out, they are gone until next time.

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 - Siobhan

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