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Each year I take time off to replenish and cultivate new skills. 

 Live Tarot Events in Austin are unavailable until June 18th. 

Click the button to check rates and to book after June 18th.  

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Choose from two options

Entertainment Readings

Short and done in quick succession, these readings are perfect in a party environment. It's meant to be rapid-fire tarot fun. No limit to the amount of readings. However, 20 readings can take 2 or more hours depending on the depth. Time allows for depth. 

  • Costume when appropriate 
  • Themed readings
  • Payment is by time not by head

Group Facilitation

A co-created divinatory experience that pampers every guest. Everyone receives a full reading, the kind that they will use again and again. A session of 10 takes at least 3.5 hours, but people usually prefer to go to the 4th hour. Five or less guests can be done in 2 hours.

  • 10 guests max  
  • No tarot experience needed  
  • Tarot decks are supplied and guests are welcome to bring theirs! 
  • Payment is by time and not by head 


"I loved her very positive energy. She's caring and approachable and overall a cool chick. What impressed me right off the bat was her responsiveness to our inquires about her availability..."

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What happens when you book?

  • You click the button below and tell me what you need and when*
  • You receive a sample contract
  • You receive an invoice to reserve the date. The payment for the first hour of the event is due at least 2 weeks in advance via Paypal or credit**. Full balance due at start of the event.
  • You receive a signed contract with all the details and space for you to sign
  • You receive a confirmation email from me the night before the event reminding you that I am on my way!

*Events are typically scheduled 3 weeks in advance. 

** 3% fee for credit transactions

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Questions? Contact me

I'm looking forward to serving you and your guests!

 - Siobhan

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