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Choose from two options

Entertainment Readings

Short and done in quick succession, these readings are perfect in a party environment. It's meant to be rapid-fire tarot fun. No limit to the amount of readings. However, 20 readings can take 2 or more hours depending on the depth. Time allows for depth. 

  • Costume when appropriate 
  • Themed readings
  • Payment is by time not by head

Group Facilitation

A co-created divinatory experience that pampers every guest. Everyone receives a full reading, the kind that they will use again and again. A session of 10 takes at least 3.5 hours, but people usually prefer to go to the 4th hour. Five or less guests can be done in 2 hours.

  • 10 guests max  
  • No tarot experience needed  
  • Tarot decks are supplied and guests are welcome to bring theirs! 
  • Payment is by time and not by head 


"I loved her very positive energy. She's caring and approachable and overall a cool chick. What impressed me right off the bat was her responsiveness to our inquires about her availability..."

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What happens when you book?

  • You click the button below and tell me what you need and when*
  • You receive a sample contract
  • You receive an invoice to reserve the date. The payment for the first hour of the event is due at least 2 weeks in advance via Paypal or credit**. Full balance due at start of the event.
  • You receive a signed contract with all the details and space for you to sign
  • You receive a confirmation email from me the night before the event reminding you that I am on my way!

*Events are typically scheduled 3 weeks in advance. 

** 3% fee for credit transactions

tarot readings

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I'm looking forward to serving you and your guests!

 - Siobhan

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