The Prompt List – a list of subscriber requested content


If you could have me write about anything, what would it be?

Recently I had my first Un-Giveaway and survey. An event whose sole purpose was to give subscribers presents and to hear how I could serve them. The question above was one of several that I asked. I was blown away by the detailed and heartfelt responses of my subscribers.

We have a lot in common.

I had no idea how much! This means that the topics that interest them overlap with many of the topics that I’m excited to write about. So I decided to go ahead and create the content that my subscribers want to see. And to document my process with a prompt list.

Below is the list of requested topics that I’ll work my way through writing 

Some of my response content will be blogs, others worksheets, blogcasts – you heard that right I’ve been WAITING for a reason to record! –  e-books, rituals, and spreads. I’ll tag them all here either in progress or I’ll post a direct link.

If you missed the survey. Don’t fret.

I plan to stay nosey and do another.


 The Prompt List

  • Reading tarot professionally
  • How tarot and other magic connect with your life
  • About change
  • Big picture astrological trends
  • THE Saturn return (HELL YES.)
  • How to find purpose in a stagnant situation
  • Encouragement for the late bloomer
  • Aging as a time of great opportunity
  • Pushing through the stall of Crossroads – How to combat indecisiveness/feeling stuck/trapped
  • How to love to deal with toxicity
  • How to do tarot readings well for people dealing with trauma
  • The boundaries between lovers and friends – dealing with the person you’re not supposed to be in love with
  • About self-confidence
  • How to practice and enforce better emotional boundaries
  • How to practice presence/meditation – why is it so hard sometimes to get back to the present moment?
  • Loneliness
  • Spiritual practice for hard times
  • How to discuss issues effectively
  • Embodiment of (and tarot spreads for) the resistance
  • How to support friends + loved ones
  • How to keep on track toward goals
  • Podcast of the things that make you, you. (HELL YES.)
  • Motivation
  • Learning the meaning of the tarot cards
  • Birth charts
  •  *HOW* do you set goals and make decisions?!?! – when you’re not supposed to make assumptions about how your desires pan out?!
  • How to use tarot to plan a career change
  • Understanding energy between relationships – humans, non-humans, yourself
  • How to find courage when things feel so overwhelming – Having the courage to actually DO the things in the planner (HELL YES.)
  • Energy — receiving good energy especially – Connections, the need for other people and a strong support system.
  • Setting and realizing intention based on tarot readings


Check this prompt list often. I’m going to be updating it with links and bolding the topics that are in progress!

Juicy topic missing?
please post your thoughts in the comments!


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A bit ago, I sat with my love talking about the state of our weeks. It was a warm day, bright and soft, and in spite of the strife and chaos in the world, we were both feeling like our lives were thawing into their spring. Then we talked about the state of our country. I told her what I’d heard in the newsfeed of my friends.

“We have to stay enraged.”

I asked her if it’s true that this is the only way to effect change as an activist. She would know, with her decades of experience as a lobbyist, lawyer, and social justice activist. The more popular resistance becomes, the more I hear about the need, no the responsibility of good citizens to be enraged. So I asked her, “do you believe the way to move forward is with, and through, rage?” Continue reading

How To Get Woke With The Judgement Card

The Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck, US Games Systems, 2009

The Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot – US Games – 2009


A couple of weeks ago I saw a hilarious but cringe-worthy exchange on Twitter between filmmaker Michael Moore and writer Jessica Hellis. Funny because Moore suggested, in the tweet, that women don’t do heinous things. Cringe-worthy because of the irony. The pedestal on which Moore places women is a feature of patriarchy, the very thing he is against. No one wants to be called out or corrected as he was on Twitter that day. And yet that’s just what happens when we pull the Judgment card. The universe calls us out, checks our assumptions,  and puts our flawed thinking on the spot.

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