Aquarius 2015 Tarotscope

It’s my birth month! While I was on Adrienne Abeyta’s site I was reminded of the tarotscope, an astrological forecast done with tarot cards. I first learned about tarotscopes a few years ago while checking out the website of an awesome reader I know. I’m feeling festive this month so I thought I’d take my first stab at doing a tarotscope of my own. As long as I remember (crosses fingers*) I’ll put up a monthly forecast for each sun sign in the last week of the month. If you comment with your twitter or instagram name and your sun sign I will tag you when these tarotscopes go up so you know you can check them out. Here’s the first one:

Photo: me Cards: Aquarian Tarot by Palladini Stone: Cactus Amethyst (mine)

Photo: me Cards: Aquarian Tarot by Palladini
Stone: Cactus Amethyst (mine)

The Magician and Ace of Swords

Everyone  loves a good story. The characters and their struggles. The details that draw a spectator in, the potential for magic to unfold, and the lessons to be gained from watching others. A story is like candy for the brain. Brains love to absorb and to generate content. Everything from a joke shared at work, to a worry you can’t shake, to a complicated thesis, the brain revels in it all. Sometimes the brain can be like a telescope, zooming in on one detail amidst a hectic swirl of information, or like a video recorder replaying the same part of the same story over and over. With awareness this mechanical focus can be the launchpad for businesses, manuscripts, or birth the perfect brainstorm. Without awareness this focus can be like tunnel vision, cutting out necessary details or maybe a lack of focus: time flies by and is lost or is spent passing through drama after drama with nothing resolved. What is your brain candy?

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