About Me

I have been there.

Most days I smile, dance, eat well, am present, love, hear people’s stories, just listen. I have decent health and (usually) don’t worry about basic necessities. I am surrounded by more love than most folks know what to do with. My life spoils me rotten. I’m blessed in part because of the challenges I work to overcome – I know what it’s like for seasons to blur together under a cloud of mental darkness.

For years, I suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression. I struggled with things most people don’t need to think about: eating, moving, getting the mail, buying the groceries. I have lived without peace of mind or the ability to cope. In 2008 I started my upward climb, finding books, habits, people, inspiration and communities along the way.

The most empowering work that I’ve done is the work to separate from my old stories and to consciously create my life. Many of us have no exposure to life without the paradigm of shame and blame. The world needs more examples of intentional action.

About Me

We seek counsel when…

  • we experience the bliss, breakup, and breakdown associated with love
  • we experience loss, uncertainty or confusion
  • when embarking on a new chapter of our lives

Each day that you doubt your darkness brings you one step closer to joy. What if everyone that you asked for advice affirmed your resilience, intuition, and personal power? What if everyone you encountered did their best to communicate openly and honestly? Wouldn’t it be easier to doubt the fearful voices that tell us the worst about our experiences? I believe so and this is the basis for my sessions.

I provide tarot interpretation that focuses on pro-activity, acceptance, and peace. I identify with a variety of seekers and provide a compassion born of personal experience. My facilitative reading style acknowledges your role as the one who creates your life. My spiritual path affords me the space and integrity to maintain healthy boundaries.

My outlook isn’t for everyone. I am known to say no and to speak frankly about my limitations. I am not the escape from uncertainty you were hoping for. Rather than claim to give you all the answers, I will invite you to question and intuit for yourself. Sometimes you will leave a session with me with new questions. Always, you will leave me considering your part and the depth of your power.



Explore the possibilities  of paradox, acceptance, and empowered action with questions, words, symbols, and practical advice. These readings are packed and serve as a point of reflection long after the first read. If you see an offer has sold out be sure to get on the waitlist.



Receive exclusive content, discounted or free readings, and awareness tools and  intimate peek at my process and future projects. Subscribers also have access to free monthly tarotscopes.


Sample the style of many professional tarot readers in a monthly collaborative tarot forecast for each zodiac sign. Or if you are a professional tarot reader, be featured among some of the most talented and diverse  tarot readers on the ‘net. To learn more about these tarotscopes check out the ‘Scopes info page. To contribute submit a tarotscope.


Commemorate your special occasion with sessions for your guests. My sessions range from short, sharp, and fun to larger and longer community-building tarot experiences, meant to amplify the creative and intuitive strengths of all involved and deepen the bonds of your group. Find out more.


I am a Tantric Yogini. A Buddhist-leaning Agnostic Shaman. I apprenticed with Heatherash Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training. I am a Root-work Facilitator, trained by Naya Jones, and a fan of The Work by Byron Katie. I am a terrified ecstatic dancer and sometimes, a spoken word poet. I was one of those Liberal Arts folks that majored in everything at least once. For fun I learn all-the-things. Sometimes at conferences with wildly different focuses. You can find me at the Reader’s Studio in NYC. I’m a member of the American Tarot Association and I periodically volunteer readings via the ATA network. I love collaborating with peers, contributing writing, and geeking communication and sacred sexuality. I am an affirmer-of-beings.



Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and Radical Tarot reader living in central Texas. She moonlights as a published poet, alternative relationship coach, and columnist at littleredtarot.com. Her facilitative tarot reading style is the blended result of over a decade of study of tarot, communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and conscious relationship. She uses tarot to amplify awareness and intuition. To affirm and support people as they create their futures.


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“If this experience is any indication, people should know that you are incredibly intuitive and very honest.”

“Wow! I’m actually still making my way through the reading, a little bit at a time. There was just so much in it!”

Thank you for all your lovely writing! It adds beauty and depth to my spiritual life.

Your thoughtful writing regularly wows me.”
– Janelle Hardy

“What I love most about her work is her honesty. Her writing is personal, at times raw, and always from the heart.  You get the feeling that you’re on a journey with her, and she’s your trusty guide, leading you through the dark spots into the light.  She calls herself a “breakthrough facilitator” and I’d have to agree that is a spot-on description of what she’s all about.”
Theresa Reed

“I’m actually… I wasn’t ready for how amazing @siobhansmirror is and her writing just… I’m gonna save these pieces for offline! So good!”

— The Deja Speaks (@thedejaspeaks) July 21, 2016

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